Wednesday, March 31, 2010

...#7, #8, worth the wait!!

The l-o-n-g winter wait is finally over - last Saturday (3-27-10) marked opening day of Rummage Season in Central NY!
I couldn't wait - I HAD to get a little 'target practice' in, and hit a few thrift/second hand shops on Friday... It was a good practice session, marked by a set of retro cacti cocktail glasses, a roll of print seam binding, the most adorable yellow wicker sewing kit with a wooden cover - full of goodies (all to be bound for ETSY - soon... really!!),

a 'black' VERA scarf (2010 #7) - I think this may be only my second or third black background VERA!!

Saturday morning I was up bright and early, showered, caffeined, small bills in hand and ready to go!!!!!

I was surprised, this sale was well advertised, but there was an amazingly small turnout! All the better for me! I got to be the first at the Christmas table - YIPPEE!Shiney Brites! Made in Poland! Walnuts of Red! and Gold! and White! Indents! Lime Green & Black Stripes! even an Acorn!!

A mini forest of bottle brush trees, pottery elephant, retro candles that will nicely complement some of my Haeger, hilarious kids books, clay mold, San Fran Music Box Co music box, beads and a vintage apron were just a few of my other scores on opening morning!

When I got home, DH greeted me with "You got a package!"

Let me back up a minute....
Our VERA book saga left off on 3-17-10 when I s-t-i-l-l hadn't rec'd the book that I had ordered almost two-weeks earlier from Anthropologie. I called them on the 17th, explained that I hadn't rec'd my order... and here is how the conversation went from there:
Anthropologie: 'Do you have your order confirmation #?"
S: 'No, I received an e-mail and deleted it before I printed it."
A: 'That's okay, we can look it up by your e-mail address'
~gave that info to them~
A: 'Okay, Am I speaking to Mrs. V...... @ such-n-such address in such-n-such city?'
S: 'Yes'
A: 'Mrs. V...., we don't have an order for you.'
S:' Well, then, how do you have all of that info on me??'
A: 'Oh, you opened an account on that day, but you didn't place an order. Would you like to place an order now?'
S: 'Yes.'
~gave them the item # for the book~
A: 'Oh, we're sorry, that is all sold out. Would you like to order anything else?'
S: 'No.'

I was a little disgusted and a LOT disappointed to say the least! A week later I got one of their weekly e-mail catalogs in my inbox, and I typed in the book # just to see if it came up as SOLD OUT - it didn't ??!! So, for the heck of it I ordered it... and THREE DAYS LATER...
OH! MY! This VERA (2010 #8) was SOOOO worth the wait!! I haven't allowed myself to just sit down, and completely pour through it - I have numerous other things on 'the front burner' right now - but I did sit and read the first ten pages! This isn't just your average 'coffee table' picture book. It goes so in depth about VERA. Her thought process. Her designs. Oh, I don't even know how to begin to describe this book!!
**NEED INFO QUICKLY: Heading through OHIO (East Liverpool ~ Zanesville ~ Columbus) in near future... any 'must stops' for a pottery/stuff nut? I promised DH that we would NOT go to Longaberger Again! Thanks in advance!!!***

Thursday, March 25, 2010

...Spring Splurge

Do you ever see something at a Thrift that catches your eye, but you manage to talk yourself out of it and walk away?
...maybe it would look GREAT in somebody else's home but you can't quite picture it in yours!
...perfect on somebody else's body, but you just wouldn't be able to carry it off!'re cleaning out, and REALLY trying not to take More 'stuff' home!'s just past your '$flinch$' point! (come-on, we all have one!)
That was the case with this vintage soft-sage green pearl, memory-wire choker with matching enamel pendant/pin that I found casually strewn amongst the linens at a Second Hand shop a few weeks back. Not my usual style. Not like anything I had in my collection, or like anything I had ever even come across before... At $4.00 though, did I 'really' need it? Would I 'really' wear it?
I set it back down.
I walked away.
I left.

For TWO weeks I found myself sporatically thinking about this choker. The weather got warmer. I would throw on a T-shirt with a pair of jeans and think "I bet that choker would have looked cool with this..." . Then the choker kind of slipped my mind, because as we all know - if you don't grab something when you see it at a Thrift, it WILL be GONE when you go back!!

Last Friday I happened back by this same thrift while out running errands after work, I stopped by for a quick look at their scarves (I was running LATE). Not even thinking...


This time I DID NOT leave without it! The more I live with it, the more intrigued I am by it - it has the greatest design.

A 'hinged' loop allows you to take it off the string of 'pearls' and wear it solo as a pin. It is signed on the back with a solid star inside of a circle, but I am not familiar with that mark and must do more research to find out who the designer/maker was!

Last night we picked up our new 2010 Subaru Forester, to replace our '99 RAV4. DH 'OBVIOUSLY' has a different idea of 'Spring Splurge' than I do, and I guess his "$flinch$' point is a bit higher than mine 8-).

GOOD-BYE '99 RAV4 ... you served us well...

DH has had it with our ancient, snail-like computer... and our new one gets delivered this week - so, if I'm AWOL for a while we are either transitioning programs, out cruising in the new wheels or at the Final Four!!

Happy 'Spring Splurging' Everyone!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

...tied up with string

Last night we were enroute to have our taxes done (yes, Finally!), about a block from our house, I let out a gasp. DH looked at a large pile by the curb, then at me and said "You want to stop." (yes - he said it more matter of fact, than as a question). I was resigned to answer "No." (It was raining, I didn't have the proper tools with me, and it would have made us late.).
That didn't stop me getting up at the crack of daylight this morning (on my day off) to beat the garbage trucks, gather my tools, and head out in 45° rain!! Have you guessed yet what would have taken my fancy enough to make all this worth while? That would survive a night of rain? That I would be sure would still be there? That would require a special tool?

A HUGE brush pile full of PUSSY WILLOWS!!

These fuzzy little gems have been a favorite of mine since I was a child - going for walks in the fields/woods with Mom in the Spring to gather them! So often they elude me, they come to life in the Spring before I think that they should be ready, and I don't get a chance to go out and 'hunt-n-gather'. Numerous years I rooted branches, planted and tried to grow these 'no-fail weeds'... only to fail. Apparently our yard is 'well-drained' and Salix likes 'wet feet'. Either that, or 'The Journey' in aquiring my Spring bouquet is such an important part in my love for this plant, that I just shouldn't go messing with things as they are?...

Just out of college I worked with a group of Architects/Engineers. One day, chatting with one of the older Architects (G), somehow we got on the subject of Pussy willows. His wife worked at a Greenhouse, and we often swapped gardening tips ~ plants ~ stories... Each Spring G would go out to the woods and cut his wife a bouquet of Pussy Willows. One morning I came into work and found a large bouquet wrapped in newspaper, tied off with string on my drafting stool (Yes, I'm dating myself to pre-computer/CAD days!!) ... "While I was out, I cut a few extra - thought maybe you could use them.". This became a yearly tradition - on a random Spring morning I'd find a bouquet wrapped in newspaper tied up with string on my stool.I left the company. DH still works there. He came home one day with a bundle of newspaper tied up with string "This was on my chair with your name on it.".

G's wife died... I still rec'd my 'Spring package tied with string'. G has long since retired... but occasionally DH will come home from work on a Spring day with a newspaper tied up with string "G stopped by the office to visit today..."

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 1965 ST PAT'S was on Wednesday!!

and I know this how? By this Most Wonderful VERA Tea Towel calendar for the year 1965 that I found yesterday (2010 #6). I haven't found a VERA linen in what seems like forever, so I was thrilled, except I knew what this meant... and I was correct. When I got home, I checked my mail. I checked on the front steps. I checked by the back door.
Okay folks. I KNOW what 'business days' are. I also KNOW that I paid for something speedier than media mail. Anthropologie stated '5-7 business days'. It was ordered TUES. Mar. 2 at 7 am.!! For the $$$ I paid, and this being my FIRST experience with Anthro I had really HOPED for the five days, but planned on the 7 days... Now, I Know it has been TOO Long, and I MUST place the dreaded phone call - ugh! Has anybody else out there had dealings with Customer Service at Anthro that you can give me a heads-up??

On the brighter side, this rhinestone sweetie (2010 #6) also found it's way home with me yesterday!! (photo is REALLY BAD, so please don't enlarge!)

Monday, March 15, 2010

...and I continue to wait.

The EBOR of it is that the VERA scarves have been plentiful lately! This oblong chiffon (2010 #5) found on Friday for .50¢ will be perfect with a pair of jeans/sweater on Wednesday!!

I thought this past weekend was to hold the opening day of Rummage season for me... I thought wrong, so there is NOTHING else to show.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


No VERA book yet.
DH & I went out for a quick dinner last night at one of our usual spots. As we pulled in the parking lot, I gave him 'the look' - a look he knows ALL TO WELL. His reply to 'the look'... "We're going 'there' aren't we?." . By 'there', he meant The Thrift which just happens to be within walking distance of the restaurant. I smiled and nodded. After all, it was a nice evening for a walk. As luck would have it, they had a fresh supply of scarves in!! I found this classic 28" square VERA (2010 #4), and tossed it to DH (who was standing ever-so-patiently-by ~ha, ha~ as I picked up each.and.every. scarf )
Then I found this 1950's Bahamas souvenir scarf, and I tossed that to him. In his boredom he started reading all of the attractions depicted on the scarf... "COIN DIVERS!"

While we were on the beach of Paradise Island in the Bahamas picking up the 'Sea Coins', we did much speculating as to the origins of our 'new found treasures' (1990's and newer coins of US, Bahamas, Canada and Cruiseline Tokens...). This 1950's souvenir scarf added more mystique to the coins!!
Home to the computer to do some research on 'COIN DIVERS'. Apparently tourists on big steamers tossed coins to the locals around the docks - the ones that missed and went into the water, locals 'dove' for. Now we are wondering if there are some 'Crazy 50's fanatics' out there that are reliving this phenomenon and still tossing coins from the 3 Cruise-Lines that dock daily at the adjacent Nassau Island ?! Maybe? As plausible as any other explanation we've been able to come up with...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

...Private Number ~ NOT!

I recently read the post on OODLES about a thrift closing in MY very own town. How long has it been since I have thrifted that I didn't even know about this?! That I had to find out about it by reading a blog?! I thought back... Had it really been two whole weeks, or FOURTEEN full days that I had actually gone without stopping at a thrift?! ...and look what had happened, they were already starting to close!!! (ha, ha....I hope it's not due to my lack of 'stimulus'...)

I definitely felt it my duty to get back out there on Friday! It was a sunny day, with no signs of rain or foul weather, so I felt it safe to leave my mailbox unattended (awaiting the VERA book, ya know...) and I ventured...
Not much of interest, but it just felt good to be pawing through the 'stuff'! I did come home with a book on How To Play the Recorder. I had picked an older recorder up last summer to list on ebay, and this should go good with it. I also grabbed this unopened STAMPIN UP! Antiques lower alphabet set... I was going to put it on ebay, but they aren't bringing much, so I might just keep them to use.
A Kokopelli pendant for me ($1) and a couple of bottles of perfume to try out - Liz Claiborne and Etienne Aigner/Private Number. I Love having a variety of perfumes to suit my moods, but they are such a personal thing, and I find it so hard to pick out ones that I Really like. I can't tell if I like them or not until I smell them on ME for a while... ("Why don't you just go to a cosmetic/perfume counter and grab a bunch of the little samples?" you ask... Those places just really bother me. Do they still do the little samples?) So when I can pick up a 'next-to-new' bottle at a sale for little to nothing, and the smell seems to be pleasant, I give it a shot. This is where it becomes a real gamble folks! Once the fragrance is applied, and 'lived' with for a while it often goes from 'pleasant' to some form of nauseating... hence the two of Friday's pick...GAG!!! I don't get it - I have whiffed 'Liz' on other people and liked it... just not ME.
(SIDE NOTE: Does anybody else get instantly nerved when somebody comments on your perfume? I feel perfume is such a personal thing that I MUST have it on WAY.TOO.STRONG if 'just anybody' can smell it, and I should run home and take a shower... ).
Oh well, I did have an awesome find a while back - EN JOY by jean patou !! Crazy loving that stuff!!

I leave you with 2010's Sweater Clip #5...

For anyone that could possibly have noticed that I skipped #4... I made a trade with Vintage Christine which included a sweater clip, and I forgot to post, and that would be '#4'.

Thursday, March 4, 2010 first Anthropologie purchase...

(and I've still never been in one of their stores...)