Thursday, December 31, 2015


I'm sure you all remember SESAME SHIMMER. 
(For those who need a refresher: SS HISTORY.)

Recently, we decided it was time she 'earned her keep'!  
For not only have we given her a flawless complexion, a 'stunning, haute-couture wardrobe', and center stage in our home, but now she just taunts us by lounging with a martini glass (that her buddy 'Tweed-The-Elf' perches on the edge of!) in hand all-day-long!
So, as the days SUDDENLY get colder 
or rather, more Seasonable, here in the NE...

'CLEAN-OUT 2016' gets a Kick-Start...
Starting in ...The STAIRS??  who in their right minds Really has to 'purge their stairs'??   ...i do.
Wall going UP STAIRS - black hats.

ONE wall on stair Landing - Colorful hats.
One of MY 'earlier' collections.  Started in my first apt. out of college.  Displayed as a border around my bedroom on a thin rope with clothespins.  It has grown quite a bit since those days!  NOT precious hats - but LOVINGLY worn and played with at group gatherings!! 
This picture was taken the morning of our wedding (circa 2001). The peak of my 'Hat Collecting Days' -  I had requested that each of the girls in our Wedding Party select a 'Black Hat' of their liking from our wall to accessorize.

I still enjoy picking up the occasional hat, but the time has come to find some 'foster homes' for a few (you know ~ make room for MORE!)...

SOOOOO... Sesame to the rescue!

She put down her Cocktail glass.
...donned some beads...

I think that she 'WORKED~IT' quite nicely.
Yep. She's a 'KEEPER'!

Like them?  ALL of these GOODIES are included in our SALE too!!
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Now - take Sesame's lead - go get decked out and have a

Sunday, December 27, 2015

...what's in a NAME??

       As the year winds down, I guess that it is just human to reflect.  It has been quite a journey - and I would have it no other way!  Oh, I will dearly miss the loved ones and friends that we have had to say Good-bye to this past year, but would not trade the good times that we had with them in lieu of the tears for anything!  Time to make new memories.
*We still have Green Grass and even a few hardy flowers here in Central NY, but I'm recycling Old photos for this blog post, so that it isn't all.just.rambles!! *

We've been reconsidering some 'Marketing Strategies' for 2016. 
 The 'UpSides' line of Cake Pedestals was a huge FLOP (which I'm sure doesn't surprise ANY of you!!) - Oh well, you never know unless you try - right?!?  We have started making some 'Covers' for the pedestals, which surprisingly enough, sell much better!
 We're also making a series of utensils (ie: cake servers, serving utensils, coffee scoops, etc..) - that are adorned in wire-wrap & beading.  They have been a fair success in sales.  The group in whole needs a 'name'...
I'm thinking since these pieces are an extension of us, the 'name' has to have some personal connection too.
"fun way to make everyday 'elegant' "
 (click to see previous blog post)

In keeping with  'Change' and 'Names' and 'Idle Ramble' I must relay an interesting conversation that transpired during our annual Cookie Baking weekend 2015...
It seems the 'Chateau svelteSTUFF' has been the recipient of SEVERAL truckloads of STUFF lately, from various DIFFERENT homes. (NOT that I am complaining!! - 'J' may be 'just-a-bit'...but he'll adjust!). 
 After us 'cookie-bakers' analyzing this over coffee/alcohol we have come to the conclusion that it is MUCH easier for people to part with things if they think that they may be getting a Good Home where they are appreciated.  $$ take a back seat to longevity. Odd, isn't it?
Apparently 'Chateau svelteSTUFF' has gained the reputation of having a deep respect and love for dusty relics, with a strong will to breathe life back into the forgotten, and a wide circle of friends who are willing to provide foster homes before 'throwing in the towel'...

'Chateau svelteSTUFF' has now been renamed...
'LastChance'. (*Not to worry, I don't foresee any Blog revisions in the near future!!)
Do you have the DONNA SUMMER 'LAST DANCE' song going through your head now though??? :-)
     Go here and play one NOW!!
(just come back, we'll wait!) :;_ylt=A0LEVzMQ_H9WT5cAdgtXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEyYW05bXRzBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjEyNTNfMQRzZWMDc2M-?p=Last+Chance+Donna+Summer+Song+Lyrics&fr=mcafee
To welcome any 'wanna be foster parents' - svelteSTUFFj
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So, with this closing post for 2015,
 I'm looking forward to the New Year,
-Ready to make new Memories
-Keep loving this crazy Journey!!


Friday, December 25, 2015

...Fu. Lu. and Shou.

Is it legal to just be finishing up decorating at 2pm on December 25th?
Well, it's done, anyways.  Inclusive of a BOXFUL of 'new' Vintage ornies found in the 'haul' I recently mentioned and TWO (2) GINORMOUS.BEAUTIFUL ornies gifted to me by 'L' (one shown in this picture - with the pine trees!)

Of course, all of this decorating was made possible with the help of TV Christmas specials - including the classic 1988 PeeWee's Playhouse Christmas.  Yeh, so, I'm an 80's girl.  I can't help it!!

The NE has had a little Holiday Gift from Mother Nature this year - in the form of a 'free trip to warmer climates'!!  Christmas Eve in Central NY state was about 70degrees!!!!
So, what's a person to do?

MAJOR Seaglass Trip!!!!!!!!!
Seaglassing in December -
Without a coat-
or gloves-
in New York State!
Merry Christmas to ME!!
but wait...
it gets better!

J found a BLUE MARBLE (the.Holy.Grail. of seaglassing), then shortly later I found MY FIRST EVER MARBLE! and it is GREEN - for CHRISTMAS EVE (of course!).  Then we found another old round worn blue piece of glass....  YIPPEE! YIPPEE!
~ AND ~
on the ride home...

a Beautiful Moon Rise!

I have also been enjoying the Holiday season in the Studio - 'Playing with the Angels'!
(not to worry - bottom left was an attempt at a Holly Leaf with Berries - I didn't mutilate a poor angel THAT badly!!)

I AM going to give you 'snippets' of the contents of 'The Haul' gradually, so as not to completely overwhelm / bore you!!  And, 'Yes', I HAVE gone through ALL of the boxes already!!  I think this is my favorite find - or at least for now it is ;-)...

Three (3), 13" Ceramic / Porcelain / China figures that I found in the bottom of one of the boxes. Not sure of exact age - if anyone has any info I'd love it!!  I have found that they are:
SANXING (deities)
"are the personified ideas of Prosperity (Fu), Status (Lu), and Longevity (Shou) in the Chinese traditional religion."


Three 'Deities' I don't mind having in our home as we head into another year!!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

...a little 'stress relief'.

Is everyone ready for the HolidayHomeStretch??
Need a little comic relief?
Get your I-phone out and have a chat with Siri!  Ask her "Siri what is zero divided by zero?" - sit back, and listen!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

... we interrupt this Season with SOME JUNK!!

As all good 'stuffers' / 'Junkers' KNOW...

When you get a call regarding STUFF, you MUST answer - 
ALL else MUST be dropped (or rather 'put on hold') ~regardless of the season~, time is suddenly found for the unknown treasures to be unearthed!
  This is 'part' of the First haul we made- going back for the rest on Wednesday!!
  NOT TO WORRY!  Decorating, cleaning, shopping, baking and of course enjoying the season have resumed their regularly scheduled programs!!

Saturday, November 14, 2015


In addition to our series of Dessert/Appetizer Pedestals, we have been working on a group of 'TOPPERS' and 'SERVERS"...

 ...and coffee scoops/storage...

The 'UPCYCLE" possibilities are only limited by Time & Imagination!!
What have you been 'recreating' lately??

Thursday, November 12, 2015


'... Because I can.'

If you guessed the question for this answer to be... 'WHY is she making all of these Fall arrangements?', you would be Correct!!

Upon gathering supplies in the Attic-Studio for a Different Project, I realized that there was a PLETHORA of 'naturals' (i.e.: pine cones, antlers, feathers) in waiting!!!!  SO... What's a person to do??
Hope EVERYONE is enjoying Fall in their own special way!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

...coming soon ~ to Mulberry Knoll!

We have started a new 'venue' for Upcycleds...
...a little 'Boutique' of Handmades, Upcycleds and Vintage at a local Outlet Mall!
We have a little corner, 
That we are QUICKLY filling!
(As fast as these four hands can!)
...with pendants,
...and Halloween seaglass creations- now the Hot Glue guns are on overtime in prep for the next seasons...
...and SNOW!!!
  As always, 'Enjoying the Journey'!!!