Sunday, June 28, 2015

...'Momma always said~'

My Mother has always said "If you get a chance to go, you should!  Never stay home just to do housework.'  She has always had a Clean/Neat house, and at 82 she's still 'GOING' strong!  I guess the same goes for yard/garden work...
...after vacationing for a week, The Gardens were doing just fine!!

Saturday, June 27, 2015


Just back from a brief  'holiday' with 'The Girls (+1 hubbie)'.
Beautiful... Relaxing...Layed Back...
EVERYTHING a 'Vacation' (as opposed to a 'Trip') should be!  I even sunburned my wrist, as I wasn't wearing my wristwatch.
Needless to say, females 're-kindling' (while '+1' fished...) led to some interesting conversations (okay, maybe a 'bit' of alcohol was involved...).  After talking with some other 'native-vacationers', one member our group described the acquaintances as 'FANCY!'.  This led to in indepth conversation as to what she meant.  We all started inputting our own definitions of 'FANCY'.  What is YOUR definition of 'FANCY'???????

So, now I'm home and unpacked...
NO, this isn't the luggage I packed to go,

...this is EXTRA CARGO I picked up as we were ending our vacation.
All packed and leaving the lake, on our way out of town at 11am, we caught glimpse of a Church setting up a yard sale - WOO-HOO!!  The PERFECT ending to a PERFECT week!!
I think it is a Really good thing that we were on a bit of a time-crunch, as well as space in the CAR being limited!! 

I think I managed to make our stop worth-while (wink!wink!)! A couple of retro 1/2 Aprons, Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Souvenir dishtowel, vintage Dr. bag, Rope fish boat-bumper, Wolf Sculpture Owl, Alexandria Bay Souvenir plate, Austin Prod. chalk sculpture, Blue Mountain Pottery Mug, France Fridge Beverage glass Jar, Tupperware burger, Rubens pitcher, 3metalFrog business card holder (?), WearEver Aluminum Teapot, Mardi Gras mask, 2 'Terms of..' towels (golf & fishing), and a whole bag of Canadian vintage recipe books/manuals/advertising!!  Nothing was priced individually, they just looked at the pile and quoted a price.  These items averaged out to .40¢ each!!
**I Forgot to mention those incredible 'child' skis that I saved in-the-nick-of-time, as they were being tossed into a truck ~ enroute to The Dump!?!
We've been having a ball going through and researching all of these CANADIAN finds!!

 back home...
trying to play 'catch-up'!

Up early to gather some RIPE berries before 'The Rains' that we are supposed to have for the next 4days!  Managed to get 6quarts - and did you know that if you stain your hands 'mulberry purple', that 'red raspberry' stains GLOW??

and then the rains set it.

PERFECT time to make a Mulberry Pie...
and dream of 
'FANCY dinners at The Lake'...
...and 'FANCY' sunrises...
...and my Favorite 'FANCY' turquoise Boathouse...

...and 'FANCY' sunsets.

Friday, June 26, 2015

...all good things must come to an end.

Heading back to The States today...
THANK YOU Canada for being a wonderful host!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

...MORE "B's"!!!

This was our view from the back porch when we got up this morning!
  Yes.  The mulBerries are in full swing! -and the deer seem to approve.  We've been gathering them daily for about a week now... Freezer is stocked, and MANY batches of mulBerry-rhubarb muffins have been consumed.  Now, the rest are fair game for the Birds, squirrels and DEER~ as I'm skipping the country to 'Kah-Nay-Dia' for a 'girls week'!!  If anybody knows of any 'must sees' between Toronto and Baysville / Lake of Bays- let me know :-) !
  Let 'Summer' begin!....

Thursday, June 18, 2015


So...  What do YOU do after 'the excitement' is DONE.??  Our garage sale was a Big success!  Now the company is gone, house and garden are clean, laundry is done...

Well, I chose BUBBLES!  I've been loving these wire/bead Wands that I see occasionally in Funky Shoppes - so I decided to try one!  These are My first Studio attempts.  WARNING: they are addictive!

(And testing them for 'quality control is half the FUN!!!)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

... The BIG purge!!

It's almost the FIRST weekend of June ~ and around the Svelte household that = THE ANNUAL GARAGE SALE!!!  Things are a CRAZY MESS, so all you get today is an arrangement that we salvaged after the weekends DOWNPOURING RAINS!

Hope YOU have a GREAT WEEK!!