Friday, April 25, 2008

...One track mind? ...ME?!?

(could this be the reason for my constant list making?!)
So, here's the deal... Flea Market Saturday to get ready for, and a house that I want presentable before the parents come into town Friday night (to help with the Flea Market thing... any excuse to come see their baby girl ;D ).

Thursday after work, I head to the bread thrift store to pick up a couple of bags of 'Pet Bread' (you know, the bagfuls of old/damaged bread they cram into a plastic bag and sell for 75¢!!) for my parents (they have a huge pond stocked with goldfish that they enjoy feeding). Of course, on the way I couldn't just drive by the thrift!!

1910 booklet on CUBA - .25¢
Abingdon donkey planter - .25¢
An awesome kid's rhinestone Sweater CLIP!!! YIPPEE!!!

... Then, I took today (Friday) off of work to get last minute things done. Started cleaning the house, but the urge to hit those 4 meesly little sales I had seen advertised in the paper took over!

The first two were beat. All kids stuff - of which I am NOT in the market! ~BUT~ since I was in that end of town, only a block from the sawmill, AND I needed chips/sawdust to put around my berries... it only made sense to go fill a few bags! Right?! Then I had to run home to empty them out of the Blazer (in case I needed the room for purchases at the next sales). ...and I might as well put them right in the garden, rather than taking up space storing them...

Okay, back on track (kinda...). On to the rest of the sales... A few FUN grabs - nothing earth shattering - and I had my 'fix'!

an old foldable wood 'Camp' table ($2), and a plastic Retro table(.50¢)

Cocktail 'recipe' book and shaker/stirrer/freezable cube set - .25¢ ea

Deco Mirror tray, Black golf balls and vintage Christmas (again, .25¢ ea.)

Your guess is as good as mine, but they made me smile...
Okay. Now back to work. ~BUT~ While I was loading stuff into the Blazer for tomorrow, our neighbor, 'The Gardener', stopped over to see if I had any interest in a couple of Gooseberry plants he was thinning out. Well, far be it from me to decline a new species to our landscape!! He left, I proceeded to get back on track. 1/2 hour later he was back with two little plants in DESPERATE need of being put back in the ground! Ok. I know nothing about Gooseberries, so I had to dig out my Garden Bible and do some research... then choose a location... then clear the location... then plant... then water... AND, since I was out there, I should really prune the grapevines before they sprout any further...

It's all good.

(It's about the 'journey', not the 'destination'... right?!)

The house is cleaned.

Things are priced and packed.


I've even 'blogged' about it...

Supplies packed - done.

Blazer packed -done.

Wish me luck folks!!


Heidi said...

Good luck, Sue!! :D I hope you sell everything for big bucks and have fun! Can't wait to hear how it goes.

I thought of you yesterday because I was at the thrift in search of a white tablecloth. I found a plain white linen cloth and guess what--It's a Vera! Plain white linen seems to be the very antithesis of Vera, so it made me giggle. And of course I bought it. If I'm going to have a plain white tablecloth, it might as well be a Vera, right? :)

Shara said...

That fat guy makes me laugh. I think I would have had to have bought him too.

Good luck at the flea. I know you will do GREAT! And, have fun.

Hi to Mom and Dad! ;o)

Monica said...

Geez we need anair condtioner kinda like that, we rent adn the big wall one here is from the year BC and workd like, well it dosent work too well!!!!