Friday, November 28, 2008's all about...

As HORRIBLY selfish as this sounds, I had a WONDERFUL 'It's all about ME week'! (Bestowed upon me, since my birthday and Thanksgiving fell on the same day this year).

It started last Friday, and like the Energizer Bunny, it has kept going and going and going... The 'kick-off' was an AMAZING Birthday Boxful from Shara, who spoiled me rotten with ALL of my favorites, including a tacky chalkware fish for my collection, orange/purple & lime green deco's for my Xmas tree, the Seriously Retro dress (one of her finds that I had been lusting after!!), etc., etc, ... even a piece of Haeger!! Did I mention the 'calorie free' slice of cake she 'baked up' for me (first photo)!! Sunday was off 'to market'...
where the 'goodies' continued to abound!

My first 'grab' was this sad cat planter off the 'infamous quarter table'... Pathetic as it originally appeared, I knew what lye beneath...YES! a charming piece of ROYAL HAEGER!! (MUCH better without the 'paint job' - don't you think?!!) Other goodies included an aging Senorita (aren't we all?!), a Shawnee vase, a lipstick stand and a pair of JAPAN Toucans.
Wednesday at work I rec'd a gift of THREE hatpins for yet another of my collections! How many people can say that their boss has done that for them??.

In a continuation of showing you some of my collection displays, here are two (out of five) of my Hatpin holders...
So... the saling season may have ended, but the good stuff keeps a coming!! Hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday Prep / Celebrating!!.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

...losing touch with reality

Today I looked around our house, and felt a tad schizophrenic (def: losing touch with reality.)

...Inside the house is decorated for Fall / Thanksgiving...

...Outside has been slammed into WINTER...(Poor 'Rebecca' (the fountain) is looking a wee bit chilly!! )

...Saturday was spent making candy / snacks for stocking stuffers... (NOT to worry... My parents/DH &I exchange stockings the day after Thanksgiving!! It is our 'traditional' exchange with the requirement being that all items are 'sale finds' or 'homemade'!! Dad loves blackwalnuts, so I have several 'candy' recipes that I have revised to incorporate them. *Just for the record, in my book if it requires a candy thermometer or 'double boiler', then it is considered 'candy'!! **If you ever find any of the commercial size 'baking sheets' for cheap GRAB THEM - I found these two, new, at sales this summer for about $1 each and LOVE them - Too big for the oven, but other uses are endless!)

...and this past week, I found a couple of stores with their Halloween on sale 90% OFF!!... (ALL of this Halloween goodness - napkins, reusable plastic plates, socks..., plus a bag of gummie candy, not pictured, only cost $1.23 - GOTTA LOVE IT!!)

What Holiday are we approaching? What season are we in 'exactly'?????

ADDED 11-23: Oh Yeh, and as Shara so kindly reminded me... there are random Bits-O-Birthday scattered among all of the other seasons/holidays!!'s here to stay.

We have had snow, on and off, for the last couple of weeks, but...
This is what greeted me this morning when I stepped out onto the porch at 7am! When I went to bed last night, we only had a light dusting, so you can imagine my SURPRISE!! Sure, getting a few flurries in November is nothing new, but they say 'It's here to stay'. Ugh. Yes, it is pretty... for about the first five minutes.

2 hours later, this is the view from our kitchen window of the hill next door...
Yes. it's still coming down - HARD, but the neighborhood kids are out enjoying it. (If you look closely you can see the 'sledding' paths in the middle of the photo!)

EVERYWHERE I LOOK!!! (view from the window by the computer)
It's a good thing I got the Thanksgiving decorations out last weekend, 'cause had it been left for this weekend, I'm sure they would have been bypassed and I would have gone straight to Christmas!!

** DISCLAIMER: This IS NOT going to become a 'weather' blog... but the first 'real' of EACH season is always noteable **

*STUFF FINDS of the week will come later...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008 step forward, two steps back

It's only Tuesday, and this has already been a rather disheartening week...

I have always tried to minimize my consumption of our natural resources. True.- that is NOT the only reason I hit the Thrifts and Garage Sales, but it helps! Lately I have been trying to step up our household awareness of our 'Carbon Footprint', and we have started composting, changing out light bulbs, etc. - nothing major, but 'small steps'. As the economy plumets, my main consoling thought has been, that maybe this will require people to start rethinking their 'disposable' ideas. I think it was.

Then, Sunday I stumbled on this LA TIMES ARTICLE. In other words, The total downfall of the economy is blamed on us Thrifters, Rummagers and second-handers. We aren't pumping enough 'retail' money into the economy.

Then, this morning on the news, I saw that Scrap and Salvage prices are WAY DOWN. To the point where it almost isn't feesable to 'recycle'.

What are they going to drop on our shoulders tomorrow??

Sunday, November 16, 2008

...what to do?

Saturday morning was Cold, rainy and dreary... no garage sales, no church rummage sales or Fall Bazaars. 'Saling Season' has officially come to an end in my part of the world. I was up at my usual 6am - 'What to do?' 'What to do?'.

When all else fails, time to be productive!, and what a productive weekend it has been (and there is still most of Sunday left!).

I started by following Shara's lead... cleared and put away all the treasures from the Dining Room Table. It only gets used about twice a year, so it is a natural 'resting ground' for everything under the sun!!

(Dining table with Thanksgiving Deco)
Okay, now what to do?
Since the Dining Room was all cleaned up, it could really use some Holiday 'spiffing'. I considered just passing right by Thanksgiving deco this year and going straight for Christmas, but.... Just couldn't do it!

That's NOT to say that there isn't some Christmas 'prep' going on backstage!!

Friday, I did make it to a few Thrifts for some Holiday Scores!! NO- not Shiny Brites! No - not Gurley Candles or even a Holt Howard Santa mug!


old, mismatched, glass punch cups!! .10¢ each!!

(still on 'drying towel' - sorry!) 'WHY?' you ask...
DH and I host a "Pre-company Xmas Party 'Happy Hour' " every year. To simplify things we just do beer and 'Punch'. The first year that I hauled my Grandmother's HUGE old crystal punch bowl out of the attic, DH thought I had lost my mind. "You know it's going to get broken!" I thought about it, yeh, I'd be bummed if it got broken... but I LOVE using it!! What's the point of being sentimental about something and never getting it out of storage to enjoy?? Over the years no harm has come to it, or the cups, or the ladle (Knock-on-wood) . The original set only has about a dozen cups - not nearly enough! I have gradually been adopting 'strays' here and there - not intending to match the original. I hadn't gathered any in the past year, and was really excited Friday when I found TEN of them!!

Friday also netted two! KROMEX trays for under $1 ea.
.again you are asking
'The Crew' (college bestest buddies) and I get together annually and do a MASSIVE Christmas Cookie Baking weekend. Everyone has come to know and love our cookies, so that is what I am always asked to bring for Xmas get-togethers. I much prefer piling the cookies on one of these charming platters than a disposable plastic Dollar Store one. Same price, so if I don't get it returned, it's not earth shattering! I think the cookies taste better of them too!!

Last, but not least, in my Friday finds was the set of vintage basketweave cups that are in the back on the 'drying towel' with the punch cups. Lime Green! Vibrant Yellow! Sky Blue! I confess, I have my Mom's set of the iced tea cups, and I have added a set of mugs - but NEVER seen these 'pedestal' cups before - do you think they are for parfaits or high balls?? They look great with the others though!!

On the list of 'all things productive'... I also made a couple of meals!! Anybody that knows me, knows that I LOVE baking... but cooking, not so much! So, this is a MAJOR accomplishment! Homemade Enchilladas Sat. night, and as I type there is a crock-pot of chili filling the house with yummy smells - mmmm!

Yeh, the photo is kind of gross - SORRY - but I couldn't resist! My first attempt from scratch... complete with hot peppers that we grew in our garden this summer.

Oh, if anyone out there has a GOOD recipe for an easy 'alcoholic' punch for this years' Happy Hr., I'm always looking for ideas !

Thursday, November 13, 2008

...DRESSing to the T

It seems there are so many creative visions in 'Blog Land', but when I recently stumbled upon the paintings of Diane Bronstein, I was truly mesmerized...
AND!!!! She is having a Contest to win this painting ...
Sometimes, when I reflect on my collections, and my varied tastes, I wonder what will be going through peoples' minds as they attend the sale/auction of my 'stuff' after I am gone... Schizophrenic?... Ecclectic?... I'm sure these are some of the kinder comments that will be flying!!

I have been studying Diane's 'GHOST OF A MEMORY', and trying to figure out WHY I am so taken by it. It's not the flowing gown... Anyone who knows me, can attest to the fact that I am NOT of the Glamour Flowing Gown breed. A vibrant retro VERA is more of my style...
THANKS to LuLu's for the photo!
I think that it is more the 'feelings' and 'emotion' that Diane's paintings evoke that have won me over. Stop by her lovely site - INSPIRATION BY DESIGN, and decide for yourself!


Today's 'Useless Trivia Tidbit'...

While sorting through my jewelry finds of last weekend, I noticed a couple were signed 'MARVELLA'... including one Very Nice vintage strand of 'pearls'. The pearls were individually knotted, so I felt they deserved some further research...


Marvella Costume Jewelry
Marvella is a costume jewelry brand that was founded by Sol E. Weinreich, who began business in January, 1906 in New York, New York. They were bought by
Trifari in 1982. It is now owned by the Monet Group, Inc. This company has been called the Weirich Brothers Company, Marvella, Inc., and Marvella Pearls, Inc. Marvella created costume jewelry, many featuring simulated pearls and faceted beads

...and there we have it! With lineage of Trifari & Monet, I think I did okay for .75¢ !

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

...neither wind or rain or ...

First things first...
I am HORRIBLY late in posting the 100 Giveaway Winner... Don't you hate when Life gets in the way of blogging!?! Sarah of The Misadventures of Mama & Jack will have a surprise goody package coming her way! THANKS EVERYONE for your comments 8-) !!

The cool wind and rain of Saturday morning weren't enough to keep me from hitting a couple of local Church Bazaar Craft & Bake sales. The 'Craft' portion I can do without, and I only bought a few 'Baked' goodies... but, LOVE those 'white elephants'!! (Where did that term ever come from??)
The first sale is known for it's wonderful quantity/quality of vintage jewelry and linens. They have tables and tables of jewelry - lovingly displayed and priced to move ( 5¢ to .25¢ for earrings/pins/beads)!!! I have gotten some Great things here in the past, and this year was no exception!!
I won't bore you with ALL of it, just a few of my favorites:
This 'raining cats and dogs' VERA scarf seemed very appropriate for the morning!

A vibrant VERA scarf, retro metal 'Flower Power' belt and A SWEATER CLIP (.10¢!!) - does it get much better?

I also found this Staffordshire England China pin.
I must confess, these pins are another of my 'cheesy' and 'tacky' adorations!

The latest goal for my blog is to try and show some of the various collections which share our home, as I acquire new pieces for them. You've seen my sweater clips, now it's time to show you the CHINA PINS!

Come into the guest room...
The right end of the swag valance houses my China pins...
...and the left end houses my vintage 'tacky-tiny seashell jewelry'... you know what I'm talking about - the pins, the clip earrings, even a sweater clip or two!

Okay, I think that's enough for today!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

...Times and Seasons

THINGS... They are a changin'.
(EBOR... EBOR... EBOR...)

Queen of 50¢ wrote in one of her blog entries that she has come to "regard the first piece I hear on the classical radio station as an omen for the kind of morning it will be. "

Hmmm.. an omen of the day ...
I started the engine this morning to SHAME Matchbox 20...

until I just looked up the lyrics, I had always thought the first line was
"what we learned here is gonna taste bitter when it's gone"
I think I like my version better. Am I allowed to take liberties?

I've read that people and things come into (and leave) our lives for a reason...
As nice and clever a thought this may be, it sometimes does little to console.

But Hey... what better way to try and clear your head than with a little saling...
I have been bit by the Xmas ornament bug...
I can pass by SHINY BRITES without hesitation (okay... sometimes...), but the slim necks of the POLAND bulbs, and...
vintage indents are a definite weakness!! AND of course orange... purple... lime green... YES, in the bottom left that is a glimmer of orange shining from the center of that indent!!
Am I seeing double? No it REALLY is TWO (2!) medium size GURLEY SANTAS!! ... how much? a quarter you say? SOLD!

For two more quarters, it was out of my power to pass by these two bedraggled, vintage , bottle brush 'CHARLIE BROWN' Christmas trees!!

With this XMAS bug bite comes the realization that XMAS Retail is in full-swing.
As much as I hate 'Retail' for rushing the seasons... I do sell on Ebay, and I guess that makes me part of this guilty 'retail' party. With that said, I am off to bring a load down from the attic, dive into the 'rush' of the season, and get busy listing!!!
**If you haven't joined in on the 100 BLOG GIVEAWAY - it's not too late! Just leave a comment!**

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Q: How much 'STUFF' will a PIGGLY WIGGLY bag hold??

This is my ONE HUNDREDTH post (Can you believe it????????!!!!!!!!!!)

This P.W. bag was bought Saturday Morning for ONE HUNDRED cents at a 'Fill-a-Bag for a Buck' sale!


I think that an appropriate EBOR of my good Stuff Karma is a dispersal of some 'Stuff' via a '100th Post Giveaway'! Have to stay on the positive side when it comes to Stuff Karma!! The giveaway package will be customized for the person chosen by the random number generator (ie: DH) - so, if you've seen anything you are particularly fond of in any of my posts... leave a comment. NO GUARANTEES, But "Hey, you never know!!". Sign up will end next Sunday (11-9) at midnight!!

Now, back to the Piggly Wiggly bag... (We don't have these stores in our area, so how they got them, I have NO IDEA - but aren't they cute?!)...

A: TOO MUCH!! ...just take a look...

~retro bibs w/ adorable graphics, green crochet Dress potholder, Disney fleece bag, random scarves, jersey knit drawstring gift bags (labelled MAGELLAN'S SANTA BARBARA??)...~Goebel Collector's club stationary pack (since they are ending production this year, will this be worth $$??), retro Xmas and misc. cards with envelopes, new pack of 'grape' dessert plates, metal recipe box FULL of vintage recipes...~Christmas GALORE... flocked!, retro!, JAPAN corsages!, floral picks!, garland, Swedish wooden ornament, vintage felt stocking in original package, tin cookie cutter, even a purple ornament for my Dining room Aluminum Xmas Tree (done in all orange~purple~lime green ornaments!)...~Grapes, eyeglass advertising key chain, my First Headvase (yes, heavily damaged, but...), Retro Holt Howard mug and tipsy snowman candle climber, bag of vintage wooden checkers and a pineapple dish (hmmm... the "Hawaiian Themed Porch '09 " maybe?!) and a vintage crepe fold out fan...

*BUT WAIT, There's more..!*
~YES! a few pieces of HAEGER - not cleaned up yet in this photo, but they are 'soaking' as I type. Most of these shapes I have, but I couldn't just leave them there!! Anybody out there like matte white pottery? ;-) ...
*The bag is getting mighty heavy at this point*
~Just when I was ready to call it quits, and sure that the bag would hold no more, I spot this piece of yellow fabric. Have to inspect... An apron? No too long... A retro wrap around skirt! I could get that into my bag! As I was rolling this 'brand new - never worn' gem of fabric to squeeze it in, I noticed a tag... VERA! The blue silky scarf with milk wagon and jugs is also a VERA!
So, there's the answer!
When I was unpacking from our anniversary journey, I came across a VERA scarf that I had picked up on the drive from the airport to the hotel ...Yes, we just happened to stop for lunch in a small town that had a restaurant next to a Thrift ;-) !! Look at the colors of it - perfect match to the colors of my recent china find!! How cool is that?! ...yes, I'm easily amused.