Saturday, September 29, 2012

...HAEGER stock is on the rise.

Language has not exactly been 'PG-RATED' in the svelteSTUFF house this week...

Decided I could do a bit less damage by heading outside and harvesting our Niagaras

This morning we are off to the Annual NAPLES, NY Grape Festival... Hope everyone has a GREAT DAY!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Thursday, September 27, 2012

...bring it on Autumn!

Last weekend we took a couple of extra days and roadtripped through a few of our favorite New England states...
As 'co-pilot', my job was to annoy the pilot by amusing myself with my camera!
NY... VT... NH...
(even got to dip my toes in the Ocean @ The Hamptons on a Sunny Sat. afternoon, while daydreaming about the 'little cottages' along the beach!)
For those of you who hadn't guessed... yes, I was the 'Plus one' on this trip 8-)
(As in J was working photographing the NASCAR race in NH, and I just tagged along for the roadtrip!!)
The leaves are gorgeous right now, up in the mountains!
Too soon, it was time to come home.
The NE villages are dreamy though!!

oh, it was a l.o.n.g. ride, and I DID have to amuse myself somehow....   right?
(I was having a hard time adjusting to the speed of the car!!)
Do you see ghosts in this photo too??
(One of my favorite o.l.d. buildings in Bennington, VT that I keep telling J that I AM going to buy 'one of these days'!!)

Okay, enough... did it get you into the mood for Autumn though????

Saturday, September 22, 2012

...finding the balance


Sunday, September 16, 2012


(Newer Ouija Board - perfect for decorating this time of the year ;-) $1 )

If that's not a sure sign that all of the stars and planets MUST have been aligned, then I don't know what is!!
 Saturday our 'College Crew' met up in a small town on the Southern shores of Lake Ontario that was having their annual town-wide 'Garage Sale / Antique Show'.  
    8:30 am   First stop on my way into town was at a rather Grand home on the Lake, front steps flanked with MacKenzie-Childs urns (get the picture??) ... I ended up buying a couple of armloads of clothing from the Two hysterical women of the house (happily pounding mimosas to make 'Garage Sale Day' more bareable!!) - NWT Lauren, Coldwater, Talbots, boutique pieces, etc. ... NICE!  New Fall wardrobe for just a tad over $10 !
   9:30 am  The entire crew joined forces and took off on foot to walk the triangular circuit of town!  Stopping quite regularly for homemade Pie (YUM - Grape Pie!), or to support the French class at their CREPE Stand ~ Yes! Yummo Nutella & Cherry Crepes @ Garage sales - they were really good!  And Chili. And Chicken Barbeque. And a beer. or Two.  OH, and there was 'STUFF' too ;-)
I came home with the usual 'stuff' like vintage Christmas ornaments, and useable boring household type-stuff, but I also found 'GOOD STUFF'...
VERA 2012 #16 .50¢
 Stuff like VERA!
Beautiful VERA scarves 8-)
VERA 2012 #17 .50¢
 amazingly all in PERFECT Autumn patterns...
VERA 2012 #18 $1.00
 and colors!
NOT to be outdone by the VERA, the SWEATER CLIPS didn't let me down!!
Sweater Clip 2012 #13 Boxed ($5), & #14 (.50¢)

A double-chained, rhinestone beauty  - 'In original box' found it's way home with me, and now resides on the NEW display board!!  I feel kinda bad for the other small child's clip... it looks rather pathetic next to it - doesn't it??  It shall have a Good home too, though on one of my bird-cage displays! 
Wish days like this could be frozen in time.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

...done & hung!

...and loaded (with room for more!!)

I think the 'gals' like their new home!

Time for the next project...  8-)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

..."every new beginning..."



"Closing time - every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end..."
My feelings of Labor Day are oh-so-Bittersweet. I DO adore Fall, but when Summer seems to be at it's peak in the NE, it seems a shame to make it come to such an abrupt end.
One of our favorite 'Summer' activities is listening to bands OUTSIDE!!  It seems the past few weeks we have been on 'overload', knowing that this, too, shall be ending soon. J & I have quite varied taste in music... in the last 3 weeks we have been to see: Joey Belladonna/Chief Big Way; Theory of a Deadman; Peter Novelli Bayou Blues; Molly Hatchet; and J. Geils (all basically freebies at local venues!).  So, What's YOUR taste in music ~ who would YOU choose to go see out of that 'mixed bag'??!
The Holiday Weekend stuffing was 'minimal', but, shall we say 'high in quality' (yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!)
a Lovely walk on the seaglass beach... *NOTE* The Marble!!!
Sweater Clip 2012 #12 (NOT from the seaglass beach!)

I am getting my Autumn Groove on though...

and TRYING to make these
dried up messes
look slightly
more like something,
would want to take home at 'closing time'.
(Isn't this basket MARVELOUS?!?!  I unashamedly garbage picked it from the curb the other day and haven't stopped admiring it since!)