Sunday, February 3, 2008

...HAPPY S.B.S.!


In honor of the occassion, I ventured into the kitchen this morning - I don't do well at 'cooking', but I LOVE to bake, so...
Here's the scenario... we're off to the annual SuperBowl party this afternoon - to which we always take our 'Chicken wing dip' and 'sugar' - 'cause after enough beer Everyone NEEDS something sweet! Hmmmm... what shall it be this year? I'm craving gingerbread. How about some cutouts? Men?, no - too Christmassy. Hearts?, no - this is a 'Man's' sport. Footballs! that's it. What to use for a cutter? After much searching for the perfect shape, I found that a soft-plastic aerosol can cap mooshed would work. Making sure to form the 'points' well, or they kind of look like easter-eggs (yes, I AM speaking from experience!!).
Then, being the football 'no-mind' that I am, I had DH sketch out a frosting design - yes, this was a Hi-Tec process all the way!!

The frosting is still drying, so I couldn't 'stage' them properly - but isn't my Haeger football planter cool?! I didn't think the cookies turned out half bad either!

Almost as exciting as 'watching frosting dry' was the Estate sale that I chiselled the ice off the car to go to yesterday morning... For the effort I dug out (3) .25c dish towels - or in our house 'hand towels', since I DON'T DO dishes! If it can't go in the dishwasher, it's not allowed! (okay, okay, there are a couple of exceptions!). Oh, and a Yankee Candle tart for .10c . Yes Y.C. are Way overpriced, and I won't pay retail, but I DO Love the strong scents - so when I can grab Y.C. for cheap - I DO!The towels aren't old - from the 80's and they are TAG brand. I have about a half dozen of this brand towel now (all found at sales) and I love them. I tried doing some research for a store which carries this brand (I was thinking Target or Kohls), but no luck - does anyone know??

That's it. Enjoy the game!!

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Shara said...

Looks good! We made nachos, guacamole and chips. Did a big jigsaw puzzle and played Upwords. The Bean and I did all this becuase DH is a huge sports fan. We do not care for football, but like the halftime and FELL ASLEEP during the game and left us watching it. I'm going to make him watch some gooey chick flick now to make up for it. I'm thinking "Bridges of Madison County"......