Sunday, March 27, 2011

...'Tri-fecta' ~ VERA-style!

Friday and Saturday were definitely all about VERA this week! Oh, I did pick up a couple of other things in my travels - a Scrabble game with wooden tiles, an airline knife, a bent glass Pharmacist tray... but nothing that sent my heart beating like my 'VERA'! I guess the 'reseller' in me just doesn't come close to the 'collector' in me. I think that I am glad that I still have more of a passion for my first 'love'. My first find of the weekend was this large silk square scarf - VERA 2011 #4 (.79¢) Saturday in the mail, through a swap with the generous Ann of Protector of Vintage, I received my FIRST hankie made by VERA!!! Pristine, with sticker still in place ~ Happy mail indeed 8-)!! 2011 #6
Another ~'Happy Dance'~ occurred on Saturday while at a Rummage Sale, when I found this VERA top!! This is only the second VERA blouse that I have found in all of my saling adventures (2011 #5). Now to dispell any myths/questions that may be floating out & about in blogland...

  • WILL YOU ACTUALLY WEAR THAT? with the right pair of jeans, to the right event ~ yes.

  • WILL YOU CUT IT UP INTO SCARVES? NO! you will NEVER catch me touching a pair of scissors to a VERA!!!!!

  • WILL YOU SELL YOUR VERA? again, NO! i personally value VERA for what she represents in the design world and I cherish all of 'my' VERA items ~ so unless I should end up with EXACT duplicates, none will be for sale.

Now I can just dream of finding the elusive size 8-10 VERA dress...

some day.

some day.

some day.

OH! ...and we rec'd our 'book' on Friday from that freebie Picaboo coupon that I mentioned!


Highly recommended 8-)!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh I love Vera also! That scarf is gorgeous!!

Louise said...

That's lovely stuff!

grunge-queen said...

I didn't know Vera did dresses and blouses - guessing they're hard to come by eh?

Le Anne said...

What is the rule about Vera with a ladybug by her name?