Sunday, September 7, 2008

... 69... 45... 27...


We don't subscribe to any of the local newspapers, so on Wed. or Thursday each week I go online to check out the Garage Sale Ads. Beside the link to the ads, there is a total of the number of classifieds in each category. A few weeks ago, the GARAGE SALE category had a whopping '69', last week it had dropped to '45', and this week it was down to a measily '27'! Another sign that Fall is rapidly approaching here in the NE.
But hey, definitely better than Nothing! Look at this hot 'Hawaiian Stud' that followed me home!!!
On Saturday the weather Gods were not cooperating, and it was 'almost' a wash out, but I did come home with FIVE items.... and there was a blatant theme!!!

I think it is carved in stone, next years porch will have a Hawaiian Twist! Complete with Surf / boogie board ($1) and a stack of vintage Hawaiian Cocktail napkins (.10¢)! I think my coconut heads will feel right at home!

There was no Haeger, no VERA and no sweaterclips to be had, but I did grab this sweet 'glass chain' to add to my other half dozen ...

Less to unpack, clean-up and find homes for (or list on e-bay), that is for darn sure!!

Hope everyone is surviving the Hurricane impacts in their part of Blog Land!!


Shara said...

Aloha to yard sales. The few I have been to lately have had crap - nothing even worth buying. The thrifts are emtpy too. We usually have a huge surge of sales in October when it is nice and cool. I love cool sales! (Both in cool junk and cool temps!)

Anonymous said...

I have the same studio haeger native boy! Nice find :-) please feel free to email me about other intresting Haeger you have.