Sunday, September 28, 2008

...of Concord & Niagara

Friday morning I got an early start, but I must have been on overload from Thursday... Went to 4 sales and only bought a couple of items...

A ROYAL HAEGER ashtray (.25¢). This little gem was caked with 'barn scum', but cleaned up Very nicely.

and a 'Label Gun'... not a Kroy, or a fancy new one, but the kind I used to get in my stocking when I was little, and Santa would bring me colored tape refills - How did he know when I was out of tape???

Then it started to mist/rain, but there was one 'indoor Estate sale by owner' left to go to. I walked in the kitchen door, and two rooms away this little (well, 16" tall!!) beauty was staring at me...

Yes, it is the Royal Haeger 'Winking Cat with one glass eye'!!!!!!! Of course I made a direct line to check it out - she has had her head snapped off and repaired - but that was okay, 'cause it put her within my price range - $1 !!

After my last post, I had a huge response to The Ribbons!! Apparently there are many crafty projects popular right now that include them... quilts, wreaths, etc... ~SO~ after work on Friday, I ran back (okay, 'drove' back!!) to the thrift where I had found the ribbons on Thursday, and was going to purchase a 'few' more. Of course, after trying to sort and decide, I ended up buying the whole box!! I have sold quite a few of them already, and will be putting the rest on Ebay (eventually). If any of you reading this are interested in any, let me know (with a way to contact you)! I will sell lots of 50 for $35.00 (including s&h within US). This will be for a short time, on a first come basis. I will do my best to accomodate color requests!

NAPLES GRAPE FESTIVAL: Saturday was another 'Festival' day, so saling was minimal! Woke up at 5am to rain, but we showered and ventured out anyways. Naples Valley, NY is about 1hr 15min away, so we were hoping the weather would be better by the time we got there. A stop for breakfast along the way, and we arrived about 8:30am. Early for Festival sanctioned activities, but just right to get a decent parking spot, and take off walking to the back road garage sales!! Picked up a few things at the sales, but they are even photo worthy. Here is an early a.m. shot of Widmer Winery with the morning fog lifting to expose the leaves just starting to change! The rain held off the few hours that we were there, and we got our fill of Grape cookies, Grape tarts and of course - GRAPE PIE!!! For those of you who have ever tried to make a Grape pie - you KNOW that paying $10 for a homemade one is WELL WORTH IT!!!

The festival DID provide some motivation, and upon our return home I went out to Our grapevines and picked a market basket of Concords and Niagaras to make some juice from!! YUMMY!!


Shara said...

Yea on getting the riboons! I can't believe you have enough to sell lots of 50! Wow! That is amazing!

I just founda Dymo lable maker like that a week ago or so. I like the retro look of it. When I was a kid, I used mine on my skate case, my boombox, my cassettes. All that 1970's stuff.

twobarkingdogs said...

Wow! You sure did well this past week!