Friday, October 24, 2014


Some like to refer to 2yr olds as 'TERRIBLE', I personally adore this age!!  (maybe it's because I'm not The Mom??)
Well, we have the SWEETEST little one living next door to us, who will be TWO on 10/30
(OH, SOOOOO close to my Favorite Holiday!!)
J & I wanted to give her something little for her birthday - BUT, What do you give the little girl who has EVERYTHING???
How about her 'very own' special mini Plarn 'Trick-or-Treat' bag?!!
...after, it can tote her books to/fro the Library (yes, Thank goodness her Mom takes her there!!) or she can tote her own soggy swimsuit in the Summer!!

When I finished that up, I was in the 'Plarn-swing-of-things', so I finished up the 'body' of a bag I had started for myself ages ago!  BUT, I decided I wanted to try something different for a 'handle'..

So, I went to my personal 'Library', and did a refresher course on a skill that I hadn't tried since 3rd grade Art Class in elementary school.  Well, let me tell you - I give that Teacher a LOT of credit, she MUST have had the patience of a Saint to teach a bunch of 8yr olds this 1970's Craft!!!

Maybe it's using 'plarn' instead of cording, but this whole process is a LOT more time consuming than I remember.... I'm not real sure the 'look' is exactly what I was after, but I guess it's not 'Terrible', so I think I'll continue - and, just a couple of more evenings and MY bag should be completed! ((FINALLY))

NOW, I'm off to do some prep for a weekend of celebrating '#13' with J !

Sunday, October 12, 2014

...$3 of HAPPINESS!

It has been said before that I'm "easily amused" and "a cheap date" - often taken as  'less-than-flattering' statements, but I guess it's true.

Hit a 'Final Day' Church Rummage sale on Saturday - 
(Just buy a 'print paper box' and fill it with whatever you can!)
and OH what FUN was had...
Yes, I DO know how to pack a box!!

As always, LOTS of 'stuff with potential' (ie: craft supplies)
'New' foldout storage carry-along (in Pink!), metal zippers, scrap ornaments for wreaths, jello mold for mushrooms, 'New' package of decorative papers...

LOTS of 'Tools of the Trade':
Why are there some things that I just.can't.leave behind??  I have more mini C-clamps, Hot Glue Guns, Dymo Label Makers, and heavy old clunky staplers than I could possibly 'need' in a lifetime.  Yet, I couldn't walk away from them?!!
This chalkware cathead and mini lantern perfume bottle are headed directly to MY PERSONAL 'museum'!

'Cat-Lover' - check!  'Mini toleware Collector' - check!

Beautiful handmade PINK/WHITE DOILIES, 'Durham' vintage metal & plastic drawers, barware, Halloween stamps, NM (McCoy) white pottery hand vase, KODAK metal film cannisters, W. Germany candles, Hawaii wallet, Spaghetti 'DECEMBER' figures, Steubenville 'IVORY' bowl, jingle bell, and, and, and!
Isn't this NIB Irwingware 4pc BARWARE set amazing?!! (complete with instruction book!)

...and The NECESSARY 'WHAT THE???'
This mini kit came WELL TAPED, so thought we were getting a 'Grommet set'.  Imagine my surprise when we inspected it closer at home.  Solid metal 'points' with 'screws'!??  I'm thinking some kind of shoe or cleat replacement spikes (golf? baseball?).  Are these still legal (to sell?).  Any market??

Larger than marbles, metal, heavy and a Whole baggie full...

All in all, I think we did okay.
The fun-of-the-hunt and the sorting after kept me HAPPY for quite a while !!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

...'if these sands could talk!'

I 'needed' a little 'therapy' on Tuesday, so I made a jaunt to one of my favorite thrifts.  I soon found that I just.wasn' (!??!)
I decided to take advantage of the sunny afternoon, and try another form of 'therapy' ~
I headed to 'my' seaglass beach...
 Now, mind you, 'my' seaglassing spot isn't really a beach, per se'.  It is merely a small strip of land on the North Shore of one of the larger Finger Lakes with water access.  It's on the edge of a park, between piers and boat launches.  You have to climb through over growth, to find the 5'-10' x 100' strip of heavily littered and neglected area of 'sandy beach' adjacent to the water's edge.

You can imagine my 'disappointment' when I arrived, and found two older women already 'combing' 'MY' beach!  In good seaglassing form, I started my search on the opposite end from where these women were.  I was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED to find that it was a 'stellar' day for seaglass though!  BIG WAVES were bringing in new specimens as I watched, and 'dove' for them before the waves carried them back out.

As my path crossed with the two women, I chatted with one of them (the other was clearly Disgusted that I was there!).  In usual 'beach combing' form, the woman eyed my quart size ziploc, and asked what I was looking for...  I told her 'Whatever catches my eye!'.  It was then that I glanced toward the LARGE grocery bag she was rapidly filling.  She closed it abruptly and stated "Oh, that's my bra, I had to take it off because it was bothering me and my boob kept falling out"
OH MY!!  T.M.I !!!

 My afternoon of soaking up a few 'rays',  yielded 'the most' seaglass I have EVER gotten in one quest, an 'interesting' encounter, and proper 'therapy'!
Now, if somebody would just explain 'The Gold Horse' that I found...  or maybe not.  I'm quickly learning that some stories are best left untold!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

...making the MOST of it!

Fall has ARRIVED,

and we have been taking advantage of the 'INDIAN SUMMER' that we had last week...

J & I have been hitting the garage workbench to do a few 'last minutes' before the COLD sets in.

We've been drilling seaglass and beach bricks, to stock up for future projects...

and even bringing the Food Processor 'out-of-doors' to whip up a batch of totally 'toxic' HORSERADISH!! 
Now that the holes are drilled, some new projects are on the horizon...

Wire-wrap PUMPKIN Pendants for a start!

saling has been on OVERLOAD lately - as a bonus of the local Nursing Homes and Churches getting in on the FALL-CRAZE, with their annual Bazaars & Rummage sales (7 this past weekend alone!!)
Vintage and Craft Supplies to hold me over 'til SPRING!!

**NO WORRY! I'm not getting in OVER my head with Crocheting!!  Friends have a Full-Time business reselling CROCHET PATTERNS (whodda thunk it?!), so I pick them up for them whenever I find them 'on the cheap'! ~ This weekend was VERY Lucrative!!
Some of my purchases put me into the 'travelling frame of mind'...

SCARED?!  Yes, I would be WELL-prepared for any UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER PARTY invites that may come my way, but hopefully they will ReSell!!

The weekend ended with the spotting of a BEAUTIFUL 'Full' Rainbow ~ hope this is a sign of good things to come!!

OH! I almost forgot two of my favorite 'acquisitions' of the weekend... 2014 Royal Haeger #2 and VERA #7

Friday, October 3, 2014


Tomorrow the doors close for the last time... What the next chapter in my journey shall be, I have no idea.  Good bye Nugents.

Monday, September 22, 2014

...Chances are

Sweater Clip #6
A STELLAR weekend here in Central NY!!
BEAUTIFUL crisp and sunny Fall weather...
GREAT friends...
FUN 'chance' finds!!!
FRIDAY started with a sale at a local B&B (Bed & Breakfast) that was doing a HUGE Purge!! All at AWESOME PRICES!!
At the B&B I found a bag FULL of sealed boxes of Coffee Pods.  Now, I don't generally purchase 'edibles' from sales, but these were SEALED boxes and each of the 'pods' inside are individually packed in SEALED foil pouches!!  We didn't have a Pod Brewer at home (just a Kcup brewer), but this box also contained a next-to-new Melitta Brewer.  Sooo I just couldn't walk away from 176+ various flavored / strength coffee pods and Brewer.  Never tried one of these before, but for $10. I took a chance.  Ended up printing 'instructions' for it off the internet, and now I'm hooked! (and it all came in a MacKenzie Childs bag - BONUS!!)

This same sale had LARGE QUANTITIES of Scrapping / Card Making supplies !(?)  Paper Cutters, die cuts, stickers, scissors, books, mags, papers, + + !  I tried to behave and only bought a couple of small boxes of die cut letters (.10¢ ea), and a lighted paper cutter ($1.) and a gallon bag of GLITTER GLUE STICKS - at the time I had No Idea if they were dried out or not.  They were only a $1 for all ~ Worth the chance!!
(*Only two of the 50 in the bag were No Good!)

VERA Scarves - 2014 #5 ($1.25), #6 (.50¢)

SATURDAY had me on the road Bright & Early for a 1+hr. drive to meet up with some of my 'besties'.  Destination:  a small village on the shore of Lake Ontario for their annual 'Town Wide Garage Sale'.  More of a FALL FESTIVAL - with the historic museum ladies hosting a pie / chili concession, cub scouts cooking hot dogs, misc. sales with gourds, pumpkins, local grapes, fresh apples and just about every 'structure' having some kind of 'STUFF' for sale!...  ALL within a 'good healthy' walking perimeter!  It has become a yearly tradition w/ Me and My Girls!
I HOPE this past weekend was a sign of all the GOOD THINGS the season upon has to hold!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

...WHOOO !?

I've begun to 'update' our porch, in a FALL Theme, and I realized that I hadn't shown one of my Fav. Summer garage sale finds - This Great OWL that I picked up for a 'song'!!

NO Saling this past weekend, we put our veggie garden to 'bed' for the season.  Always a sad time - the last harvest.  We had some GREEN TOMATOES left on the vines, soo...

This morning was Gr Tomato bread day at our house!  It sounds GROSS, but it is SOOO YUMMY!! (and smells Great baking too!)
Yesterday I made a quick trip to The SEAGLASS beach to soak up a few of our ever-fading rays of SUN!
I HAVE to relay this conversation I had with one of my 'usual' Postal Clerks (T)...
I went to the P.O. yesterday with just one package to mail out for work.  I set it on the counter, T looked at it and...
  • (T) "Is this for REAL?!?"
  • (now, T has a GREAT sense of humour, and we often joke about peoples addresses... ie:  "Short Dick Drive"?????!)
  • (S) "Why?" (nothing out of the ordinary in the address!)
  • (T) "Is this really going to him??"
  • (S) (more confused than usual..) "Yeh... why?"
  • (T) "Wes!..."  "Wes Craven!" "-Los Angeles!!"
  • (S) "umm, yeh?."
and such goes my life folks - completely under a rock when it comes to 'Movie Stars' (well, movies in general...), TV icons, etc.  I had to go home and Google the name to get the full impact.  Then J did some 'earth' search thingie of the address, and we got to see the house.  Pretty sure now that the package may have been going to 'HIS ADDRESS'! 

Back to 'my' more familiar -

At the beach I have been picking up pieces of 'Beach Brick' lately - they have SUCH a Wonderful patina and feel...  Now to dream up some projects for them ;-)

Speaking of projects, Here is PHASE II of the 'What to do...?' with my acorns ~
I made up a few of these the other day - hot glued one as the focal point of the bow of a Autumn dried 'weed' arrangement (as J so fondly refers to them!).

Now, the bread is out of the oven

and it is time for me to get busy with some of the days activities!