Saturday, April 5, 2008

...Spring? ...maybe?

Woke up to a dreary rainy morning, but a 'Clothes Sale' awaited... so I had my butt out of the house by 7:15am! It didn't sound real promising (a fund raiser for a small museum in a nearby town), but when there are no other options... It was better than I expected! Mostly clothes, but they did have some other misc. . Clothes were dirt cheap (tops, scarves & jewelry = 25¢, sweaters = 50¢, dresses, jeans = $1.00). This is a REALLY bad picture, but I grabbed a bunch of goodies including:
  • the vintage hard/square suitcase (all of the clothes are draped on it) - $1
  • a solid wood 6' tall bookcase - $2 (not pictured!)
  • a small tied patchwork baby quilt (bottom left) - 25¢
  • the UGLIEST piece of VERA clothing ever seen (Red &Blue button front in top right) - 25¢
  • NUMEROUS scarves, New Bass Pro shirt w/ tags, etc...
  • Vintage, beaded 'Cleopatra' dress (upper left) - $1.00

By the time I got home there was a strange, bright glow...


Some goodies from Friday 'JSR'...
A couple of garden tools - $2 ea.
A vintage metal stand - $4 (a little paint... a few plants... a nice sunny corner on the porch...)
A vintage metal 'umbrella' stand (not sure what my sudden attraction to these is!!) - $2

I spent a little while inside doing some work, but decided that the garden was calling me...

...and tomorrow is supposed to be ANOTHER sunny day - maybe that big snow pile in the back yard will be gone by the end of the weekend!!



Monica said...

I love umbrella stands!! I was going to buy one last week but I have one FILLED with vintage umbrellas!!!

Heidi said...

A wood bookcase for $2?!?! That's awesome! I'd love to have another one that is solid wood but they seem to be so hard to find at a reasonable price. I hate all that particle board stuff! Great find!