Saturday, February 9, 2008

...sweet inspiration!!

When my day started out with finding a partial set of 3 VERA napkins, I really didn't think it would get much better, but...
3 VERA napkins - not an exciting 'VERA' example, but for $1.99...

In preparation for V-Day baking (Valentine cutouts are a long-time family tradition, and a new recipe for Red Velvet cupcakes has me inspired) , I have been looking for baking decorations. Have you checked out the prices on these lately? It's OUTRAGEOUS!Not V-day related, but I did find these on sale for $1 each (Halloween, Generic & Patriotic) to save for future use.

Then I stopped by a tag sale at a 'Country Bakery' that was going out of business... picked up a few goodies for resale, some kitchen linens for me and 'stuff' for future projects - then, what should I spy ????
...A LARGE box full of cake decorations - many new, others mostly full Red/White/Pink Hearts! Fall Leaves! Orange & Black Pumpkins! Patriotic! Pastel Eggs! Retro colored Spring flowers! Every rainbow color of sugar! - 33 Total. Now, I normally won't go anywhere near food items at your average sale, but these were from a known bakery, clean, a lot were new & sealed, and well under expiration dates. Plus a couple of packages of cupcake papers and a couple of number candles! "HOW MUCH?"... "Two dollars if you take the whole box."

I guess I better get busy baking.


Shara said...

Mmmmm. I'll be right there.

I have jars of sprinkles that are older than I really care to admit, but they are fine. I bought a jar of Halloween Sprinkles last year that is so big the grandkids will probably inherit it. Sprinkles are like glitter - a little goes a long way.


Yard Sale Princess said...

You may be jealous of my blue skies, but I am so jealous of your sprinkles! I have been trying to find bargains on sanding sugar (the fine sprinkles) and it is hard! Great buy, I want to see those cupcakes!