Friday, July 25, 2014


Today was the 'unofficial start' of our Rt 90 Sale.  By my second stop, my trip was 'complete' and I could have gone home a HAPPY GIRL for a mere .50 cents (of course I DIDN'T)!
Yes, my long desired CUTCO 1025!  For those not familiar with CUTCO - they are Made in the USA (NY to be exact), used to be part of CASE KNIVES, high-end, lifetime guarantee.  From same geographic area as Corning Glass (Pyrex), Zippo Lighters, & Case Knives. I'm not enough of a cook / chef to warrant a set of CUTCO in my own kitchen.  The site of our annual Xmas Cookie Baking has a COMPLETE SET!  I always stake claim on the 1025, as it is PERFECT for cutting 'bar cookies'.
  Now, I have my VERY OWN $45 BAR COOKIE CUTTER (ha,ha)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

...lavender love.

A GREAT journey of a vacation was taken since our paths last crossed!
Refreshing! Inspiring! Always Endearing.
(**Pay close attention to the hints - the first one who can guess the THREE states we stayed in will receive the copy of the book I read ~which was 'awesome, by the way, and fit in with this trip perfectly'~**)

These are the paths that I explored for three days while 'J' was off at work - no typical paved sidewalks for this portion of town!!

'Whites Park' where I would hike up to and spend a few hours each day reading 'BODY SURFING', and duck watching...

One of the 'little' shacks I would pass on my way up to the park...

When I didn't eat lunch at the pond, I ate it in the park at the Capitol Bldg!!

Then it was off to the East for some salty air and some of the crustaceons that J loves so much!!
Then it was back for a little 'site seeing' and a little 'business' in our own state...
It was sooo nice waking up on more than one occassion to this view out our window!

I could SERIOUSLY get used to this!!

~BUT~ as with all trips,
it was
to get back home again!
While in one of the 'quaint' little towns, I learned of lavender tea.  So, one of the first things I did when I came home was harvest my Lavender! (*In my 'new' vacation garage sale find vintage confetti bowl w/ two handles - $1 !! - KEEPER!!).  Lav. Tea sounded disgusting, but it is actually quite luscious - with a bit of sweetener!

What else did I 'find' on vacay you ask?

VERA 2014 #2 $.40 (A PAIR OF NAPKINS!)


VERA 2014 #4 $1.00 (SCARF)

So, have you figured out our whole itinerary?? Didn't vary much from previous years!!