Tuesday, September 2, 2008

...Things are as they are.

"You'd be surprised how many people violate this simple principle every day of their lives and try to fit square pegs into round holes, ignoring the clear reality that Things Are As They Are" (Tao of Pooh)
I was 'dragging it' Saturday morning, and didn't get out as early as I prefer. I don't know what the problem was... 'lack of sales due to Holiday', 'Friday stuff overload' or just the nagging 'To Do' list in my head... BUT I just wasn't into saling Saturday! I went to half a dozen sales, and didn't purchase a single item, until I found the box set of THE TAO OF POOH / THE TE OF PIGLET by Benjamin Hoff. Yes, my library has my old, worn, yellowed, well-loved and shared copies of each... which I refuse to EVER part with... but this boxed set was only .50¢!! They had to come home with me! How could I leave them sitting there, lonely and damp in the middle of somebodies DISCARDS?! They will be passed on or shared in due time. In the meantime, they snapped me out of my Saturday Morning Daze. Some key quotes from POOH rang clear in my head (Yes, I have read this set NUMEROUS times!!), and I took it as a 'sign' to put myself out of my misery for the day! (and a reminder that I NEED to re-read them soon!!)

So, I headed home, and took advantage of the Beautiful-Sunny Day in a 'productive' manner out of doors!
Harvested some of the Japanese Lanterns...

DH noted that the 'dead stuff on top of the TV' needed to be tossed. In other words, last Falls' dried arrangement of Lemon Balm and Horehound hadn't survived well!!


Since the ARTEMESIA was ready to be picked, and I KNOW that it 'survives' much better, I figured 'No better time than the present'. I LOVE the smell of fresh Artemesia... a rather subtle version of Eucalyptus. The dried arrangements do wonders to hide the flaws in my 'heavily damaged in a previous life' mauve agate Royal Haeger swan. Here it is, back amongst some of my other pieces in the 'mauve agate' glaze that live on top of our Ent. Center...


...and OF COURSE, while I was out wandering the gardens, with 'clippers-in-hand', I couldn't resist a fresh bouquet for the porch!
So, odd 'to do's ' were crossed off my list, 2 more bags were sorted and taken to consignment, a nap was 'snuck in'... All was/is good!

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