Monday, February 25, 2008

... and THREE makes yet another...

Saturday was a WONDERFUL fix!

I got to the SPCA rummage sale 15 min. before it was to open, and there were already about 50 people in line.... Yes it has been a L~O~N~G Winter here in the NE!! I didn't have my hopes too high, but was pleasantly surprised!

These were just TOO Cheery to pass up on a cold winter's day! Measuring spoonholder is plastic and the two ashtrays are china.


A lovely lot of 30 Hankies!

'Charming' solitaire 'mad cleaver yielding chef' and an unsuspecting elf posing in front of a nice Brush-McCoy Pot!

Last but not least, THREE unused, Large size scented candles - not Yankee, but still good ones from Maine! When the house is sealed up tight all Winter it is fun to have a yummy smelling candle lit!

ALL of these goodies for $5 - gotta Love it!

As an added bonus, while out running some errands Sat. we stumbled upon an estate sale. It was later in the day, so just as we got there they were lowering everything to half price!!

Does anybody know if old, 'new' in box paint by numbers of Clowns do anything in the resale market? I did a little research, but haven't had much luck!

FUN finds! Two metal lined trash cans that I think may sell nicely when title Mid Century Moderne (who am I kidding, I'm already picturing the metal liners different colors and which rooms I could use them in!!)! AND a few 'summer porch' additions - Coconut Pirate Head, Clay hanging planter with a goofy Monkey and an older pottery Kahlua Tiki! At .50c each, how could I go wrong?!

Now is probably the perfect time to introduce you to our PORCH. We do not have a typical front porch, but rather a secluded back porch. Full width of house x Approx. 10' deep. We LOVE the porch and we spend WAY more time there in warmer weather than inside!! (warmer weather being above 40 degrees!!) The porch usually consists of a table and 4 chairs, and 4 comfy chairs, an ottoman, a couple of small wicker end tables and a couple of tall iron shelves for plants. Each year it is decorated in a 'coastal motif'or 'warm motif' (depending on recent vacations/finds!!). Some years it is done in SW hazy orange browns & Donkeys (ie Arizona or Mexico), some years Maine Coastal Salty fishermen and Lobsters , some years a Tropical Motif of colorful birds & flowers, OR often my own blend of 'D. All of the above'. Of course porch season only lasts April - Nov (in a good year!), and then it ALL gets packed away to the depths of the basement, so that those nasty Arctic blasts that dump the snow on the porch don't ruin everything. Packed away until that long awaited first warm spring day when... The fiberglass 'wind block' panels from either end of the porch get taken down! A good sweeping! ... a few pieces of furniture in place! ~sorry, I'm daydreaming. we have a LOT of cold weather before 'that Spring day'!~

In the past year I have picked up two coconut heads... just because 'they spoke to me' and were too funny not to pick up! They ended up getting positioned on one of the joists of The Porch. Saturday, I found another. That makes three. It's 'Not really' another collection, is it?!



Shara said...

Note to self: Find coconut head for Sue. ;o)

PBN do well on ebay, but clowns scare me, so I can't look it up for you. It would just be too tramatic. ha!

Happy Vacation!

Monica said...

AHHHH I have a coconut head or two, but I love coconut monkeys!!!!!!