Monday, November 17, 2014

... from GROSSINGER's to The Concord

Last Saturday, on my way to meet a friend for a day of (GASP!) RETAIL MALL SHOPPING; I made a Quick stop to an Estate Sale.  Well, I am HAPPY to report that the $2 I spent at the Est. Sale is MORE than I spent at 'The Mall'!!  Some people have their penchant for Shiny Brites, some for Redman Baskets, well 'one' of mine is retro Train Cases!
I found this one for a song ($1), and it has ALL of the "bells and whistles" like none I have ever found before!
...pristine interior (complete with mirror intact)
...ORANGE (need I say more?)

 ...ORIGINAL travel tags from '1957'!

...and a VERY Conscientious previous owner, who went so far as to have HER name & address & phone # (see the phone # above and below the rivets?!) ENGRAVED on the latch!!!!

Of course, since I was carrying around this 'convenient shopping basket', I HAD to fill it up with various bits ;-)

(2) soldering irons, TINY pipe cutter - Made in USA, 1920's tin of Solder (For Graphics - NOT for use!!), small pocketknife size set of tools (Spark plug Cleaners?!?!) and (2) metal blocks that I thought would be useful for 'hammering' on.  
LOADS of inspiration to do some Projects - all for $1!!

**Come to find out those 'blocks' are St. Steel ~hmmm~ What would the scrap value be for #9??

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

...HAEGER tour!

This post is NOT for the faint of heart
...faint of HAEGER Pottery heart that is!

I hope I don't put Anyone on OVERLOAD - but you have been WARNED!!
Over the years I've squealed with joy over random HAEGER finds/gifts, but I have never given you the FULL.HOUSE.tour.
Are you ready?
Here goes...
PLEASE forgive the dust & clutter (but I DO collect a 'few' things other than HAEGER - ha,ha!!)

Entering through our KITCHEN, you will find just a few select Red/Black pieces scattered about (They don't all normally live in the Middle of our countertop - they were gathered here for photo purposes only!)

Through the doorway to the DINING ROOM: Our dining room is done in MCM hand-me-down furnishings, and our china cabinet houses some of my fav's.!

and a built-in corner of the Dining Room 
Throughout, the HAEGER is put to use holding odds-ends.  This area is home to a LOT of Seaglass and Shells!!

 We played around for a l-o-n-g time on the 'best' way to group/display our vast array of Haeger...
Some things we group 'like-shapes' together, but for the most part we are grouping pieces according to glaze / color... but it is ever changing!

A couple of shelves in our 'COMPUTER ROOM'...

This shelf is a bit of  HAEGER, VERA (plates & airplanes) and BENNINGTON - 

Our FRONT HALL is probably 'changed up' most frequently - right now it is home to aqua's in a 'seaside' theme...
VERA linens and HAEGER accent each other quite well!!

Not much of a vignette, but Love the Lady Bug and the Lady!!

 In the TV ROOM:

is our Mauve Agate Collection

...and our Gold Tweed!
Can you find 'TWEED' (Our Elf)??

This room is fondly called THE HAEGER ROOM.  Can you guess why?

Extra Oak house-trim pieces have been used to create Ceiling height shelves around the room!
 Onto the GUEST ROOM: 
Rather 'tucked away', this is home to our plain 'Garden House Variety' of whites...

You have probably noticed throughout, our pension for using multi-plate racks to display HAEGER's Numerous atomic dishes and ashtrays!

 Even the ATTIC STUDIO has it's share of shelves, home to more of our 'less-favored, but can't part with' pieces!

Yes, it is a sickness, this HAEGER LOVE.
When I first started collecting & learning about HAEGER, I picked up ANY piece I found on 'the cheap'.  I've grown away from the simple Garden House designs and don't buy them anymore (well, not as much!)  ~BUT~ still have a diverse love of the variety of glazes and figures... and HAEGER made a LOT!

Friday, November 7, 2014

...BOAT: Now's the time to be Happy and Gay, all your troubles will sail (sale!) away.

What started out as a 'Rainy Friday Morning',

Shortly turned to a 'Snowy Friday Morning' !
(It's really NOT a 'fuzzy' photo - those 'blurrrs' are falling snow!!)

What would you do?
I know you ALL too.well...
You'd do the same thing as me, and hit some 'indoor' Rummage Sales!!

Perfect day for diving in and digging!!

Needlework kits, 'FORTUNE TELLING CAKE CHARMS', bling, carved reindeer and a small canning/jelly jar...

I better get rid of those Cake Charms QUICK, 'cause I absolutely adore them! Each charm represents a WONDERFUL fortune  - ie:
"BOOT: This boot will start things humming, A happy trip is soon forthcoming."
."CLOCK: Don't envy those with a nicer face, you're better off with charm and grace."
(Doesn't the Copper Cat look like 'SPY vs. SPY' from the old MAD MAGAZINE COMIC??!)

 ...Retro Shroom-n-Frog Napkin holder, RED! 'Home-O-Nize' recipe box w/ Cookie Recipes... and THOSE CHARMS!!

LOTS of them.
don't know - guess I'm thinking about 
a L.O.N.G. winter without saling???

Thursday, November 6, 2014

...Cuisinart SUCKS!

Sorry to interrupt this blog by getting up on my Soapbox.
This post has Nothing to do with 'STUFF', unless you consider the possibility of Losing all of your Treasured Stuff to the hands of the CUISINART / CONAIR Co. and their lack of response to Customer Complaints spanning back FIVE YEARS!!

I must thank my Wonderful reader / commenter 'KIM' for her comment on my last post when I lamented my Woes of 'no coffee'!.  After alerting me to how common the occurrence of smoking / burning units is among the CUISINART brand, I did some research.  I found numerous sites devoted to 'just' the problems we encountered!!
Take a peak at CUISINART SUCKS ! 

Originally when I contacted the Co., and they told me they would replace it, I was a bit hesitant about using the same product again.  The agent (Latasha), reassured me, after checking records, that they had NEVER had this type of problem reported before
After my individual research, I called again, and demanded to talk to a Manager (Lenny) - I firmly expressed my displeasure at my findings and requested a refund - NOT A REPLACEMENT!
"Oh, Miss V...., I ASSURE you we have NEVER had any problems like this before!"
I'm NOT a Happy Camper, have been filling out all of the 'REVIEWS' that I can find, filed a report with the Better Business Bureau ~

All this, and NO COFFEE!
Now I'm trying to research other brands... QUICKLY!!
Any thoughts or recommendations - ANYONE???

And if anyone out there has a CUISINART Coffee Maker - PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!
(Kim - will you please contact me privately with your e-mail address, so we can discuss this further?  You can find our contact info through our ETSY link on the sidebar - THANKS!!)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

...sorting, packing, tossing.

My 'favoritest' of months has come and gone.
For some reason, it is a month that has ALWAYS resonated with me.  ...and gave me power to be strong!
We had a LOT of FUN in October, nothing extraordinary, just a LOT of laughs (like trying to figure out 'who' was enjoying our pumpkins SOOO Much!)

(We did finally catch a glimpse of Him in action...)

The excitement of capturing the season through 'new-eyes'...
(Miss Fi loved the bag that we gave her for her '10-30' SECOND BIRTHDAY!)

Along with all of the FUN, October was a also a Very Sentimental Journey.

~ The store at which I have worked for the past 15 yrs. closed it's doors for the last time.  138yrs. worth of STUFF to sort, pack, toss...
~A good friend sold her house and moved out of state.  STUFF to sort, pack, toss...
~J's childhood home has sat empty since his parents went into a skilled care facility a yr ago.  The ownership of the house is in the process of being transferred... sort, pack, toss.
~A Very Dear friend died in June (87yrs).  She never married or had children.  Just a very packed home.  It recently sold and had to be emptied by Oct. 31... sort, pack, toss.

Oh, all of the Memories...
THANK GOODNESS October gave me strength, because

THANKFULLY we were home at the time, or I shudder to think of what 'might' have happened!

About a week ago, while J was home for lunch, we noticed a smell of ?burning plastic/rubber?, upon checking we found smoke coming from our 'OFF' coffee maker!!  We quickly unplugged, and removed it to the driveway!
After MUCH time spent on the phone with the manufacturer, and reassurance from them that they had never had anything like this reported to them in the past... we made arrangements for them to replace it...

Which they did promptly.
The new unit arrived SHATTERED.
So, now, we are anxiously awaiting the next replacement!

THANKS for listening to me whine...
I'll leave you with this TOO CUTE picture of the 'PLARN' bag in action on Halloween!

**There is an ADORABLE Mini-Mouse costume under the Winter Coat!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

...the Best of times.

Reflecting back on THIRTEEN years of...
...the Best of adventures & Fun!

...the best of friends!


 I'm sure, THE BEST is yet to come ;-) !!!