Wednesday, April 30, 2008's all in how you 'market' yourself!

The weather in Upstate NY has reverted to Brisk and rainy. It's almost kind of a relief after a couple of sunny warm weeks to retreat inside without feeling guilty about not being outside enjoying the beautiful weather! I've been baking some new recipes, spring cleaning and catching up on magazine reading.

^^^^WARNING: I'm climbing up on a Soap Box ^^^^^^^^^^
Is it just me, or are ALL of the magazines centering on 'Going Green'?!? Hey, don't get me wrong, I'm all for it... ~BUT~ I'm tired of all of the 'back-patting' of the Newly Enlightened !! Aren't conserving and recycling ideas that are ingrained and second nature to many of us?! Many of us have been heavily influenced by our 'Depression-Survivor' Grandparents - to be frugal, don't waste, 'clean up our plates' & be thankful for 'hand-me-downs'. So why do 'they' (the newbies) get endowed with the glowing titles of 'Green', 'Earth Friendly', and 'Eco-Savvy' while the rest of us are still 'Cheap, Dumpster Diving - Garbage Pickers' ?? I guess it IS all in how you market yourself.
^^RANT OVER... climbing down off my soap box - thanks for letting me vent ^^^^

No new 'finds' to post. Stopped by quick to SA last night... found a small Vera Bradley bag... Most handbags there are 99¢-$4.99 (the high end reserved for 'Real Leather'!)... "Is this tag right? $24.99 ?!? Maybe that is a good deal to a die-hard V.B. Lover... but that would not be me. I put it back amongst the 'pleather' wannabees from CHINA and went on with my errands.

Hope you all are having a Good Week! This Saturday is a Street Wide sale that is usually good, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some sun!!

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Yard Sale Princess said...

I like what you say in this post. I still get funny looks from people when I talk about my great curb side find or yard sale treasure. But they go on and on about their recycling bin and how much of their daily trash is going into recycling rather than land fills. I think to myself, "I have been seperating my trash for so many years that I don't even think twice about it. Let alone have a conversation about it." But they will continue to squint their eyes and go crossed eyed when I point out that the toy that all the kids are playing with and love just happens to be a curbside trash find all cleaned up and saved from the land fill.