Wednesday, February 20, 2008

...mmm? Yes.

Nothing new or exciting to report, but I'm tired of that 'pink' VD post being the first thing that anyone sees! PLUS, I wanted to check in to see if everybody is Loving that Full 'SNOW' Moon as much as I am?!

In my cold weather delirium, I've been dreaming up 'new' things to add to my 'gotta find - 2008 LIST' . I've come up with two. Not sure how successful I'll be, but a challenge is always good!

NO. 1 : I decided a while ago that I wanted to pick up a few old OUIJA BOARDS - in different designs - to use as decoration amongst the rafters of my attic studio... 2 months into 2008, and still no luck! I did find a cool/cheap old TWISTER game the other day for $1.50 - I'm thinking picnic tablecloth?! (Yes, Yes! - I'll sanitize the hell out of it first!!)

NO. 2 : (I have absolutely NO EXCUSE for my sudden obsession for NO. 2!!) METAL CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS. Not just any metal ornaments though! Only those 'nasty', paper- thin, cheap, gold-toned/tarnished, metal 'cut-outs' (preferably with an engraved name or message). These beauties were ever-so-popular in the 1970's & 80's. Perfect 'personalized' Gift. Often sold at Kiosks in the mall, ready to be engraved for that 'special' last minute gift. I thought that 'Thing's Remembered' used to carry them, but alas, I can't even pull a photo from their site to show you what I'm referring to (none to be found on E-bay either - imagine that!!)! In the past they completely disgusted me... now I'm thinking that if I can acquire enough, they might be doing up one of my aluminum trees next X-mas!!

Hope everyone gets a peak at the Lunar Eclipse Tonight!!

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Yard Sale Princess said...

Hi Svelte,
Did you get a package in the mail? I used one of our old mailing envelopes and so I am not sure if the address was correct.
Have a happy day
Yard Sale Princess