Saturday, February 23, 2008

... a little CA Sunshine! you ever have one of those days, or more accurately one of those WEEKS when just nothing seems to be going smoothly?! THE BEST cure was waiting for me Friday afternoon when I got home from work, in the form of a 'sunny little care package from CA'!! THANKS YSP (Yard Sale Princess) !!! Lookie what she found for me.....

VERA calendar! ...and not just your usual 'towel calendar', but an actual fabric wall hanging calendar! This is a first for my collection - I've never even seen one of these before - WAY COOL!
And... an adorable little England tin egg filled with 'egg-shaped' tags - too cute to use, maybe they will be displayed in some way-shape or form as Easter/Spring decorations! Isn't the accompanying note card enough to put a smile on anyone's face??!

What a way to start the weekend! THANKS LeAnne! As for the weekend... I just spotted in the paper an SPCA fundraising rummage sale this morning - YIPPEE!! Never been to this one before, but I think I better get ready to go, as I'm sure it will be packed. I'll report back with my finds!

Hope you all have a Happy Weekend!!

back of notecard from YSP - do you think she knew we have two goldfish? (Fred-8yrs and Stand - 5yrs)


Yard Sale Princess said...

Oh, I am so glad that you liked it. I did not know whether you had anything like this or not. I am glad to help you begin a new tangent in your VERA collection. I am always on the lookout for you. I even found you a little something in the mass of stuff that my mom got from that crazy estate sale (see my newest post).

Shara said...

YSP is the bomb - sending gifties to all us bloggers. She's great. Too bad you are on one coast, she's on the other and I'm smack dab in the middle of we could go saling together. ;o)

Soooo, whadya get at the sale??????