Monday, May 28, 2012

...87 Prisms

Looking better already!
(In case you haven't guessed what this photo is in reference to, click on this link!)

Haven't done much 'saling' of late, but a 'couple' of small treasures have followed me home(?!!)  Anybody else remember when these used to be all the rage?  Can't wait for our next Porch Party to break them out!! ('Choking hazard anyone?')
Yeh, they are new, but I couldn't resist!!

2012 #8 - monogrammed with what just-so-happens to be my god daughter/Niece #1's initials and it was only .33¢ !!!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

...if it makes you HAPPY!

Just a 'quickie' to say HI and wish everyone out there a SPESHUL LADIES day!
 It has been a lovely weather-perfect weekend around here! Getting LOTS accomplished, while J has been out doing a little golfing! I 'behaved' and didn't even tempt myself by looking at the SALE ADS for Saturday morning, instead I got some 'stuff' listed, and then stayed home to do some much needed work around the yard ~ still FUN! 

That's not to say I wasn't BAD on Friday Morning with a RUMMAGE SALE. My heart was pounding when I spotted these T.H.R.E.E. chains lined up in a row on the jewelry table - I knew instantly what might be attached at either end...

(SWEATER CLIPS 2012 #5,6 &7  ~ 3/$1)
 and I was RIGHT!

The only other pieces of 'honorable mention' from this Rummage Sale were D.U.G. from amongst a BIG box of misc. Xmas %H#!!  THANKS ((insert tone of sarcasm)) to blogland and all YOU lovers of PUTZ and SPUNHEADS, I did rescue some little JAPAN beaded roof Houses and a literal flock of Santas holding bottle brush trees...  not MY thing at all (though Mr. Turq. /Miss Pink 'could' almost grow on you... NO!) , but I put them in one big-ole lot in the ETSY shop, and we'll see... 

Finally, I found my way to work, only to have my Boss tell me that I should get back in my Subaru and go 4 Streets down they are having an Estate Sale... "I know you like them, it started an hour ago, but there might still be worth checking out."  So what was I to do??
(VERA 2012 #7,8,9,10  4/$1)
(VERA 2012 #11,12,13,14 4/$1.)

What was there was VERY 'Antique Store' priced... except for a couple of little stacks of Pristine, complete sets of napkins with Ladybugs on them - can you read the signature?? Anyone?? Oh, yeh.. VERA!
Then on my way out I spotted this little planter that I decided 'needed' to come come with me(?!)  Threw it in our ETSY store Sat. morning, and this morning when I got up I found that it had SOLD already - GOTTA LOVE THAT 8-)

Monday, May 7, 2012

...Cinco de Mayo 'A LOT of BLING for not much DINERO!!'

Our favorite 'Street wide' ( 1mi long avenue!!) Sale coincided with CINCO de MAYO this year.  Now this is MY idea of a celebration 8-) !  As you may recall from previous years, this is about the only 'street' sale that J concedes to tag along to.  Basically it is Hit-or-Miss as far as Quantity or Quality of merchandise goes, but if the weather is at all cooperative, it is a BEAUTIFUL walk amongst older homes.
off to a good start with this .50¢ box of Christmas
We park just once on a side street across from a church which holds a RUMMAGE SALE - which of course is my first stop!

Made our first purchase of the day, dropped it off at the Escape, and then we were off!

A brisk day, but the rain held off ~ so it was all good!  You know how some days there seems to be a theme as to what people are selling? Lately that theme seems to be 'kid stuff' more often than not, this particular day it was 'expensive handbags'?!! Coach... Vera Bradley... odd.

  As for 'OUR' purchases... feeling rather magpie-ish... if it was shiny and it caught our eye, it was fair game!
Advertising ZIPPO .25¢; Pewter 'vase' pin .10 ¢

Knock-off Louis Vuitton watch $1 and Guess silver bracelet $1

LENOX milk glass candlestick .50¢

LeSportsac .10¢, Watch Bangle $1.
Have you figured out that I have a 'thing' for watches and like to swap them up with the outfit I'm wearing that day?  Hey, if you can buy them WORKING, WITH BATTERY for a BUCK - Why Not?!  (It was kind of funny though, as I bought watches / bracelets I would put them on rather than risk losing them in the bottom of a bag ~ GOOD thing it was cold and I was wearing a jacket!  By the end of the morning I kind of looked like one of those salesmen on a corner in NYC!!!)
'MICKEY' New on Card Rhinestone pendant necklace $1

Tri-chain choker w/cool silver pendant .50¢

Retro silver link belt .25¢

Corning glass choker .10¢
This is for all you PYREX LOVERS...  a glass choker from the Corning Museum of art!!  This little gem was definite Love at first site 8-)

Last but not least was a NEW/Unopened Bath & Body Works APPLE PIE foaming soap Hand Sanitizer - a definite must after a l.o.n.g. morning!!
Awaiting us when we got home...
Lovely day.

Friday, May 4, 2012 to a GOOD start!

Some of the 'snow covered' flowers SURVIVED to THRIVE!!
THURSDAY was a WONDERFUL start to the weekend!!

Up early to gather a few bouquets, before hitting the first of T.W.O Rummage sales for the day!!  Both sales were B.E.A.T. ~ nothing even photo worthy~... but even that didn't dampen my spirits, 'cause...

When I got home 'The Big Brown Truck' pulled in behind me with a package of goodness that I had won from JUNQUE MAGNET !!  Now, how cool is that?!
 A while later, the man in blue came delivering to my door with another envelope of goodness from the FREEBIE auction site  LISTIA - my newfound love - oh, it's a bad, bad thing!
 I recently won an auction with all of my fav's... a couple of dress clips, a glove clip AND ((drum roll please...) a SWEATER CLIP - 2012 #4 ~~~~ F.R.E.E.~~~~~ !!!!!!

(Oh, and don't forget to be on the 'lookout' for the 'speshul' moon to be at it's MAXIMUS on Saturday!!)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

...night of moons

First Moon Flower of the season coinciding with the special Full Moon 8-)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

...Can you ID this BROOKS item??

Testing 'BLOGLANDS' knowledge...  here's all I know (the photos will have to do the rest!)
-4" overall height
-3 1/2" diameter.
-Cover has a VERY hard foam rubber 'padding' fixed in place
-no chemical smell or odor.
-everything bright & shiny (stainless steel?)

Any ideas?
It came from a Rummage Sale, so even that gave me no history as to it's origin...

Come on, SOMEBODY...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

...TEST (with a hooking update)

So... Anyone out there 'post' from their I-phone Blogger App?

...and hEre is the latest progress installment photo of THE RUG... just cruising right along!