Tuesday, May 14, 2019

...'F' is for enamel FLOWER POWER! (enamel pins, Frocks and FlipFlops)

"F" Is for...


(that Nobody wears quite like Ms. KitCat!)
"Part of the appeal of the bright enamel flower pins that came onto the costume-jewelry scene in the early 1960s was that they were not your mother's jewelry," ... "There was nothing conservative about them. They were cheerful, cheap, and mass produced, and you could wear them in all kinds of ways and in all kinds of places,"
"Today, collectors covet the perky pins for the same reasons. They're fun to collect, look great on hats, bags, and dresses, and they don't cost a fortune"


"F" Is for...

vintage Floral Frocks!

...that Sesame Shimmer and Miss Crane due proud, while sporting VERA scarves!!
(despite the fact that I can no longer squeeze into them!)


"F" Is for...
Flip Flops!

I have been working on adding 'earrings' to my FlipFlop Arsenal.  Earrings are previously unventured territory to me, but I think that I am getting the hang of it! It has been a FUN adventure (and diversion)... ~sorting through our seaglass/beach bricks/beach pottery hoards for the perfect sizes and shapes ~a Great excuse to play with the power tools in the Studio Annex (ie: Garage) ~and it has gotten my creative juices flowing again!  SOON this addition to the North Shores Collection will be ready to hit the stores!

 ~BUT, most importantly~
"F" Is for...
Family and Friends!

April 29,2019 , just barely over 2 weeks ago... Such a short time that seems like forever. 
 I've learned what a big hole a persons' departure can leave in my life.  At the same time I'm realizing just how he formed the 'complete' person I am today, and that is something that will never be taken from me.
~My 'creative' side was definitely a gene from him.
~Remain observant and curious, there is always more to learn.
~There is So Much waste in the world.
~If you Want to do something, You CAN.
~Be positive
~Actions speak louder than words.
~Take pride in your belongings.
~Always shine your shoes.
~A man's word is his honor.
~Love until the end.
Over the last four weeks, our Family has rallied and drawn closer.  Friends near and far have been an unending wealth of support.  Family and Friends truly are the most important 'STUFF' we can have in our lives.  MANY THANKS to all!!
“Love people and use things. The opposite never works.” 

 I love you Dad ~ you will always be near in my heart.

en JOY!