Thursday, April 30, 2015

...S & J

The sun is FINALLY shining in Central NY!
Temps in the 60's (today)!
Life is GOOD!

I forgot to post Our favorite 'find' from the night Rummage Sale last week...   The first thing that J spotted ((and grabbed)) were Two 24" wood letters.  They ONLY had two of them - or else we would have taken them all, but isn't it Ironic - and FUN, that the two they had were an 'S' and a 'J'?!!

I'm trying something different (ie: 'playing around') with my blog photos and layout, so bare with me... 

The last couple of weeks have been a plethora of sales - Estate & Rummage!  We have had some FUN FINDS and some FUN ROADTRIPS in the process.  Here are some of the 'goods':

An old metal dust pan
...just waiting to be given a little TLC.
I've been wanting one of these for a while!

Pretty good 'chance' find!  Check this final sale price!

CUTCO Knife Block ($1)
AMETHYST GumDrop Tree!

S&P 'Tree' -
Retro-Resin MUSHROOM!

MacKenzie CHILDS mug ($1)

and J's favorite 'quarter' find, a
Village" GOOD LUCK tiki glass/mug!
NIP #60 Serta Sheep

We were recently the recipients of our FIRST FreeCycle item:
... a white Cheapo-but-functional 6't x 2'w 'book case'!
and, enroute to pick it up, I garbage picked a similar size in 'wood tone'!!

Now, shelving is a 'hot commodity' - always the FIRST thing scarfed up at any sale!!  To get TWO - free for the taking and TLC, was a shear stroke of LUCK!!
The 'wood-grain' one is getting some paint and a sprucing - then headed to our new 'booth'.  The white one will be getting some paint, then I have plans for it at our house!  I will show photos as this materializes!

Hey, it's almost Friday...  and you know what that means!!!

Friday, April 24, 2015


Does anyone else get confused as confused as me when converting mm/in to 'GAUGE'??
Here's our answer...


Thursday, April 23, 2015

...Thursday night Happiness!

Does it get much better than a NIGHT Rummage sale??!

...almost Mayo!

'Miss Alden' (our booth DressForm) is ready for CINCO de MAYO - Are You??!

Monday, April 20, 2015

...ceiling is 'in the house'!

Our new METAL ceiling is on-site and getting installed TODAY- Yippee!!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

...Half EMPTY or Half FULL??

Our 'Chateau' is getting a face lift! 
T.W.O. "FULL" rooms have been cleared...
Soon to come: New ceilings, walls painted, furniture replaced...

Here are the before/Now of a small portion of the SIX pieces that were 'unloaded' in this process:

"WHAT became of all of this HAEGER??" you may ask... was Carefully cleaned, wrapped, boxed, labelled and tucked away in ANY spare space in other rooms that could be found!!!

Contractor starts Monday a.m
It IS all good.

In conjunction with our 'Face-Lift'...
~The StarBurst clock went to the Dr's, and came back with a Clean Bill of Health, running like a champ and shiny as New!
~MEANWHILE... the tension lamp is on an extended stay at it's second 'Specialist' - verdict should be rendered next week.

ALL of this has left LITTLE time for 'the fun stuff'...
~but 'Where there is a will, there is a way!'

Stopped by the Co-Op the last week to 'FLUFF the BOOTH', before I left I went digging in one of the Vendor's 'box-o-gems' (A HUGE mis-match of jewelry in a tangled mess amidst 6-8 different boxes!!  ANYTHING is .80cents each!!)  I unearthed a sweet PANSY sweaterclip - but ONLY half - so I continued to dig...dig...dig in hopes of finding the other half...

2015 Sweater Clips (#5,6,7,&8)!
I ended up finding 4 other Sweater clip halves and 1 COMPLETE!!  ~Does the White one look familiar?
It is the missing end from a clip I found a couple of weeks ago!!

Remember this 1/2 sweater clip??

Went to TWO 'New-to-me' Rummage sales this week!!
~Neither one was anything to 'write home about'
~BUT they did take me to off-MY-beaten-path towns, in which I hit a couple of thrifts, which produced this FOUR LOVELIES!
(2015 VERA #2,3,4&5)!!
and look: has it's original BUTTON!! (Yes, I did go Over my 'usual-VERA-price tag' for it!).

That's about my excitement, unless you count...
The morning I was cleaning out an old jewelry box that I 'thought' was empty.  Upon closer inspection I found these two 'gems' hiding in the bottom back, under the felt lining - a TINY religious charm and a...   a... Baby tooth?!
Okay, so that in itself was maybe not that 'extra-ordinary', BUT later that SAME DAY I found this at the seaglass beach...