Saturday, March 4, 2017

...when it ALL comes Together!

Friday was 'OPENING DAY' (ie: FIRST RUMMAGE SALE of The Season)!!
Oh Yeh!
You can bet I was there for the 9am OPENING!!
It was my first time at this particular sale, and as you can see in the center of the photo, there is a wall-mount pencil sharpener - and in the mindset of 'TheDucks', that's ALWAYS a Good Thing!

This Hot duo set me back $4., and EVERYTHING else came to a total of  $5. (or about .15cents Each!!)

LOTS of Wilton cake decorating tools, supplies and unopened flavorings!

Wire on wooden spools to feed my crafting addictions and old metal spoons to sell...

Found these two in the bottom of a bag-lot
Think there is a market for masonic bolos or old NASCAR??

The aforementioned Pencil Sharpener, a Bausch and Lomb magnifying strip, Carpenter pencils, wire cutters, Weis oak recipe box, French compass and a bunch of CROCHET HOOKS!!  The hooks were one of my Serendipitous finds, as I have just volunteered to work on a 'Harriet Tubman Crochet Mural' to cover the exterior face of our town art museum.  We need to have a couple of specific sized hooks that were NOT currently part of my arsenal!!

Last Weekend we had a 'Baby-Fiesta...Nacho average Baby Shower' for my niece!  Sesame Shimmer HAD to get in on the FUN!
...and TWEED couldn't be left out!
as LUCK would have it, I found a box at 'The Rummage Sale' of TEN beautiful, vintage mini sombreros, so now Our WHOLE house is ready for a festive welcome to Spring (and The BABY!!)
...Haeger Kitty

...Haeger Girl

...OH!  Something not quite right here!!
...our Mexican Nodder
and even CHARLIE BROWN has gotten in on the FUN!!

Last week I stopped by one of our packing 'Suppliers' for some boxes (local optician).  He has been in business locally for over 50yrs. and has a 'stash' of Old Stock.  He made us a 'proposition' to try selling some of it for him!  Hmmmm............
We normally DON'T do 'consignment'- sales, but these just looked like too much fun to turn down!!

...and learning more about glasses is something that interests me!
Been doing a LOT of research on YouTube... found a new-to-me site called DORKY THRIFTERS that has exceptional information on reselling eyeglasses!  Everything from buying, cleaning, measuring, photographing and shipping.  Go check her out if you are ever in need of this info!

One of the 'tools' recommended in the videos was a 'CALIPER' for measuring the eyeglasses accurately!
I had been looking around on Ebay to purchase a digital electronic one - they are only $5-$8 (incl s/h and battery), but when this one 'APPEARED TO ME' at The Rummage Sale for .15cents, it was kinda a no-brainer! (**If we get REALLY 'into' glasses, then we can 'splurge' on a digital one - lol)!

NEVER FEAR, I have been 'flexing' the old creative muscles a 'bit'...
This 'up-cycled' clock adorned with some of my treasured aqua seaglass is the latest creation that I am rather crushing on!