Friday, September 19, 2008


Okay. So I have to admit, when DH mentioned Tuesday morning "What do you think about doing THE Happy Hour Friday?" - I was a bit aprehensive. Just coming off of a Four day sprint of being ill, I was a bit overwhelmed. What he was referring to was THE HH, which we try to do every summer for his work crew. Mind you, this group takes their HHs seriously - I think at HH '07, the last of the crew (that didn't spend the night!!) left at about 3am! We do it outside, so weather is imperative, and thus The HH is usually a last minute event.
Then he countered with "You won't have to go all out this year, we'll just do Pizza & Wings & Beer.". I was floored... WHAT, AND TAKE AWAY THE FUN PART????? NOT!!! We would do HH - but we would do it in usual form!

~"enjoy the process"~

So, the cleaning began (because with it being so cold nights, a portion of it will undoubtedly end up being indoors!), and shopping, and baking, and appetizer prepping, ...
Bar Is OPEN!

and rounding up all of my 'Fun Finds' of countless saling trips.... I'm kinda liking the TWISTER-Table covers!

Furniture and tables from the attic and basement, adorned with reupholstered cushions (with fabric from sales..)
Bad photo, but do you like the 'table' from my Garbage picking earlier this week? Sturdy enough to sit on too!

People always are shocked that I use 'breakable' for serving in... little do they know that in most cases 'the breakables' were cheaper than disposables would have been! Besides, they are so much FUN - what is the point of having them if you don't use them??? Hmmmm.... circles... circles... Twister circles.... are we sensing a theme here? Even DH said 'Hey, the bowls match the tablecloths!'.... 'Oh, really?'
45 minutes, and people will be here - GOTTA RUN!


Sarah and Jack said...

Ever since you mentioned the twister tablecloths I have been searching every yard sale and thrift store for twister games so I can have twister tablecloths for Jack's birthday. But have I been able to find a single twister game? Noooooooooooooooooooooo.

They do look cute that way. I am more determined than ever. LOL

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

Looks great! Have fun. I love the Twister tablecloths.

T.F. Torrey said...

I am deeply envious of your casual party planning abilities. Everything looks fabulous. Hope it went well.

Monica said...

HA HA I have my twister tablecloths ready for my next shindig!!!