Sunday, March 30, 2008! Two!! THREE!!!

VERA that is!! Friday I found Three VERA for .50¢ ea on a 'JSR'!!

I'm just relaxing (and playing 'catch-up) w/ a Cup of Joe after a busy weekend with my parents in town...

'Confetti Mug' found on Friday for .25¢ .

Not sure what my sudden fondness is for the vintage 'confetti bowls' that are so popular now, but it is what it is. At the prices I have been seeing them going for, I think I will have to just settle for this mug (for a while...)!

Pattern for the bridesmaid long-dress that I wore in 7th grade for one of my older brother's wedding (with piece of the teal fabric pinned to upper flap). Yes, I know that I am dating myself with this one!!

If there was ever any question of where my 'stuff' gene came from...

My Mom has been cleaning out, and this weekend she gave me this pattern that she recently came across!

2 new dishtowels with tags (.50¢)
wood 'porch' bird (.05¢)
glass shamrock suncatcher (.05¢)
6 pins (.50¢ea.)

My parents love 'saling' almost as much as I do, so I was Very excited to find TWO rummage sales scheduled for Saturday morning!! The first one always has Great Stuff - Dirt Cheap, and thus has an extra long waiting line... opening promptly at 9am! Imagine my surprise, when we arrived 20 minutes early, to find they were letting people in already - and we were a few of the first!! I got two boxfuls and M/D got one... for about $14.00 - Gotta Love it! I just photo-ed some of my favorite 'goodies', so as not to bore you TOO Much 8-) !

From Sale #2 - A GREAT picnic basket with solid wood 'sliding' top - complete with another interior basket to hold dishes, service for 8 of red melmac dishes and stainless flatware ($5.00).

A mix of things from Sale #1 & #2...
Molded plastic Retro sunflower napkin holder (.15¢)
Paper Mache' and wood dress form (.50¢)
Heavy metal 'Crawdad' for garden ($1.oo)
New package of modeling clay (.50¢)

Hallowing chalice (.05¢)

I couldn't let this one sit all alone on the table at the sale... ~The attendants for our Oct. 27th wedding all had these glasses for 'The Toast'. (It was done as a joke - poking fun at my LOVE of Halloween and Fall!!)~

Bag of plastic white (glow in the dark) stars, red balls and metallic blue balls wrapped in a FUN wire design ($1.00). I'm thinking July 4th!!

Sale #2: 30" high, styrene?, hanging wall shelf ($3.00). I'm picturing a coat of paint in the garden...

Okay. I think that is the highlights.
Now I must go be productive... I was in the basement this morning and spotted this pile of 'seeding supplies' that I have been gathering... waiting for "8 weeks prior to last frost" to start them seeds inside. I think it is time!


Shara said...

Love. That. Basket. I've never seen one like that. I would have swooped in on that baby PRONTO. Great score!!!!!!

Shara said...

SUe - Can you emial me? I've lost your email addy along with everyone else. I'm getting them back, but I am still mising yours! ;o)

P.S. Now just who do you think I bought that sweater clip for anyway? I bought that and said, "This is for my friend Sue" and then I bought another thing and said, "This is for my friend Heidi" and DH was all "WHO?" Clueless as usual.

Monica said...

Those sputnik star ornaments are GREAT!!!

linda t said...

Oh my gosh! That pattern is the very pattern that my sister used to make the bridesmaid dresses for my wedding in 1979!! I actually chose the shorter version and everyone LOVED those dresses!!
What a treat to see the pattern after all these years!!
Love you blog btw!
Gotta keep reading more of your posts!