Tuesday, September 16, 2008

... and what would YOU have done???

So, it was a l+o+n+g weekend of being housebound with a Wicked Fall Cold. SERIOUSLY! Thurs night to Monday morning without leaving the premises... NO sales, No restaurants, No errands!! I returned to work on Monday. On my drive home I pass by this 'fresh' pile of curbside 'goodies'....(re-creation - I did NOT take the time for a 'photo'... ha,ha!!!!)
It was on the opposite side of a fairly busy road, that has no place for pulling over. What to do? I was only a few blocks from our house, so I decided to continue, and then turn around and come back. When I pulled in our driveway, as luck would have it DH was home from work & outside, so I put it in park, jumped out and said 'Get in, you're driving!'. He did as 'requested', though he knew what this meant... and 'that' is never to his liking!! "Where to?" I directed, he pulled over in the exact spot, and it was ALL STILL THERE!!!!! I jumped out, quickly opened each box to make sure I wasn't hauling away anything Really Nasty....

...and to my surprise two of the three were filled with tools! NOT gross greasy/rusty prehistoric relics, but Good, useful STUFF!

Isn't this handle 'the coolest' ?!

There were several plastic bags full too. Most looked like old aluminum Pots-n-Pans, but one looked to have wicker & wood (An old Chop Bowl?? maybe??). I grabbed that one. When I opened it at home, there was one wicker basket (to 're-donate') and four wooden bowls... nothing special... Or so I thought!
Upon closer examination, they were ALL Adirondack Bowls, Inc. ! Made - where else- but our town!! I have no idea as to the age or history of this Co., but it is a new search for me!!After a brief scanning of the contents, DH and I started trying to put a story to the reason for the disposal of these items... 'So, what did she do, just put his stuff out by the road without him knowing it?' 'But some of 'her' stuff was there too' 'It is all so clean, it hasn't been stored in a dusty attic or damp basement, and finally disposed of...'

What do you guys think?

Later, I came to the conclusion, it was just a result of The Full Moon!!


Sarah and Jack said...

Wierd to throw away boxes of tools like that. It really must be that he was gone and she didn't want them.

Shara said...

Love those cool old boxes. And, since you made DH go, good thing he found some man toys! The bowls are pretty too. Awesome finds!

Hope you are feeling better - I missed you!

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

What were they thinking? I'm going with the he's-gone-and-his-stuff-is-too theory. I love that you recreated the photo - too funny!

Heidi said...

I can't believe that someone threw all that great stuff away! Nuts. Goody for you, though! Love the metal boxes and those wooden bowls are beautiful!

heidi said...

Ok, i am SERIOUSLY jealous of your juicy roadside treasure!!!! I wish I knew more about the bowls, but hubby can't even remember how he got the first one. The restaurant you asked about on my blog is called Sapori D'Ischia. It's in Woodside NY. Love your blog, I'll be back!

Jillian said...

Wow, great free stuff!!!!! You hit the jackpot.


twobarkingdogs said...

Its amazing to me the things that people will throw away.

Pls stop by the new blog and let me know what you think.

Have a great week!


Carol said...

I bought what looks like a cheese board from a thrift store today that is marked Adirondack Bowls, Inc. Just wondered if you found out anything about the company.