Thursday, February 14, 2008


More Sweet Inspiration...

(The baked goods have got to STOP if I'm actually going to fit into a bathing suit for a vacation that is only 2 weeks away!!!!)

Nothing new or interesting, so in honor of the Day I've dug into my photo archive- This is a wall from our pre-remodel kitchen (2005). 'Part' of my 100+ Red-Handle Utensil collection (one collection that was sacrificed for the sake of the 'NEW' Kitchen!). Where these once hung, there is now a door.

Some 'current' glimpses of our upstairs Hallway...

These Flirty cuties with the long eyelashes and bright red lips just scream VALENTINES DAY to me (1950's bathroom style Valentine's Day, that is!!). These are just a couple of my favorites that I thought I would show off today!!

Have a Wonderful Day !!

1 comment:

Shara said...

You don't have the red handled stuff anymore? I am in mourning for you!

Love the fish. My MIL had a bunch of those all over her hosue. When we cleand out the house, I was itching to get to those fish (Bad DIL). But, when I got them all down, every one of them was broken and reglued (badly) and not attractive at all. Bummer.

Happy Valentine's Day! ;o)