Sunday, August 30, 2015


As Fall RAPIDLY approaches, we have been working to FINALLY finish a few 'out-of-doors' projects!
     #1. 'Mrs. Bonnie Teller'.  Did she really come to our home in all of her Distressed Glory (crushed shoulder, split thigh, bubbling & pealing paint) in 2000?!?  Well, the time has come to extract her from the box in the basement...
     Give her a Bath, then Bondo/fiberglass those boo-boos...
  ....then sand some More!
  And Oh.My.Gosh!  Isn't she GREAT??!
  So Versatile - from Surfer Chick...
      to Cocktail Babe!
(Her 'support' is an incredible find from Friday's Saling - an OLD, adjustable height MICROPHONE stand!)

   #2: The PIANO STOOL finale - ended up just painting the Claw feet a bronze color to accent the detailing- left 'well-enough' alone- THANKS for all of your input!!

Hope everyone has a GEEAT HOLIDAY next weekend!  CHEERS!!
Ps.  Mrs. B. Teller, also has a STAGE name now - SESAME SHIMMER!!!  She just seems a little too Fancy in her new 'hotness' for her old Frumpy name! (Besides, it's a Great paint color on her- isn't it?!)

Monday, August 24, 2015


Only went to a couple of sales this past weekend ~ got some FUN STUFF. There definitely seemed to be a 'THEME'  to the majority of the things that came home with us...

(*N.O. I HAVE NOT taken to hoarding CROCHET PATTERNS!!  I have friends who have 'enlisted' me to be a 'PICKER' for them!)
 As for the CROQUET SETS - we are just Suckers for different and unusual ones! this GREAT old (partial) set...
that came in this AMAZING dovetailed box/case!!!


guess what time of the year it is...

...small, clay ?teapot? w/ fish design!

HELP!!  Please?

Just acquired this little clay pot (4" spout to handle x 2 1/2" high) - lid does not come off. 1 hole in spout, and another in top.
...and can anyone ID this mark??


Thursday, August 20, 2015

...What's YOUR gadget?

My 'latest' Loves...
Over the past few weeks we've added a few new GADGETS to our kitchen arsenal, and quite honestly, I don't know how we ever survived without them!! From (L) to (R)...
1.)THE VEGGETTI (NIP 'as seen on TV'... 50¢): Love our squash/zuchini-noodles (szoodles?).  Have always cut them by hand, this makes life SOO much easier - it's FUN!
2.) PAMPERED CHEF "Mix 'n Chop" (like new...25¢): A couple of weeks I met up with my Niece (L) and we hit a Thrift.  I grabbed this immediately upon seeing that it was a P-C!  Had no clue what it was, so back in the car L did some research... it for mashing or 'breaking things up' (see photo!!)
Never knew I needed one, but now that I've tried it - IT ROCKS!!
3.) LIME JUICER (.10¢)- have actually been on the hunt for one of these for a while.  After watching one of my fav. bartenders demonstrate, I knew it was a MUST!
  Necessities? NO.  But in our book, anything that makes me WANT to try my hand at the culinary arts is GOOD!
  How about you?  Do you have a mad crush on any gadgets in your Kitchen??!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Maybe it is a personal 'attention deficit'..
but it seems, lately, that all it takes are (three)(little)(words) to send my world into chaos!!


 resulting in ...
~a reworking of our booth, plus a 'sale' to try to clear out some space for the impending Holidays!!
~ a mad-dash to stock up Ebay & ETSY with a hoard of text/education-type books that I am finally willing to 'let go'.


Those are words that have resulted in 
~the 'rescuing' of MANY a project!
~and the onslaught of MANY 'Bucket List' items that need to be checked off beforeWinter!!
*'Great Bones' lampshade rescued from Dumpster; A metal box of drawers - After it's facelift (Prior to paint & cleaning, it looked like a mini version of one that SHARA picked up recently!); and the 'infamous' Piano Stool from our previous post.


Saturday's HAUL...SEVEN Rosaries, 2 vintage Walking Canes,  plastic grapes, adv. Swizzle Stix, mini pottery Ducks, Orange Glass Shot glass, Minnie Keyring, BetsyRoss (?) utensil holder, Yellow, Concrete Bird, Books-Star Wars & Hawaiian Pineapple, HARDEN furniture cutting board, Brass Pineapple bookends, Word Search books, (9) shirts, copper measuring spoons, and a FREE 9/15 GLAMOUR magazine 

Went to a Rummage Sale Saturday morning.  JUST!ONE!, then it was back home to WORK!!!.  While sifting through things I overheard a couple of ladies talking - "OH!, have you been over to XYZ Street?  EVERYTHING is HALF off!"
So, OF COURSE I had to go check it out.
Enroute I stumbled upon an Estate Sale "EVERYTHING 1/2 PRICE!"
So, OF COURSE I had to check it out.
Then I proceeded one street further to find the "Original" 1/2 price Sale.
...and find it I did!

High-end Golf shirts & Jackets =3/$1...  OK!

At the first Rummage Sale, I must have been channeling my 'inner EDDIE' (*for anyone 'not-in-the-know', 'Eddie' is Bloglands Go-to-Afficionado for all-religious!)

S.E.V.E.N (7!)  Rosaries

Including one that I've never seen before with a SKULL and CROSSBONES on the bottom of the front of the cross!!  EDDIE?? Any Help Here?

and last, but not least


Friday, August 14, 2015 far should we go???

SSo.  Went to an auction last week.  Haven't been to one in years!  I DO love auctions... WHEN I have time to kill, and there is good 'people-watching' to be had!!  Not a 'LOT' of my kinda STUFF at this Estate Auction - but all of my other criteria was met. -and of course I didn't come home 'empty-handed'!
I got a STOOL.
A piano stool.
You know- the old-fashioned wood ones, with swivel seat and Ball-n-claw feet?!!
It was Black with years of barn grime and cobwebs, and MANY layers of paint.  The most recent being Turquoise, over White, over red...
WHY I 'needed' this Gem I don't know!
...and now I have SCRUBBED, sanded Loose paint and wire brushed the claws back to metal.  Oh did I mention it's feet are marvelous- EXCEPT one 'ball' is missing?

Here it is in all it's CURRENT glory, and I wonder-  how far should I go with this rehab??
~(1) appreciate it's Chippy goodness, leaving the wood as is, and give the feet a clear coat to prevent further rusting?
~(2) give feet a coat of metallic paint and paint wood body in a 'complementary' color?
  What do YOU think???

Monday, August 10, 2015

...Wade: NAUTICAL series: Red Rose Tea

I was bad today...
...just learned about the NAUTICAL series by Wade... I decided to allow myself to buy Just.1.Box!   Was hoping that I would get a MERMAID or STARFISH... But a LIGHTHOUSE isn't bad!  Now- to find some use for this box of 100tea bags!!!

Monday, August 3, 2015

...and The Bucket List is a 'bit' lighter!

...3,000 miles...10 days...5 states...2 countries!

I haven't been to Canada in about 10yrs. , and now in the last month I have been there twice!!
'Nova Scotia' and 'New Brunswick' have been staples of my Bucket List for years - NO LONGER!

...and I am 'single-handedly' trying to bring back 'The Hat'!

Who else would be soo amused by the Bathroom Signage?

"Who is that Crazy Lady in the Hat, taking pictures of the Men's Bathroom??" !!

Now we are back home, and trying to get 'in-the-swing-of-things' again!

Saling... charm bracelets, Vera Bradley Bags, old Crisco canister (we collect them in different colors), misc. jewelry, Fossil watch, sqwish toy, mink Poodle pin, Dr. Seuss birthday figure, ..and S's keys?!?
Did you see that - TWO sweaterclips (one is even a signed LISNER, on original card!

AND a Great FirePlace screen!!  Bought with the 'intension' of taking to the shop to sell, but we better get it there quick, 'cause jewelry display images are dancing in our heads!!!
It is hard to tell from this horrible photo, but we also picked up a GLITTER CROW w/ a lime green tummy!!

Taking advantage of our Wonderful 'at-home' weather, A photo shoot has been in progress in our yard... 

Wouldn't these be sweet 'mannequins' for a Fall Craft show,
Do you know of anybody who makes Build-a-Bear / Am Girl Doll clothers for resale??

THAT's all for now...
and remember: