Saturday, January 31, 2009

... #43

Everyone knows how Sunday (2-1-09) will be spent!Even my two most recent VERA scarf finds are in keeping with the color-scheme of the day! HAVE FUN!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Do you remember these little plastic trees from 1-08?? They have FINALLY come to life!! Q: What are those plastic things?
A: Gumdrop trees! Didn't you ever have one when you were little?

Q: Aren't they for Christmas?
A: NOT when they have red, heart-shaped gumdrops on them!
Q: Wouldn't it be easier to eat them out of the package?
A: Maybe, but not nearly as much fun!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

...International Short Story 101

WHY are some 'things'... or should I say some 'areas' in our lives so tough to purge? As I plunge forward with my 'lightening of the spirit' resolution for 2009, this question has been rattling around in my head... One day, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g can go; the next, nothing. Why am I more than ready to get rid of some things, and others I wouldn't part with for a million dollars?

Last weekend I was 'purging' the bookshelves in the spare room... I had wiped free 3/4 of one shelf, then I came to a brick wall. My International Short Story Authors: Franz Kafka... J.D. Salinger...D.H.Lawrence..... I.S.S. was the first credited college course I took during my Sr. year of High School. Over the years I have continually picked up books by these authors when I could unearth them. They have finally found their way to the 'out' box.

On the next shelf was my collection of 'stupid-no mind-beach' reads. You know, those books you pick up on the cheap to take on vacation, and leave behind when done... This part of the shelf was 'unread', so of course they were 'keeps'. Then I stumbled onto one that had gone on vacation with me a couple of years ago to the Turks & Caicos - and came back with me! NOW YOU SEE HER by Whitney Otto. There isn't much written about this book, but to sum it up, it's about a woman on the verge of her 40th birthday that finds herself disappearing - both physically and figuratively. When I originally ready this book, I was on the eve of my Forties (oh, the good ole days!!), and I think that is the reason I was attracted to it.

Now I wonder, do we feel the need to hang onto certain things as proof of 'that part of me once existed'?? By letting go of my Int. Short Story collection, will my long ago learned appreciation for the meaning behind the written word start to 'DISAPPEAR'?? Is some of our 'stuff' just personal souvenirs of 'the glory days'? Were 'those' the best days of my life or are 'these'??

'THESE' seem like pretty damned good days, and I think that is all the more motivation to purge some of the old, to make room for current! I think that some day I shall look back at NOW with great fondness...

Now, you're still trying to figure out the 'WHY' of the photos inserted in this post... No good answer. They are just photos of the strays that have gathered on my desk. The big strong Cowboy came 'spilling out' when we tore down a wall years ago. He just makes me smile, along with his entourage of Turtle, Duck and Skunk. Lately, I have being seeing posts where people are re-creating these old 'Bead Head / pipe cleaner' characters and I thought he might be a little added inspiration!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

...five star day!

5° F !
Can a day that starts out with only 5°, possibly be a 5 STAR day??
It can if each one of those 'degrees' equals a VERA find!! That was exactly what my Friday yielded!!
As with most of my finds/collections, I need the 'background info' - the 'soul', so to speak. I find a much greater appreciation through the knowledge of the designers' thought process, or the writers' personal life. (**Yes, 'knowledge' can be a dangerous thing.)
If you have been checking in on this blog for a while you already know this, but for any 'newbies' I am going to reiterate...
VERA's designs "were inspired by nature, by her travels abroad, and by Asian culture and motifs. She traveled to Ireland and incorporated shamrocks and cobblestones into her work. She traveled to China and utilized Chinese calligraphy in her designs... Vera traveled the globe, sketchbook in hand, while her husband, George, toted his camera. " (VERA TEXTILES by Jeanette Michalets & Katherine Michalets).
The best part of my Friday VERA Scarf finds, is that they each reflect a different essence of her design spectrum... ~I think...~ Take a look for yourself:
21" square Veresa (100% polyester). Flowers or Snowflakes? - definitely drawn from nature!
10"x44" crepe in subdued/muted hues of a rusty orange & cinnamon. First impression is a pattern she may have encountered on Safari? ...or maybe it's reference to a vegetable garden? ...or maybe one of those wooden bead curtains of the 70's??

22" square polyester? nylon? - signature style - BOLD, VIBRANT GEOMETRIC - 'So VERA'!!

20" square sheere crepe

24" square, 100% Nylon floral.

If these VERA 'five star' finds weren't enough to put me on overload...
When I arrived home, DH greeted me at the door with "You got something in the mail". Usually when he says that, it is in reference to a granola bar, shampoo packet or some other 'freebie'... BUT NO - not on my '5 STAR'! It was a packet of my beloved Holiday socks - 3 pairs of VALENTINES, to be exact! Delivered early, so I would have time to enjoy!! Sweetly wrapped by my blog GURU in stripey tissue -THANKS SHARA!! Add these to a WILTON silicone heart pan I found during my thrift rounds, and I think that I'm ready for V-Day... BRING IT ON!

**DISCLAIMER:Yes, yes, I know - I'm a poster child for Glamour's 25 Biggest Don'ts list (Do not put anything with Holiday graphics on your body). Do I care? NOT!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


today only (1-14-08), so go check it out!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Do you ever find yourself trying to rationalize 'the fix' you get from 'stuffing' (sorry, but I do hate that four letter 'j' word!!)? Why you are so drawn to reading blogs - in particular, blogs on 'stuff'?? I do.

Recently it came to me. For me it is the love of the research! The story/history behind each piece. Learning about something that I was previously unaware! This comes from foraging through others discards, as well as being exposed to 'odd' tidbits from fellow stuffers. Maybe this is why I also enjoy selling 'stuff' in on-line auctions... To write a worthy description requires research and at least a tiny bit of knowledge. I am forced to learn about things that I thought I had no interest in ... Danish Sterling Silver Flatware?! ...19th century British Poets?! ...military uniforms?! . There is SO MUCH out there!

How anyone can claim to be an expert on 'antiques' baffles me. Or even make that claim as an expert on a slightly narrowed topic such as 'glass'? There is just SO MUCH to know - how can any one person know all the patterns & colors of depression glass, all the makers of elegant glass, all of the manufacture styles of bottles/flasks, etc., etc...??? ((oops, sorry - that is a rant for another day/time!!))

Somehow, certain items really suck me in. I stumble on a piece (or an article about it) do a little research, then I want to find more examples, learn more, more...

A few months ago I came home with this little beauty...DH just glanced at my latest acquisition with his usual mixed look of confusion-disbelief-bewilderment. He doesn't 'get' my intrigue with these little iconic gems. Truthfully, I'm not sure that I 'get' it. The lore behind them is interesting to research . BUT none of them are statements as to what I believe (or DON'T BELIEVE!). Maybe they are just good 'Background Information'. To be stored away for future reference...

As I look around our house, quite a few have taken my fancy over the years...

Many are housed on various shelves in my 'attic studio'...
I first learned of THE INFANT OF PRAGUE through reading Mary Randolph Carter's JUNK JOURNAL . No, she hasn't updated it much of late, but her previous posts are what started me on this crazy ride called 'Blogland'!

A trip to Arizona exposed me to KOKOPELLI - and NO, I definitely am not in need of a Fertility God!!

What would a visit to N'Orleans be without a VOODOO doll or two??

Of course, some mythical Hawaiian TIKIS!

A couple of summers ago, a yardsale yielded me a large boxful of TAROT books. I sold most of them for good $$, but after doing some surface 'homework', I kept a few of the more desirables to do more detailed research!!

(No Photos to show... I got nothing.)
Just discovered Dia De Los Muertos, thanks to a December post in THE THRIFTY CHICKS.

OH, but there is this photo... anyone out there have a jumping off point for me on either of these??? I'm thinking the one on the right may be a 'Maltese Cross', but as for the 'Egyptian looking Keyhole' on the left, I'm open for ideas!!

And there you have your useless trivia tidbits for the day!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Some 'stuff' to post about - 'new-to-me' stuff that is!

Sunday morning I was seriously needing a stuff fix, so off to Market we went...
YEP! T.W.O pieces of Haeger (one Royal-50¢, the other newer-$1.), a hatpin for my collection-$1., and a SWEATER CLIP-$1.!

Today I was out running some errands. Since we are in the middle of a snowstorm, the stores were pretty much deserted, so what better time to hit a couple of thrifts?!

In doing so, I completed my first 'trifecta' of 2009...
VERA scarf (and in my signature 'V' pattern) - $1., gotta love it! You may be thinking this looks like the VERA that I have in the Valentine vignette from one of my last posts - it isn't! This one is a chocolate brown square, the previous is a navy blue rectangle!! The kitty?... Miller Studio'57 - .39¢, to add to the ranks of the others bordering the walls in our guest bath!

Also this morning I started my Xmas shopping for 2009 - Three stocking stuffers...

For Mom's stocking: one of her beloved word searches (.10¢). For Dad's, an addition to his soldering iron collection ($1.). The 'Three Kittens' book is for one of the cookie baking Crew who loves everything Cat (.39¢).

I feel Much better now 8-)!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

...No. 9

May I present to you, Plarn #9...

... a 'commisioned' piece, to hold a friends IPOD and it's accessories.

(in the requested 'rainbow coloring')


Christmas cards. The last great grasp at preserving the art of the handwritten paper message! They may not be 'Environmentally Friendly', but I will never condemn them!! I also, cannot bring myself to fill up the landfills with them, SO...
...To/From TAGS .
It has kind of become a 'tradition' in our family. When the holiday is over, the colorful fronts of the cards are torn off, and trimmed lovingly with pinking shears to form next years tags. I remember my grandmother doing this when I was little. My Mom taught me 'the technique' over the years, and this year I noticed a present FROM my eldest niece that was adorned with a 'Christmas card to/from TAG'!!Monday night as I started trimming our cards with my faithful pinking shears, DH walked by and said "Hey, don't you have a Punchy Thingy to do that?" WOW! How could I have overlooked this perfect opportunity for 'productive play' with one of my favorite toy purchases of 2008?
(and I think that some of them may even become Price Tags for my next Garage Sale... TOO FUN !!)

...a time to play.

As part of my Christmas, we are the proud owners of an 84" tall, solid oak, bookcase 8-)!! DH & I picked it up and installed it (complete with brackets anchoring it to the walls) Friday Morning.


As always happens in any 'simple' project... it snowballed! Cleaning, sorting, rearranging, dusting, relocating, scheming, planning, more rearranging, more cleaning, more dusting... and the cycle continued! Before long the top of the Stereo Cab, the Dining Room China Cab, the Entryway table, and part of an upstairs guest room had all been stripped, cleaned, and rearranged!

'VALENTINE' VIGNETTE IN FRONT HALL - complete with Pineapple Haeger Vase and latest VERA scarf!!

*** s i g h ***

Good thing I was having fun, and enjoy 'playing with my toys'!