Saturday, March 8, 2008

... from 10 to 84 in less than 12 hours

Oh, the magic of FLIGHT!!

Last Thursday we went from 10 degrees at 6am in Upstate N.Y. (photo taken Wed. afternoon!)...


84deg @ 6pm (Dominican Republic)

It was 'almost' a full week of stuff withdrawal, but not quite...

I did pick up a few things.

Before I left I had done my homework as to what kind of jewelry the area is known for. I adore jewelry (what female doesn't... right?!), and it is one of my favorite souvenirs while travelling!! The Dominican Republic is the only place in the world where LARIMAR is mined. They also have quite a bit of AMBER.


Starting on the left is a sterling 'HAPPY HOUR' ring... 'TWO FOR ONE' reversible stone with a LARIMAR on one side and AMBER on the other ($15 US). Next is a regular sterling LARIMAR ring and a sterling LARIMAR necklace pendant (2/$16 US).

Also had a few 'cheapie trinkets' handed to us on the beach by locals trying to get us to visit their 'huts'... pink beaded necklace, 'hand carved' sea turtle and tiki on black neck chords.

A WONDERFUL trip, but as always, GOOD to be home 8-)

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