Tuesday, April 22, 2008

...here comes the sun...

TWO (YES, TWO!) beautiful, sunny, warm (80+deg!!) days this past weekend......by Sunday afternoon, our Forsythia was at full bloom!!!
I ventured out for a quick 1 1/2 hrs of saling Saturday morning. (Had to get home to work in the yard 8D )!! Hit about eleven sales, and only bought things at three. That's good... right?!!

The train case was $1.00, everything else .25¢
-three junk novels for disposable beach reading this summer
-a set of hors'deuvre (sp??) forks new in box
-mini pottery pot/saucer for a friend who collects the tiny ones
-a sturdy old hammer (somehow, I can never find a hammer when I need one!)
-an OLD bottle of watch oil in original box (resale)
-1923 book on race horses (resale)
-iron 'horse/carriage' name holder thingy (resale)

one of my favorite finds of the day...

A GREAT old wooden ironing board! I love these! Some people can't get enough picnic baskets, well, these are my weakness ('one' of my weaknesses anyways!). Stripped of their old covers (although this one is a classic, and in good shape!!), a light sanding on rough spots, and several coats of a clear finish...
They make wonderful EXTRA counter space during Christmas cookie baking, food buffets for summer picnics on the porch, FUN for holding 'bar supplies' at those impromptu warm weather Happy Hours.... the possibilities are endless... in fact, maybe this one will go with me this weekend 'as-is' to the 'Flea Market' instead of an extra card table. For the right price, it Could be For Sale!!
Friends always admire them, so they have become one of our standard 'house warming' gifts (in 'finished' condition). So, it is good to have a stash on hand!!
I can't wait to take the cover off and see what kind of condition it is in! Some have great old labels still intact that are 'must' to preserve! One of my favorites has a worn red finish on the metal 'workings', and a big red label with fantastic graphics on the face - that one shall STAY in MY collection!!
Despite the 'time-out' for saling, and the residual effects of a 'Patron' encounter on Saturday night, it was a VERY productive weekend! Our Rasberry bed, Blackberry bed and strawberry patch are weeded, fertilized and waiting to be mulched!
April showers may bring May flowers, but lack of April showers allows for weeding so that May flowers can be seen!!!
Now, just keeping my fingers crossed that this Saturday (first flea 'vendor' excursion) the weather is half as nice!!


Shara said...

Some people like old picnic baskets AND old ironing borads. :oD

I have one that is in my shed, but I have used it to put food on at the holidays. I bought it to resell, but fell in love with it. What a shock. I so rarely do that.


Yard Sale Princess said...

Hi, just wanted to let you know that I am having a giveaway on my blog!