Thursday, January 21, 2016

...wing-butted Cocktail Servers??!!

'Gems' like this are what keep this whole 'stuff-game' FUN!!
Just when you think you can 'dig' / 'sort' "NO.MORE!"  It helps to find a little 'nugget' like this at the bottom of a box!
by: Frederick J. Garner

Kinda 'un-assuming', but cool Deco graphics on the cover, so I flipped through it...

Okay, you've got your retro cat staring inquisitively at the Naked lady sniffing Posies...

Very Nice traditional Deco/Nouveau designs...

How many of these designs have YOU come across in your huntings??

Okay, by now I was smitten!

The SWAN with the Full Moon Backdrop!

FISHIES and LOBSTERS - be still my heart!!

and Children's graphics...

All is NOT 'G-RATED'!!

The last few pages held the....

As the song says...

 Don't be looking for this 'IDEA' book to be in any of our shops any time soon...
...because as the cover permits ~
It was made for ME - to trace & copy,
so I would hate to disappoint!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


    In keeping with the HAT PURGE, we wanted to put some of them in our booth at MK, but floundered at a Good-Unique-EyeCatching way to Display...
  We let the idea mull, and continued sorting the "Last Chance" load of boxes that we had not completely sorted yet.  Box after Box of Fancy Glassware (Have I ever mentioned that I really DON'T enjoy Glassware?  Well, I don't.)   A few of the boxes (much more interesting to me!!) were F.U.L.L. of art supplies.  Probably close to 200 well-loved artists brushes, pallets, canvas...

 A 'Hall-tree' of sorts...
With a bit of a twist!

In 'use' at MK!

 Our latest 'creation' is a bit of a tribute
 to my dear friend ~ 'B'.
She was a very dear Lady, who led a long, intriguing life - FULL of her artwork and Ideas.  She lost her battle almost two years ago, but her spirit stays strong.  The carloads of boxes that we have sorting were hers - 'stuff' whose stories are lost, but soul remains.

NOW, onto 2016
Feeling the 'power' of 'possibilities' that a "Fresh.New.Year" presents us with...

Our 'ADIOS' to 2015!

Trying to clear out and make room for some more at GAC!

Our 'upgraded' locale at MK
(We are now in the BRIGHTER aqua area - directly across from the register,
PREVIOUSLY: waaaay in the back, past the dark purple divider...)

Now, for a quick tour of 'what's New'...

SEAGLASS on Watercolor!

Remember doing 'string art' when you were in Grade School?

Loving the 'Pink Button' Thing!!