Sunday, March 13, 2011


No 'real' sales yet... but I did have a few 'FUN!' finds on Friday while hitting the Thrifts 8-)... All you have to do is look at this guy, and you can figure out that Roman Numeral Conversion!! Such a classic, that I couldn't leave him in the Thrift on Friday!! Love that color combination 8-)!

A beautiful double sided April Cornell scarf. Does anybody know if her stuff still sells??

~a couple of 'Birds-n-Blooms' pins for me.
~a couple of those 'other Vera' pieces, just 'cause I'm groovin' on the orange-pink-red color combo lately (will go nicely in my 'Valentine Train Case!)
~and a Pyrex Fridgie with a CAT?! Never seen such a piece before!!

'MEIER SEIDE' (German painted silk) Owl scarf
Okay, so nothing that FILLED the Blazer, but it sure beat sitting home watching the snow melt, then accumulate a.g.a.i.n., then melt, then accumulate a.g.a.i.n. .... Oh well, I really shouldn't complain about our NE weather - the snow & cold are at least predictable, and we are able to plan for them.
Hoping you and yours are safe.


Shara said...

Not to rub your nose in it, because, remember I do LOVE winter - but it was 75 degrees today. I really am NOT ready for that because then it will be 125 in the summer. :(

Good fun finds. I am hoping to find fu stuff this year too, but not enough to ever fill up the car. Just little bits of happiness here and there.

Louise said...

I like that owl scarf. Looks like you had a fruitful time.

Protector of Vintage said...

Great finds! I have had success selling April Cornell tablecloths. I don't know much about her scarves. Have a great day!

Vintage Christine said...

I love all the symbols on that Early American Pyrex! If you need a lid let me know--I grab them whenever I find them even with little chips if they don't show. Is that owl glass? He is seriously cute!

ROBBIN (with 2 b's) said...

Love that little Owl. You have been finding some great items with great color lately. You are making me feel anxious for sale season to start!

Jim said...

I like what you find! Different pyrex fridgie eh?
We'd have fun together 'thrifting'!