Monday, February 11, 2008

...not quite time yet

A couple of Monday morning thoughts...

"It's not about what happened in the past, or what you think might happen in the future. It's about the ride, for Christ's sake. There is no point in going through all this crap, if you are not going to enjoy the ride. And you know what... when you least expect, something great might come along. Something better then you even planned for. " (Along Came Polly)

a great excerpt from another blog (VINTAGE CHICA) I was reading this morning...

"And the daffodils are poking their little heads up. Which means spring is right around the corner. Every year when they start to show up here and there I find myself wanting to whisper to them, "Its not quite time yet, go back to sleep". And every year they slow their growth with the cooler temps and bloom right on time.
Nature has always been my best teacher. Maybe I should take a hint from the daffodils.

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