Sunday, August 31, 2008

...of Pinks and Pyrex

Friday was a layed back saling day for me... Rainy, yet productice! (PRODUCTIVE = Little 'Keep' + Lots 'SELL'!) Upon unpacking my goods at the end of the day, there was yet once again a couple of overriding themes to the days purchases!
PINK - from the great old plastic sewing box ($2), to the retro paper mache angel (.20¢), to the sealed bottle of Avon (.10¢) to the sweet flowers in the teapot (.50¢). Do you think that this is a sign of a color to come for the wicker plant stand ($3.)???
MUGS - 4 Retro JAPAN stacking mugs(.25¢), Pyrex (.10¢) and a W. Germany (.25¢). I must be feeling empathy for Shara over at MONKEYBOX!! PYREX - Not normally my thing, and I don't know anything about it, but when I walked into one of my favorite Thrifts and they were having a 50% off EVERYTHING Labor Day Sale, I couldn't pass these beauties up!($3.00 for everything!)

Sorry, no sweater clips to share...
Wishing you all a GREAT Holiday weekend!!

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Shara said...

Ha! It must have been a Stacking Cup weekend palooza for you and me. I think they are cute, but not nearly big enough for my morning coffee, so they will be SOLD.

I'm not a Pyrex gal either, but I did succomb to that very same black snowflake print dish. I thought it would be sweet with Christmas goodies in it.

Have a safe holiday!