Thursday, September 25, 2008

...scarey combination!!

...and I'm NOT referring to my Halloween finds for today!Today started as one of those ordinary Thursdays... Got up, showered, drove to work... but by noon, it was SUCH a gorgeous day out (73degrees & Sunny - YIPPEE!!), that I decided it would be an afternoon off! I had a couple of LARGE bags of 'purge' items for the consignment shop in the trunk, so I went to drop them off! On the way, I passed the 'Full Service' gas station (unlike NJ, this is The ONLY full service one in our area) - they were having a 'sale' so I filled up for $3.51 / ga (YIPPEE!!). When I got to the consignment shop they had just finished the 'Summer' checks - and handed me mine, as opposed to putting a stamp on it. So, Nice Weather + Empty Trunk + Full Gas Tank + Unexpected $$ + A Stuff-aholic going through serious withdrawals + 5 Thrifts enroute = SCAREY COMBINATION!!!

At one thrift I saw a box tucked under a table that looked interesting, so I pulled it out - it was LOADED with Horse Show ribbons. HUNDREDS of them! All from the mid 70's, they had cool graphics in the centers. I started digging through, and found one from a horse stable in my dinky hometown ( 100+ miles away). This stable is no longer in operation, one of my brothers used to take lessons there and I graduated with the eldest son of the owner... OF COURSE I 'had' to keep digging and look for more... and buy a dozen or so! Aren't the horse graphics in the center GREAT though?! I got a few from other stables across Central NY too - do you think they'll sell on E-bay??
At the last thrift, I noticed a flyer at the check-out for a 'HUGE SALE' at Lilac Farm - a Mennonite homestead about 4 1/2 miles away. There are LOTS of Mennonites in our area, but I had never been to a sale held at one of their farms before, so off I went. A+ signs led me down some beautiful back roads that I didn't even know existed on a beautiful Fall afternoon! This was one of THE MOST Incredible sales I had ever been to! Fresh, hot fried dough (that the mother/wife kept bringing out of the house), baked goods galore, tons of plants and table after table after table of CHEAP goodies!! Yes, I had my arms (and stomach) full when I left!

Ready for some photos of today's haul??

A few things for resale, including a Westmoreland milk glass Heart dish w/ foil label (.60¢), a pair of Frankoma Mugs, a Farber pedestal, an old PA pennant, and a black glass flower frog...

Some Holiday themed items for ME... Chromex platter for Xmas Cookies (for 50¢, so much nicer than a disposable plastic and I don't care if it gets returned!); 'X' 'O' cookie cutters that I have been in search of for doing Valentine Cut-Out Cookies (I found Our initials too!); a small 'mirror mosaic' bird for Xmas decorating; vintage Xmas postcards to cut up for to/from tags and a perfect Autumn colored enamel leaf pin!
A few things for the house... I think this old glass coffee pot will be fun in our 'red' kitchen, holding pastas! Believe it or not, that wood bowl is ANOTHER Adirondack Bowl by the same maker as the bag of wood bowls I garbage picked a couple of weeks ago!
A Scandanavian bowl and Dansk cheese cutter (for resale)... Accents for next years 'Tiki Themed' porch...~AND~
As the song goes 'Two outta three ain't bad...'
Yes, 2 out of 3 of my 'perfect trifecta'...
A Fantastic Fall Leaf VERA scarf, and a matte white pedestal Haeger!



Sarah and Jack said...

Have you seen Danny Seo's horse show ribbon wreath?

I have been trying for nearly a year to buy a big lot of horse show ribbons from Ebay to make that wreath, and I never can afford them.

I am INSANELY jealous.

Heidi said...

The horse show ribbons have me drooling! I've seen them used in really neat ways in decor, or altered by artists. I think they will most definitely sell on eBay!

Great finds! Wow. And mmmmm...fried dough...mmmm. :)

Shara said...

Can you go back for the rest of the horse show ribbons? I know they would sell on ebay and/or etsy. They are so cool. How could anyone let these go when they had worked so hard to earn them all....

I was on a matte white pottery run for a while - I found it everywhere. But, it's been months since I've found one. So, lucky YOU! Lukcily things run hot and cold or I would be out of room in my house. Oh wait, I already AM!