Sunday, April 27, 2008

...first Flea summary

APRIL 26, 2008 RECAP

  • It was a BEAUTIFUL day (sunny, 80+deg) - rain downpoors held off until 5pm!
  • About 25-30 flea vendors, 15 craft vendors.
  • Got there early enough (7:15AM), so that we got a PRIME spot on the edge of the Pavilion where they were going to be selling Chicken BBQ.
  • VERY FEW PEOPLE !! (The lady had done lots of advertising, but there was a Big auction that morning in a nearby town)
  • Most of what we sold was to other vendors.
  • Sold the bookcase for $18.00. Bird bath didn't sell.
  • The big a$@ air conditioner that we just bought a couple of years ago, then last fall replaced with central air... didn't sell. At least we had done a photo/sign on the table and didn't have to lug it in/out of the Blazer!!
  • The church that was sponsoring this event had a booth right next to ours, and they were accepting donations for their Rummage sale. At the end of the day, we packed up Three big boxes and they were thrilled with the donation!!
  • Didn't set the world on fire... ($53.75.. then take $10. space fee.out of that...)
  • We had fun!!

Our spot, before most of the other vendors were there...

NO, that's not me (or any relation) in the pink pants OR red pants - I had our crew stay clear of the photos!!

I did get some Sun, a yummy Chicken BBQ and a fun day of hanging with the 'rents out of it... it was 'All Good' !

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Shara said...

Sorry you didn't make a mint, but sounds like you enjoyed yourself. Looks like you had some cool stuff for sale. The Bean used to want his very own shopping basket like I see you have tucked in the back behind the bookshelf. Yes, I enlarged them and "shopped". ;oD

You should keep the summer squash birdbath. It's cool!