Wednesday, February 6, 2008

...Standing in the rain...

; The temperature reached 48deg yesterday - which by CNY (Central New York State) standards is a heat wave in February!! It was Pouring *a*l*l* day long, but without the threat of a SNOW storm, I had to venture a few towns away to get a MUCH need 'stuff' fix!

First stop - Linden Exchange Consignment shop... TWO!! VERA scarves @ $1 ea - YIPPEE!!
2nd stop - The SecondHand Shop ... nothing.

3rd on the route - Center of Concern... Found this cool grey & pink bag - perfect for keeping in the car for 'grocery shopping'. Nice alternative to those plastic store bags that I am trying to stay clear of! I was thinking that it is an easy enough pattern, that I could 'whip' up some of my own creations and clear out some of my fabric horde, but... after more consideration, I'm thinking 'hunting' for bags may be more fun than 'sewing' bags!! You never know though, stranger things have happened!! The Bag + a Moderne Italy knife = $1.00

Pulling out of the parking lot to continue on the hunt, I hear on the radio...
Instantly the volume dial is maxed out (...well, almost.).
Blame it on the fact that ALL of my teen years (+) were enveloped in the 80's.
Blame it on the fact that I was raised in the outskirts of Rochester, NY .
Blame it on the fact that I have seen Lou Gramm in concert TOO many times to count.
JUKE BOX HERO by Foreigner, for those of you youngins out there (Yes, yes, I can hear it now 'Cheesy 80's hair band..." yeh, yeh.), just HAS to be cranked. That's all there is to it.

Okay, so revitalized, I had two more stops which produced...
... a retro filigree metal tissue cover (.49c) + a couple of retro mugs (.19c each) + retro OWL spoonrest (.25c) + a couple of New containers of candle 'glue' for holding tapers in the holders (.25c) = $1.62.
There you have it folks. My $4.62 fix! (well... and the cost of gas, but I don't count that 'cause some of the things are for E-bay, so hopefully they will balance out!!).
until next time, remember...
Gotta keep on rockin
That boy has got to stay on top
And be a juke box hero, got stars in his eyes

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Shara said...

All 80's music must be cranked. We listen to the 80's station on Cable. Every other song I say - I saw them in concert. I went to so many concerts in the 1980's. I think tickets were $12.00. Now it's $80.00 to go see someone you don't even want to see! I saw Chicago three times, Bon Jovi, The Tubes, Cheap Trick, The Pointer Sisters, Air Supply (Don't laugh! It was GOOD!)Cyndi Lauper, the Bangles - oh my lord I think I went to a concert once a month all through High School. Ah, memories.

I had a stellar thirfting morning. Glad you had good luck too. Two Vera's! What luck!