Thursday, September 26, 2013


 While out trolling the lakeside this weekend with a friend - a Lucky Stone was discovered!
I have been in the Finger Lakes for 25+ years, scoured these shores NUMEROUS times, and this is a FIRST!!


Other 'Friday FIND GOODNESS' came from a large KAT sale (fundraiser for SPCA) and an Estate sale, rather than off the beach...
Holiday Craft supplies, and a few Mid-Century Ornies

2013 VERA #19 $1.00

 2013 VERA #20 $1.00
May I introduce this sweet, little, honey who was still at the sale 3hrs after it opened, only because they had put a LARGE UGLY Wool coat on her and zipped it up completely, so you had NO IDEA what was holding the coat up!  I jumped for JOY at the $2. they quoted me!!
WELCOME to the family Ms. Tabatha Kat
(she is a TABle top style, and we got her at the KAT sale - or Tabby Kat for short since it is an SPCA benefit... now do you think she is a Miss or a Mrs????)

2 Atomic Shades,
A 'Fall'? tree ~ .50¢each

ROYAL HAEGER Fall Leaf Ashtray 2013 #3 - $4.00
(2) Spikey Flower Frogs

Now, for anyone wondering how I am doing with the prep for the 80th Birthday~60th Anniversary~Family Reunion~Chix BBQ ...
(THANKS for all of your offers to help!!)

Flowers are DONE!!


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

...if you must.

Just the way I'm feeling today.
I don't think that I need to say more.
(yes, I should give credit, but this was stolen from a friends facebook page, and this is all I've got - sorry whomever!!)

Thursday, September 19, 2013 the light

Did anyone catch a glimpse of the FULL HARVEST MOON last night?!??

 J just gifted me with a Canon Powershot G12!! It is a BEAUTY, but I have MUCH to learn!!
 (rest in peace Powershot A95... you served me well.)

By the light of the moon, I had my first (of hopefully many) lessons on my 'NEW' camera!
As for 'stuff'??
Last Saturday was the first of the Fall Rummage Season - nothing remarkable, nor even photo worthy!  On the way home from the Church Sale, I did happen upon a couple of yard sale which produced...
VERA 2013 #18 (.99¢)
FIRST since...  JUNE?!!

Sweet. Sleet. Stylin'.
Vintage. Violin case!
(or 'Pet Coffin' I like to taunt J!)
Not a LOT, but 'GOOD STUFF' (in my book anyway!!)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

...COULD IT BE?!?!!

It's been a fun End-O-Summer at svelteSTUFF...
we've been having all kinds of 'Brushes with stardom' (ha,ha!!)
 A sighting of the Weiner Mobile!

Danielle and Frank!!
(Danielle is a GREAT public speaker, Frank..., well...)
...and yesterday we mailed off an Etsy package of our very own Japanese Lanterns to a 'Barbara Walters'...
Could it be????
Part of the address was 30K, and the zip code was 'NY 10013' - the same as that of the 'TODAY SHOW' (and they have just remodeled their interior to a flashy retro ORANGE!!)
Not sure WHICH was THE.MOST. exciting B-)!

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Well, That is the message I am hoping 'The Universe' was trying to relay to me, and with that we should be in for a Nice lonnggggg, melllowww Autumnnnn, after all of the PRECAUTIONARY INSURANCE I picked up this past  week ;-) !!!
I think I must have stopped to the same Estate Sale as Barbara (only AFTER her!!) on Saturday!  I ventured to the attic, and found this FUN box with assorted remnants of Halloween costumes/dress-up clothes/ vintage...  Later I learned at the checkout (where I got the ENTIRE box for an absurdly cheap price!!) that all of the shirts were vintage from Guatemala!
(I was thinking for resale, but after trying it on, and it fits to a T...)

(with this detailing on the back - kinda fun!!)

(almost an instant Halloween costume - just add sombrero and a bottle of tequila!)

(How Retro are these Ponchos?!
and the 'mini' one has these
little tiny deer on it...)

The "Crowning Glory" of my insurance though, is this little baby!!  A DEAR friend who is cleaning out, bestowed this to me, after she found out I adored orange... I tried it on, and it fits like it was made for me!  She had bought it in the early 60's when she worked and lived in NYC from Macy's - can you say

Give me your best shot,
I got you covered!!