Wednesday, August 31, 2011

...sometimes, the best things in life are FREE

Up early Saturday morning, J and I were on a mission... to visit 'Borders Bookstore' one final time, and hit some sales of a 'Community Wide' Sale enroute.
A beautiful, sunny, cool, morning, yet the 'saling' was pretty much a bust. Few sale. The ones that we did come upon were full of bright colored plastic toys and kids clothes - NOPE. NO USE for them. NOT EVEN STOPPING. Then one caught my eye! Old farm house out on a back road. Close to the road sat an old hardsided suitcase amongst other 'old stuff' - STOP! Upon inspection of the suitcase, it was dusty but pristine inside. It sat amongst a pile of vintage board games, an old heavy metal ceiling light fixtures, strands of old xmas light bulbs... but none of it was priced - then I noticed, I had been gawking at the 'FREE' pile. Sorry folks, but I have a strict policy that I will not take from somebody's free pile without buying from them. So I HAD to find stuff to buy!! On to see what they were selling... Doesn't it figure, Young family w/ kids buys old house - tosses 'junk' they find in attic and sells their Home Interiors ~ Target ~ Little Tyke stuff at the garage sale!! F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. I find a new snow brush for the Blazer and a couple of unopened bottles of Bath & Body Works lotions to buy so that I can snag the freebies!!
My saling urge was quenched.
I behaved 'fairly well', bought mostly Xmas presents, until an announcement came over the PA system that for the next 1/2 hr everything in their Cafe', including fixtures, would be included in the 50% off sale - WoHoo! So, we added to our shopping basket: a case of new recessed lightbulbs for our kitchen($12), a BIG bag of Coffee Espresso Beans ($7), and a fun red post with hooks about 2' tall - no clue what to do with it, but it was only a $1!
Leisurely journey home, stopped by a few markets... made one purchase.
SweaterClip 2011#9 - $1
(Hey, averaging about one a month - not bad!!)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011's in the air!

I don't know how it is in the rest of the country, but here in the NorthEast, there has been an 'unofficial' shift of seasons! Dipping into the 50s at night and then barely into the 80s during the day. It's not marked on any calendar, but 'pre-Autumn' is upon us. As I drove to work this morning I noticed a certain 'stillness', a serenety and calmness. Yes, the chaos and light-heartedness of SUMMAH had come to an abrupt end. A 'wee-bit' early? Maybe. But, this is my most favoritest time of the year!!
This isn't the 'True-Calendar-Autumn', when the trees are all naked, winds are sub-zero and Old Man Winter is knocking at your door. This is 'pre-Autumn'... when the first shades of gold and amber are appearing in the trees, brisk evenings make a light cardigan a necessity with your capris and all the Farm Market stands are brimming with goodness.SOON those Fall Festivals and Church Bazaars will be popping up all over the place!!

Time to start planning and preparing, hunting and gathering, crafting and divesting...

But first,

today DOES mark a SIGNIFICANT calendar day....

The first day of...


(a True sign of 'pre Fall'!!)


Wednesday, August 24, 2011's not a REDMAN, but...

...was that any reason for The Thrift to toss this sweet picnic on top of the dumpster???(and !YES! it was just sitting up on top, I didn't go diving at The Thrift!! It was kinda poised up there like they wanted somebody to grab it...) Look at the patina on those wood handles, the metal hinges on the lid, the little swivel latch - who needs Redman? (Sorry Shara!!)


this may 'NOT' have the usual characteristic 'eyes'



so, I couldn't leave it sitting all alone at the tailgate sale a local church was hosting last weekend. Let me introduce you to Miss 2011 #8 in the Sweater Clip Category....


Thursday, August 18, 2011 just wasn'

On my way to work, I made a quick stop by one of my favorite thrifts to drop off a few bags of donations. On the way out these two berry bowls with a retro Aqua/Olive floral pattern caught my eye sitting on the edge of a table ~ all by themselves...I had been SO.GOOD!
Straight in and Straight out ((almost))
When I flipped them and saw their lineage (Franciscan Earthenware which I am partial to.), that made up my mind for me, and I took them straight to the counter. At the counter my 'buddy' cashier said "Oh, did you see the rest of this set that we have in the back?"
Not just a 'few' pieces folks.
We're talking plates, and berry bowls, and side plates, and salads, and..., and...
Did I mention it is a really cheap thrift that has really nice bags?
So, I will sort through the 50++ pieces, take out a few for me and the rest will be 'E' bound after some research. Anybody out there familiar with this pattern??

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

...true fire.

During the past couple of weeks, the adventure has included some fun 'saling' along the ways!
(Out saling with Mom, digging through Boxes & Boxes of old tools and Serious JUNK when I started finding stray keys in the bottom - perfect for my jewelry making - soon I had a handful... when I asked the old farmer "How Much?" He just got the most quizzical~baffled~youFool look on his face and said "A Buck?" . As we walked away, I thought my Mom was going to start crying she was laughing SO HARD - "OH S! HIS LOOK! IT WAS JUST PRICELESS!!")
Out to Madison, Ohio with bestest college pal A for a 'traditional' long weekend of wining (as in Winery tasting) and town-wide saling with some of her family that lives there. (Scored these LIA SOPHIA and NAPIER necklaces for .50¢ ea)
(more gems-n-bling for .50¢ ea ... Small and easy to pack!!)
In Ohio we did hit our 'MAJOR SCORE' (ha,ha) at a Church yard sale. I ran over there quick while everyone else was going to grab a table for Dinner/Drinks across the street (they REALLY aren't 'that' into saling!!). After a Quick survey, I only came up with a matte white pottery vase that I thought 'might' be Haeger (it wasn't, so no photo) so I went up to ask how much. I was informed that since it was Fri night they had started their $1 bag sale ~ so the vase would be $1, and so would anything else I could fit in the bag! Well, what was I to do? Yes, they were waiting for me... so, they could just have another drink... right?
Another quick scan with my bag-to-fill yielded...( 7!) brand new Just The Right Shoes (I have yet to see if there is any resale value...), a Harley Davidson Mug and a couple of printer ink cartridges - then I called it quits!
After dinner 'A' and I did stop back over to the sale to do a more 'in depth dig' through the linens. A's brother and nephew recently bought a rental piece of property and they had asked us to keep our eyes open for draperies for it. We hit the jackpot at the Bag Sale!! Matching, lined draperies with hooks for the Huge, main windows... sheers... short frillies for kitchen and bath - all together a GREAT BIG HEAVY GARBAGE bag full!! - we asked the church ladies how much - they were Thrilled that somebody was going to enjoy them - they only wanted $1 (we gave them more!) - SCORE!
'Lil plastic Lobster pin to add to my collection - .25¢
Last Saturday morning the paper advertised an Estate sale starting at 7am. I am an early morning person, but I have come to the conclusion that I am not a diehard 'dealer'. I dearly LOVE my saling, but I am more into it for the adventure, than for the resale. I Don't like the pushing, shoving, Rushing. I like to take my time. Check things out. I tend to enjoy looking at the architectural detail in the homes, daydream about previous owners and admire the flower beds as much as pawing through the silverware drawer. I guess I'm a 'second wave' type (that second flurry of customers that every sale seems to get - those that 'oversleep' the original rush). Yes, you miss a LOT of initial treasures, but when I got to the sale at 7:30, there were still LOTS of gems to be had...
this GREAT garden kneeler/bench $4 - I had been looking to buy one for my Mom from Plow & Hearth and they usually retail for $30 - $40!!

2-Step Stool ($2) for retail display, New retro metal PortaFile w/key for resale and wooden Lazy Susan (I had been in search of one for a future project!)- .25¢
Manual Smith-Corona Typwriter - works like a gem... coming soon to an ETSY store near you
a couple of dress clips to add to my collection, a signed pewter necklace (should it stay or should it go??)
sweater clip 2011 #7
Now... back to that garden to get some more of those sweet Japanese / Chinese lanterns clipped!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

...25 miles of just 'me'!

When I stepped off the back porch to load up the vehicle with the essentials for the day (tote bag and ice water), this Angel's Trumpet was there to greet me!
I did a 'solo mission' for the first time in years. J had other plans (sleep?! work in the garden?!!). I was on the road by 7:30am and only lasted until 2pm ~ I must be getting old!
Pickings were rather slim... or my 'mojo' was still off... not quite sure, but an hour in and two towns later I still had not purchased a single item, then I spotted this little bowl on a quarter table. I generally don't purchase basic HAEGER floral utilitarian items much anymore, as our house is already overrun with them, but this glossy pedestal piece 'spoke' to me.
HAEGER 2011 #9
Next town, I stopped at a garage sale and I noticed the lady tending the sale had a bag sitting next to the 'check-out' table... NOT just any bag, but a PLARN BAG!! She had made it to hold her 'bags'.
By early afternoon it was starting to get H.O.T., people were starting to wake up so the roads were starting to get congested, and I said 'Enough'. Not a big haul, but a few fun things. Set of vintage Raggedy Ann/Andy mugs for a future gift (4/$1.), HAEGER #9 & #10, Red Xmas Tree ($1), Sundress ($2), Tub of Wilton Valentine cookie cutters ($1), Bath&Body Works Lotions .25¢ea, 3 Garbage Bags of packing peanuts (all for .25¢). Strictly a 'ME' morning - not a single thing for resale, except the peanuts for packing... but I guess we all need those kind of days occassionally!
The biggest 'ME' purchase of the morning was this HAEGER 2011 #10 Vase. It is not marked HAEGER anywhere on it, so even though I bought it from a dealer, thankfully he had no idea as to the manufacturer of it so I was able to get it for $10! HAEGER isn't worth much normally, but when a dealer sees a name on the bottom of a piece of pottery they automatically think they have 'priceless find' and mark it accordingly! I even gambled on this piece. I thought we had a vase in the same shape, just a different glaze - but I wasn't 100% positive this was a HAEGER...
Until I got home and did my research! 8-)
It is from their 1967 Catalog, #4055 16" ORIENTAL VASE originally retailed for $15.00
GLAZE: ETRUSCAN BLUE ~ The books say that Etruscan is in "Good Supply", so the book value is 'low', but this is the first piece of this glaze to enter our collection, so I am pretty excited!!
Every year I say that I'm not going to bother with this sale another year because it has become too commercialized, but every year the chance at that unidentified piece of HAEGER or digging for that buried sweater clip, lures me out!!