Wednesday, December 28, 2011

...quick ((GASP)) for air...

Still running the HOLIDAY MARATHON, but enjoying every minute of it!!
Hosting a 'Holiday Cocktail Party' Friday, and then we shall resume our normal posting activities 8-) !!
A photo to prove that decorations DID get done this year!
VERA 2011 #23 picked up during a 'destress Thrift stop' while out last-minute Christmas Retail Shopping ((argh!!))... colors worked in perfectly with the Xmas scheme in our Dining Room!
Gifties from 'The Crew' during our annual Cookie Baking weekend... 2011 Sweater Clips #17 & #18, and Red Royal Haeger 2011 #14
Sweater Clip 2011#19 picked up while out Xmas Shopping... I spotted a 'New-to-Me' Antique Store that I had never been in before! Right in my own town! How had I missed this? Had to go!
and last, but not least, as this kind of looks like mountains on the horizon...
That makes the final tally for 2011...
VERA: 24
not a bad journey at all.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday, December 2, 2011

...and my B-day Tri-fecta IS COMPLETE!

LET THE FESTIVITIES BEGIN!!!!...I think they would have whether I gave the okay or not ;-)
Sorry... no 'smashing & stunning' decking the halls photos... Yet - but SOON (maybe?!!)
Hope everyone is getting behind in their holiday decorating due to a frantic selling season ~ isn't it WONDERFUL?!!
My parents came to visit Thanksgiving weekend for our annual Thrifted/handmade stocking exchange. Before they left, between my 'stocking' & b-day presents, my 'B-DAY TRI-FECTA' (started with the package received earlier in the week) was complete 8-)...
HAEGER 2011#12
HAEGER 2011#13
and a couple of Very Dear sweater clips direct from Mom's jewelry box!! (Yes, she has been holding out on me!) 2011 #15 & #16
Sorry not much to show along the lines of THRIFT FINDS!! I'm starting to jones for a good 'fix' though 8-) !! I keep a ledger of 'purchases' (in blue ink) and 'sales' (in green ink). I guess it is a Good Thing when there are Way.More 'green' entries than 'blue' entries, BUT...
I did have one FIND! Know anything about these little guys?? Made commercially of wood beads with felt hats and heavy cardboard bases. About 3 1/2" tall from bottom of base to tip of hat, diameter of base is 1". They are OLD!! Came in a box, and all that is marked on the box is a stamped number '1-46*'.