Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Ever wondered what to do with your stash of Great old buckles? I have.

Over the years I have acquired numerous Bakelite vintage buckles... Why? I don't know.

BUT, I Finally found a perfect use for them... well, One anyways!

...and with that, I have COMPLETED plarn bag #4 (yes, this 'plarn' thing is addicting)!! Another 'to do' item checked of my list during a productive Labor Day Weekend.

Introducing The Fall Line... (ha, ha). This is my custom designed WARRENSBURG bag (for ME!!) - complete with Bakelite Buckle closure. The embroidery floss 'tie string' was compliments of my niece while she was visiting a few weeks ago! I was making those embroidery floss 'friendship bracelets' back in '85 when I went to college, who would have thought 20+ years later they'd be making them again? ...still? - Does anybody else out there remember them??

You can't see it, but there is even an interior pocket for holding my 'saling necessities' (cell phone, sunglasses , wet-wipes, etc...).

Now, I can't wait until October to use it!!

1 comment:

Shara said...

Cool bag - I love those colors. I never paid much atention to the colors of plastic bags until you started making these bags.

And, you KNOW I had friendship bracelets- Child of the 80's. They tied them on you and you couldn't take them off.