Tuesday, December 30, 2014

...loose ends (Part II - Haeger #4149)

Recently (if you can consider a MONTH 'recent'!) I had a question posed to me regarding a piece of Royal Haeger pottery..  "bought it at a Flea Market around 10 years ago.  It is shape 4149... Green Glaze... Any idea on age?"

Well, I DEFINITELY am NOT an Expert - but will take any excuse to look thru some glossy photos in my Library!!
Here is the Lovely piece in question:

...and here is the 4149 sticker and bottom stamp...

The earliest sightings I found for piece 4149 is from EARLY 70's Catalog pages (per David P. Dilley's book).  It reappeared throughout the 70's in various glazes. 
Below it is shown in the FRENCH WHITE 

...and here is my personal piece shown in PEASANT GOLD:
As for the glaze - it is SO hard to tell from a photo.  My first thought was 'CHARTREUSE' - but that glaze has more of a tendancy to be on 1950's Era Pieces,
~So off to ED BLAS' 2004 book of Haeger Glazes~

?Maybe one of the Royal Garden Flower-ware greens?

As for the Value - I'm sure there are many that would disagree  with me on this point...  I don't ever foresee HAEGER being worth 'a fortune', and it's value is only what someone will pay for it.  I don't look at any of our pieces of HAEGER as being investments - I just buy what I like, and enjoy living with!
(NOTE: in Ed Blas' 2004 book he listed the 4149 in the Peasant Gold glaze as being in 'ample supply' and a 'Perfect' piece would be $50.00)

Any other HAEGER 'addicts' out there that want to chime in with any info - would love to hear from you!!!

SORRY this took me soooo long TM!!!

Monday, December 29, 2014

...loose ends...

...still trying to recuperate from our CHRISTMASES (neither J's family, nor mine gets together for 12-25, they each pick a date that works so that EVERYONE can make it... this week those dates ended up being 12/26 and 12/27!).  Now, I must tie up a few 'loose-ends', so that we can start 2015 with a clean slate!!

The 'week' of Christmas, produced a few "New" additions to my collections...
On a 'quick thrift fix' stop, I found this lovely... 

Sweater Clip 2014 #18 ($1.00)

Then, J surprised me with this box on Christmas Morning...  LOVE how he displayed and packed them :-)  !!

Sweater Clip 2014 #19, 20, 21, 22, 23, and 24!!!

One closer look at the 'childs' Masonic / Eastern Star?!?
Hope everyone is enjoying putting all of their TREASURES to 'rest' for another season!!  (ha,ha!)

Monday, December 22, 2014

...all that glitters

...Tis the season,
and the L.A.S.T. of our trees is decorated
The 'ever-Holiday-present' GumDrop Tree!!
This tree gets 
WAY MORE than it 'should' during each Holiday!

One last shopping trip to The Sunday Market for this year...  

MY first ever 'find' of Mercury Picks (all for .25¢)
KEY purse clip .50¢
Purse hook w/ dragon fly .50¢
Sweater Clip 2014 #16 $1.
Sweater Clip 2014 #17 (child's w/ rhinestones - WOO! HOO!) $1.

LOTS of Glittery gold-tone BLING for ME!!  
...and the vendors were looking to sell~
ALL of this goodness for $3.25 !!

Hope everyone's frantic preparations are winding down, and you are getting a chance to ENJOY!!
to all of my Wonderful Web Friends!!!
(catch you in 2015!!)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

...He's BACK!

I think TWEED was feeling neglected, so he went out and found a new friend... Hmmmmm..... What shall we call HIM??!

...an attempt.

I've been intrigued by the 'Rainbow' trees that are appearing on the internet, so I decided to 'give it a try'...
I always do our Dining Room tree in an 'Orange - Pink - Purple - Green' scheme (to coordinate w/ the rooms retro colors).    Here it is in THOSE colors (top to bottom)!  It was Fun to try, but not quite as effective as I'd hoped.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

When last I blogged, I was preparing for a weekend away and had just uncovered a 'treasure box' of previous Xmas Saling finds, which I decided I would add to my Garlands before departing...

Well, you know the proverbial saying 'The straw that broke the Camels back'??
An 8' garland of over 75 vintage GLASS ornies broke free on one end, came crashing down, swung across a nine foot opening, and crashed into the other door jam...
GOOD NEWS: The stock value of vintage ornaments has gone up - so keep up YOUR HOARDING!!
**I did luck out and 'only' 15 got broken...

The roadtrip was Wonderful.  Day trip to NYC was soggy and wet - but luckily NO PROTESTORS were seen anywhere (and we WALKED that City!! - Pedometer read 12.3 miles at the end of the day!)

Back home for 2 days to 'repack' bag and 'rehang' Xmas decorations...
Then off to the Annual COOKIE BAKING w/ the College Crew!

We had our 'stocking gift' exchange...
2014 HAEGER #6, 7, 8 & 9
The girls just.can't.resist buying HAEGER, though I've told them repeatedly 'NO!'...  the blue is a pretty sweet piece though ;-)

VERA 2014 #12
a NEW VERA (my first of the re-make's!)

My first day at Cookie Baking, J sent me a text
It was my Vintage Xmas Swap (sponsored by Shara of MONKEYBOX fame) from my Lovely swap partner T (who MUST start a Blog for her current Life Chapter!!)
Do you know what it is like to have to wait THREE.entire.days before you can even think about opening a Swap Package?!!?
It was WELL worth the wait!

T. went above and beyond the 'shoe box'...

Spoiling me rotten with lovely RHINESTONE and PEARL sweater clips
(2014 Sweater Clips #14 & #15)

A beautiful SET of VERA napkins!
(2014 VERA #13)

MORE goodness...

...AND...     More FUN!!


(and I will try to do more research on YOUR Haeger - SOON!!)

So, after being AWOL for so long, it was decided some MALL Xmas shopping was in my cards. :-/
But, alas, I got SERIOUSLY sidetracked by a store closing in our local mall - and a Large amount of Store Fixtures were for sale (Yes, J & I are serious suckers for old store displays!)

OF COURSE, we ONLY came home with 'completely' NEEDED Stuff (ha,ha)..

Large (20"+) advertising numbers, and 'backdrop' photo screens (each is double sided, 9' x 4')
 ...'Time for school' (see Haeger photo)
...'Brick Wall'
...'Variegated Maroon'
... 'Beach'
OH, I can see some serious FUN photo booth shots at our next house party !!

(MORE sweet goodness from T)
Now, I must go add my latest 'green ornie' to our Dining Tree - if all goes well (keep your fingers crossed!) I will show some finished Xmas deco photos SOON!!
(...and I must 'find' Tweed, he has been missing in action...)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

...Seagulls or DOVES??

Last Saturday was our 'stockings' w/ my Mom & Dad!
'Santa' was VERY Good to me...
...purse ashtray, Diamond Match Co match holder and a Souvenir metal change holder (kinda weird that it just happened to be a Missouri...)
a Double "Tri-fecta"+ !!

2 Haegers (2014 #3 & #4)

SIX (6!) Sweater Clips (2014 #8, 9, 10, 11, 12, & 13)

and Two (2!) VERA (2014 #10 & #11)
 Not much along the lines of 'saling' lately, but I did find this plastic 'Baby Spinach' container of goodies at the thrift the other day for $1.  I didn't open it to examine things closely until I got home - I saw PURPLE and that was all I needed to 'make it mine'.
Imagine my giddiness when I uncovered
A mid-century Tree Topper!
Aluminum reflectors (one is even aqua) !
'Fish-scale' ornaments in pink & blue!
an older Humpty Dumpty!!

At the same stop I found this GREAT VERA!!  J saw it and stated 'SEAGULLS.'  I tried to explain to him that since it was found in December, they MUST be 'DOVES'.  I don't think he bought it.
Either way I Love finding unusual VERA graphics, and I had never seen this one before.
VERA 2014 #12 (.25¢)

 As for decorating...
We did manage to get our Four major garlands w/ ornaments up before the stocking exchange (HAD to have things a 'bit' festive!)...

Since then, I have been rummaging through my hoardes and came across 'the box'.  For the 11mo. during the year that the Xmas deco's aren't on display, I have 'this box'.  When I'm out saling and find some 'Xmas Goodies' for ME, rather than pulling out the LARGE Totes and putting them in their proper homes, I just stash them away in 'the box'.  Come December, when all the other decorations come out, I unpack 'the box' and incorporate it with my other treasures!!

OH! I had forgotten about the whole slew of 'fish scale' ornies I had found this summer!! (I know 'fish scale' is a horrible way to describe them, and they are probably supposed to mimic 'pine cones' - but when I see the aquas, all I can think of is a Mermaid's tail!!  ...and I Love Mermaids!)

LOTS of orange~pink~purple additions for a Dining Room Aluminum tree
vintage light bulbs!
tree huggers!
bottle brush trees!

...and that was just the First Layer of 'the box' !
How do YOU do it - put your 'new' decorations away immediately, or accumulate and stash???

Now me and 'A' (of cookie baking Crew fame) are going AWOL for the weekend - doing a Holiday roadtrip, ending it with a DayTrip to New York City!!
**Knowing that 'svelteSTUFF' is in the heart of the state of NY, you probably think this trip to NYC is a common occurance, but it is only A's 2nd visit, and my fourth!!!

Catch you on the flip side!
Stay safe and BE HAPPY!!

Friday, November 28, 2014

...doing what we do best

The 'boys' shared a little bonding time...

...while I spent a little 'quality time' w/ my pretties!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

...he's BACK!

TWEED IS BACK~ with bells on!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

...getting my Holiday shopping groove on!

I've had T.W.O. Glorious days of Holiday shopping, and T.W.O. additional of Holiday Handcrafting...
and I think I've just about 'wrapped it up'!  
(*DISCLAIMER: the literal wrapping has yet to be done!!)
Now, I'm sure you're scratching your head, wondering WHY? / HOW? could this person possibly enjoy this process so?
Allow me to explain...
Other than (3) larger, 'high-tech' gifts that HAD to be 'BIG BOX' bought, the rest of my 'gifties' are for people with whom we have an "agreement" that the 'stocking stuffers' (aren't those always The.Best.?) we exchange are either thrifted or crafted!
This weekend our house looked like HURRICANE CENTRAL!
SATURDAY was 'Candy Making' day!
Mostly gifts for my Dad's stocking ~ Black Walnut Brittle, Black Walnut Fudge, Spiced Black Walnuts, ...
Can you guess that my Dad likes Black Walnuts?? - and he keeps me supplied in them ~ one of his Winter hobbies is cracking them by hand!!

SUNDAY was Studio Groovin' day!

This is our kitchen counter...
  The jar on the right is full of bulk Flax (yes. I'm old. Don't judge me.), with a measuring spoon that has come to live it's life perched on top...

This was my vision for it:
Quite a simple process of wire-wrapping...

and beading!

This was about the ONLY project of the day that turned out as planned though.  I can't share the details of the others, as some of the recipients drop in on this blog occasionally!!

FRIDAY and MONDAY were Shopping days!
Found LOTS of goodies - MOST of which I also cannot share here!
Of course, I did pick up a few things not 'on my list'
(Christmas List, that is!!)

(Pampered Chef Cookie Press, New Dansko shoes, vintage aluminum measuring spoons, Oneida & Ikea flatware)

(Set of Xmas JAPAN stacking mugs, Swedish- ?Iron Stand?, Dallas Cowboys / Taz Ornament, Snowman Candy Holder, Am Girls Cookbook, and a Skeleton Doll - **WHICH WE HAVE NOW IDENTIFIED AS 'LALALOOPSY'? WHO KNEW!!)
A few crafting goodies for ME!
(**Had NEVER heard of 'Kendall' towels before!!  'Kendall' is the name of the tiny town I grew up in.  Not 'the same' location as the towel origin, but still cool!)
 Would any shopping be complete without...
(VERA Scarves 2014 #8 and #9 - .25¢ each!!)
Sweater Clip 2014 #7 - $1.)
Of course, by now you all know the Thrifts are near 'my' seaglass beach, so I HAD to stop...
(AFTER I had picked up my FREE 2-scoop Birthday Sundae from Friendly's - as a 'to-go' to eat at the beach!!)
The STRONG Southerly winds overnite had melted the snow and washed in some 'stellar' finds!!  Could have watched the waves carry in treasures for hours, but the rains came!  
 Oh well, don't mind the rain so much when it gives me this to look at my ENTIRE ride home (45min.)!!

Now it's time to clean up 'The. Mess.'!
 'Round one' of stocking stuffer exchanges is THIS SATURDAY!!
Then, the decorating begins...