Monday, May 19, 2014 man in my life...

...or should I say "new Man in my Garden!"?
compliments of my two favorite men - My Daddy (design & construction) and J (finishing paint job and installation!)  THANKS GUYS!!! My new-to-me ScareCrow Centerpiece for my Herbie Bed puts a smile on my face every time I see him!!

Made of old saw-blades and repurposed 'parts'...

I can foresee lots of change-outs
to his 'buckets'... and maybe some
'hats' in his future!!

Some other men/boys came into our household this weekend... YES - I actually went to a Rummage Sale!

UPDATE on the Purge for the BIG Garage Sale:

Found a box of 'childhood momentos' in the attic...  REALLY?!??
I think it's safe to part with these toddler clothes now! (J had a good laugh that I ever wore this!!)  Size 5T, circa 1960's at it's finest.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

...The Cavalier, Corks & Cinco de Mayo?

Still, 'a bit' tooo cool for any true saling in Central NY, or maybe MY saling mojo just hasn't arrive for 2014 YET!!
  For now, the date has been set and we are in PREP-MODE for our ANNUAL Family Garage sale, DEADLINE: May 30-31! I have set a goal for myself to clean out One box of 'stuff' a day between now and then...  That doesn't seem too tough!
I can't think of any better 'sale locals' that I have been to lately than this 'HOTEL CONTENTS' sale that we stumbled upon in Virginia Beach while we were on vacay recently! 
It was Monday afternoon, Last day of the sale, took us a while to figure out where to park, where the entrance was...
But, Oh baby, what a step back in time!

The people that have crossed these thresholds over the years...
If these walls could talk!!
Nothing left that we were interested in buying - old hotel room furniture (eek!)...  but just having the chance to walk through the marble foyer with the dual curving grand stair cases... several HUGE Ball rooms with their original chandeliers with walk out patios overlooking the ocean....  ((sigh))
~we bought nothing, though they were selling 12" square emblems from the original Cavalier wallpaper for $7 which did tempt me ;-) ~
(**FYI: We did inquire, it is NOT being torn down, but IS being turned into high end Condos.)

NO, This isn't Virginia Beach any more.
   It is our lovely FingerLakes....
Where I have been busy in the attic/studio with my latest 'party favors' for our 'Alumni Reunion' at the Wine & Herb Festival last Saturday...

...after the 7th Winery!!

Cork + SeaGlass + Wire Wrap = 8-)

and we can't forget...