Monday, September 29, 2008

...jean trauma

Today didn't make it out of the 50's here in Upstate NY. I wore shorts to work, but when I got home, I was forced to admit defeat. I pulled on a pair of full length jeans for the first time in FOUR MONTHS!! Oh, the agony of it... How does the closet manage to shrink clothes that are left unworn for over 6 wks??? I have to admit I did love pulling on a cardigan and donning a scarf again though (EBOR?!).

I had to run out and get fresh bread and lettuce for our last dinner of garden fresh BLT's and fried green tomatoes. SO... a little 'Thrift Therapy' to ease the trauma was in order! The Thrift did produce a 'new with tags' pair of Carhardt Jeans for me... I know - a real fashion statement, but any time I can find a pair of 33/34" x 36" jeans (even New Retail), I do a serious Happy Dance!!! Have You ever tried finding 36" inseams???!

Feeling much better, I decided to tackle the mall and redeem a $10 off coupon I had for Bath & Body Works. They were out of what I was looking for, but just a couple of stores down was a 'Steve & Barry's' that was having a Closing Sale 'ALL FIXTURES FOR SALE'. I 'had' to go check it out! Not a spec of clothing left. A few male mannequin torsos that I seriously considered, but then walked away from. What I did grab for $5 total was two stacks of 50+ Large (15" x 19") padded envelopes, new roll of clear packing tape, roll of double sided foam tape, new box of large black permanent markers, 6 new pairs of work gloves (?) and a new box of static wipes!!

Now 'the trauma' is definitely subsiding!

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T.F. Torrey said...

Why, yes, I have tried to find a 36" inseam. I definitely know that joy, and that happy dance!