Sunday, April 13, 2008

... bluebird and sea

... GLASS that is!

Woke up Saturday morning, fully intending to spend the morning at an auction. BUT it was rainy, and cold, and I just wasn't into it! Instead I spent some time picking up the house (?!!) and listing a few auctions... By about 10am I had enough of that and went to hit a House Sale. Not much left of interest by the time that I got there, but of course I found a few things!!
  • vanity top mirror
  • Raggedy Ann stocking stuffer for my friend A who collects Raggedy A/A
  • Pumpkin Spice Yankee Candle (used once)
  • Retro Abalone napkin holder
  • a sweet vintage lavender 1/2 apron
  • RED sewing box
  • Great metal/wicker shelf


My very First L WARD glass bird!! Yippee!! I have read about these on other blogs and kept my eyes open for them... but any that I have found were usually tagged MADE IN CHINA, and I wanted The Real Thing! Well, here he is, with original tag and engraved signature - 1998! Sure, his beak is chipped, but he's still mine!

At the sale nothing was marked, so I was a little skeptical. When I got to the checkout the owner looked at my awkward armful and said "Two for the stand, and... Oh, how about Four altogether... okay?" SOLD.

In the afternoon, the sun was occassionally shining, so DH and I ventured out to a couple of 'Out of Town' estate sales. One wasn't 'too' far (6 miles is close... right?!) from a beach where I can generally score Sea Glass (Sea Glass, and my love of it will have to be a post of it's own!). And we did!

Now, as I sit here typing, I just glanced out the window... and it's snowing! At least the Forsythia that I cut a week ago and brought inside to 'force open' are finally opening !! The bush outside is still stark with barely signs of green. With that, I'll sign off for today ....


Shara said...

The Leo Ward birds are made not more than 20 miles from my house. If you see one that looks like a Leo Ward, but is signed Rita Ward (his wife) or various other artists like Boaz or Ron Ray it is still a Leo Ward bird because he was the cheif artist and made the original one. The acutla name is Bluebird of Happiness from Terra Studios. They make cardinal red, gold, clear, opaque and a new pink one for breast cancer awareness. They are still in production, being handmade each day at Terra Artist Colony.

I didn't know you wanted one! I have over 70 of them. They were mostly the MIL's that I rescued when she died from all over the house. The Bean wanted them, so we gathered them all up.

I leave the longest comments, I swear. ;o)

Monica said...

hmmm I dont know those birds, I am out of the loop!!!! He is adorable!!! I love beach glass, I have a little of it!!!

Yard Sale Princess said...

I am still here. I am suffering from sick kids and a migraine. I also entering the bloggy giveaway carnival. I want to write a blog about your pretty gifts but I can't get a blog done. I have a big baby shower that I have planned on Sunday so I am feeling overwhelmed. The bird is beautiful. My mom just got one at a yard sale and she intends to put it in a planter. I don't know if it is marked or not.