Wednesday, June 5, 2019

...'G' is for GARBAGE and GUMDROP Trees


"G" Is for...

DISCLAIMER: Retail names have been edited to protect my sourcing!!

  Okay, dear svelteSTUFF readers (all two of you - LOL)... this may not be 'news' to you, but by putting it out into BlogLand- it's kind of like 'coming out of the closet'...  I have become an addicted Dumpster Diver! (MUCH to J's chagrin...)  Yes.  ANOTHER 'aquatic activity' joins my regiment- first 'saleing', now 'diving'.

  DON'T shudder and get skeeved out!  It's REALLY not like that!!  I don't 'NEED' to do this for financial reasons!  It all started 'harmless' enough - searching out economical (FREE!) packing supplies in clothing/homegoods retailers dumpsters (nothing spoiled or smelly in there!!).  I don't actually 'go in' the dumpsters!   At 6'-0", with my trusty 'grabber' in hand, I can pretty much reach anything of interest.  Yes. I do wear gloves.

  My eyes were soon opened to Just.How.MUCH. good~useable 'stuff' is sent to our landfills!  Quite sad actually.  I won't get my 'soapbox' out and start lecturing about Corporate America's Policies!  I am going to show you a few examples though...

**MY size - worn all winter and kept my feet warm and DRY!!
THANKS 'TreeLumber-Land'

Quality, very slightly imperfect items.  Jeans, Clothings, Purses...  Yes, Retailers spend their time trying to prevent 're-use' by destroying discards (ie: Cutting to shreds or SHARPIE scribbles all over leather).  Wouldn't this time be better spent donating to a shelter or Not-For-Profit Organization??
Thanks to the wonder of the Web, I have learned that High SPF, aerosol sunscreen cleans leather Beautifully.

Neighbor's cat 'GUMBALL' snuggling in her 'new' bed!

~POUNDS and POUNDS of bags of dry food!
~CASES of canned food
~Pet Beds 
~TREATS, Greenies, Toys and MORE!!
  Local Animal Shelter, Friends and strays have all been reaping the benefits!  Only sealed food is taken.  Recalls were checked.  This 'waste' resulted in 'BestBy:' dates within the month, or a dent to one can in a case, or a 'mark' on the fabric.  Animals REALLY don't mind dented cans, and we even discovered our NE wild birds will eat 'Tropical Bird Seed' in the middle of Winter (LOL!).  Now, if only this Chain Store would stop 'slashing' bags to deter use, a LOT more animals could benefit...  Luckily they manage to miss some! 

Card Store rotating rack which held Last Season's "Very Best", but this chain care enough to send this 'outdated' display to the dumpster.
~CLOTHING RACKS of all shapes and styles!!
  You know what I'm talking about here - those Heavy-duty, commercial quality, wheeled and swivel Beauties that we all dream of and drool over...  Stores change layouts, replacements are made, the 'old' are discarded to the dumpster out back.
Extended life of rotating card rack, as a JEWELRY DISPLAY for TREMORS CREATIONS!
  We have actually acquired SO MANY of these that I have been passing them onto neighbors and friends!!

~ Need I say more?
just go to my post for 'D'.

'Miss Crane' (R) now has a head, and is grooving into Summer with Sesame Shimmer (L)
 Her twin 'Miss Tommi' has moved out of town and taken on a new identity as 'Lorraine', in charge of Marketing!

  Before you go into the 'EEEWWW' mode, ALL items were CLEAN, DRY, Factory SEALED and in a clean, dry bag without 'garbage' items!  Directly pulled from shelves for coming close to 'BestBy:' date.
  Many, Many boxes of Cereal, Pasta, Crackers, Chips and candy have been donated to FREE Food Shelves at local thrifts.

*Of course the SUNSCREEN & STARBUCKS coffee are staying with us!!
THANKS Sea Vee Es!!

So, maybe I'm not making a huge dent in the big scheme of things, but Every little bit helps - right?  
...and the smiles that I have received from the beneficiaries of some of these 'treasures' is enough to fuel my passion!

Just in case 'GARBAGE PICKINGS' aren't a 'true' collection, I will recap one of our other 'G's"

"G" Is for...

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

...'F' is for enamel FLOWER POWER! (enamel pins, Frocks and FlipFlops)

"F" Is for...


(that Nobody wears quite like Ms. KitCat!)
"Part of the appeal of the bright enamel flower pins that came onto the costume-jewelry scene in the early 1960s was that they were not your mother's jewelry," ... "There was nothing conservative about them. They were cheerful, cheap, and mass produced, and you could wear them in all kinds of ways and in all kinds of places,"
"Today, collectors covet the perky pins for the same reasons. They're fun to collect, look great on hats, bags, and dresses, and they don't cost a fortune"


"F" Is for...

vintage Floral Frocks!

...that Sesame Shimmer and Miss Crane due proud, while sporting VERA scarves!!
(despite the fact that I can no longer squeeze into them!)


"F" Is for...
Flip Flops!

I have been working on adding 'earrings' to my FlipFlop Arsenal.  Earrings are previously unventured territory to me, but I think that I am getting the hang of it! It has been a FUN adventure (and diversion)... ~sorting through our seaglass/beach bricks/beach pottery hoards for the perfect sizes and shapes ~a Great excuse to play with the power tools in the Studio Annex (ie: Garage) ~and it has gotten my creative juices flowing again!  SOON this addition to the North Shores Collection will be ready to hit the stores!

 ~BUT, most importantly~
"F" Is for...
Family and Friends!

April 29,2019 , just barely over 2 weeks ago... Such a short time that seems like forever. 
 I've learned what a big hole a persons' departure can leave in my life.  At the same time I'm realizing just how he formed the 'complete' person I am today, and that is something that will never be taken from me.
~My 'creative' side was definitely a gene from him.
~Remain observant and curious, there is always more to learn.
~There is So Much waste in the world.
~If you Want to do something, You CAN.
~Be positive
~Actions speak louder than words.
~Take pride in your belongings.
~Always shine your shoes.
~A man's word is his honor.
~Love until the end.
Over the last four weeks, our Family has rallied and drawn closer.  Friends near and far have been an unending wealth of support.  Family and Friends truly are the most important 'STUFF' we can have in our lives.  MANY THANKS to all!!
“Love people and use things. The opposite never works.” 

 I love you Dad ~ you will always be near in my heart.

en JOY!

Thursday, February 28, 2019

... 'E' is for ECHO!

**DISCLAIMER:  The items that I am presenting in this blog are not an advertisement or endorsements for their original intended use!  I am merely presenting bits of oddities, past cultures, and glances of eras-long-gone!**

With that said, 
"E" Is for...
(Edgar C. Hyman cO.)

 'echo' scarves to be more exact.

When Edgar and Theresa Hyman founded Echo Scarfs in the early 1920s, they set up shop in the heart of New York City, capturing its vibrancy in gorgeous colors, patterns and textures. Today, that rich heritage of timeless quality, craftsmanship and integrity lives on in every new line of fashion accessories, bags, beachwear and home design.
Though my First Love will ALWAYS be VERA (Neumann), I also have a couple of 'closet scarf-passions', including PAOLI, Oscar de la Renta, and ECHO.

With all of the hunting and digging for my VERA, it is no surprise that I come across many 'comrades' or 'competitors' of VERA! 
 ...and this 'Crazy-Scarf-Lady' is weak.
… I have succumbed on occasion to their charms, on the pretense of 're-saleability'   

OK.  So I just counted, and am shocked to find that I have 'succumbed' to ECHO 57times.
Don't judge.
I WILL sell them... eventually.

AND, it is very timely that this week I picked up my first HAEGER and VERA for 2019!! 


en JOY!

Sunday, February 10, 2019


Sunday, January 27, 2019

**DISCLAIMER:  The items that I am presenting in this blog are not an advertisement or endorsements for their original intended use!  I am merely presenting bits of oddities, past cultures, and glances of eras-long-gone!**

With that said, 

"D" Is for...

I can't remember just when it started, but for as long as I can remember I have been impressed with the cool DISPLAYS people do with Mannequins/parts!
...and so my quest for a FULL Mannequin began...
 It started simply enough... a 'hand' here, an 'arm' there...

This was by no means going to be 'easy', on a strict budget (and mind you, this was BEFORE the days of 'On-line' MarketPlaces!!).  MAYBE if I got enough 'parts' it would eventually all come together??

school art class pottery project

 The thrill of the adventures in finding each new 'DUMMY' has lead me to give each a significant 'Name' (for ease of reference!!)
cosmetology prop, having an eternal bad hair day!
 Over the years, the more unusual the Display piece, the more it needed a 'home'...
'Miss PeaBody'
Have you ever seen one of these 1950's store clothes hangers??  There is such a wide variety - this 'could' become a collection in itself (alas, we have only found this design...)

'The Journey' has been a !FUN! added bonus to this whole 'quest'...
 I remember the day niece 'L' and I were doing a community sale adventure and stumbled upon 'Miss Laurel' (named for the road where purchased!)- A FULL size Dress Form w/ adjustable height iron base!

Since that day, a few others have joined Miss Laurel!
'Miss Kitcat' -
Upholstered torso on revolving wood base
All of these 'parts' have made for FUN Display inspiration, but the 'Real Dummie' was allusive.
BonWit Teller's store closing sale in 2000, when we rescued a poor, long-forgotten display mannequin, left in a pile of parts in a corner!  We brought her home, and soon she was relinquished to a box in the basement, having been deemed a 'FUTURE PROJECT'.  Name of project: Mrs. Bonnie Teller...
and Mrs. Teller is 're-incarnated' to Sesame Shimmer!
(you can read the full HISTORY here)
SESAME SHIMMER rocking the Summer '80s' Look!!
Sesame has been a center of conversation at MANY house gatherings, and has earned her keep as SalesModel of many of our on-line items
As to be expected, she keeps inviting 'friends' over to our house...  with any luck, maybe a few will find new homes!!

My latest 'DIVING' exploits have resulted in a 'population explosion' in our home...TWO pairs of twins - Miss Crane & Miss Tommi (FULL-Sized, albeit headless!!) and Miss Waters & Miss Loo (headless torsos!)
...and this 'DIVA' is on her way to a 'professional' hair appt. (hairdresser friend repaying a favor!!)

So, do we dare ask who is the Real 'DUMMIE' in this house?!!

en JOY!