Wednesday, March 9, 2011

...oh what a weekend!

NO... I wasn't out 'treasure hunting' this weekend...( ...well, okay, maybe just a 'little', but this turquoise MacKenzie-Childs enamel cup @ $1.00 was the only thing I brought home!!)

The 'Treasures' all came to ME!! Yes. I had a house brimming with friends, food and fun for a long weekend! Throw in a couple of bottles of wine, and 'finally enough snow' (in the words of the small children!) to go sledding - who could ask for more?? ...okay, maybe if that one wine glass hadn't gotten broken...

But 'MORE' there was! They came loaded down with 'gifties' for S - not nearly enough blog space to show them A.L.L., but I must show HAEGER 2010 #3 that they presented me with!
(You'll also see the GREAT sweaterclips - 2010 #2 & #3 that arrived Friday in the mail from the South - I'd MUCH rather have these tossed my way than those Mardi Gras beads any day! THANKS Christine!!)

It was SO MUCH FUN hanging with the kids... they are turning into 'real people'!
...and the cheap 'slave labor' is GREAT! NO, I wasn't the 'meanie', and didn't make them count/sort SCRABBLE tiles for me the entire time they were visiting ~ but that is an 'educational' activity, right?!??

I did teach them the FINE ART of the Easter GumDrop tree, and I think that they rather enjoyed that!

~ ~ Ah... but then it is back to the real world again...~ ~

5C: I tried to do another 'Scarf Fashion Shot' for you, but alas, I just don't have it in me. For what it's worth, the long skinny ones are great as belts... Your best bet for inspiration - Go to the ANTHROPOLOGIE catalogue site on the computer and look at their scarf section - prices are outrageous, and I know that I probably will never buy anything from them (other than that VERA book that I couldn't live without) - but I love pretty pictures 8-)

...AND a quick THRIFT FIX on Tuesday... vintage Laredo,Texas straw Hat - .50¢; vintage square Lampshade $1 (for what - I don't know, but I liked the lines!) and a cool old wood cane for another buck.


Mrs. 5C said...

Thank you! I like the mini scarf photo shoot! :)

ROBBIN (with 2 b's) said...

What, no sledding pictures? It was a wonderful weekend, so glad to see you! This post doesn't even begin to explain the fun we had (I forgot about the wine glass, oops). Hope to stop in again, maybe next time when the raspberries are ready!

Protector of Vintage said...

What a fun post!

P.S. My sweater clip collection is very small in comparison to yours. I don't have them displayed yet...I store them in craft bead boxes at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that gumdrop tree! My grandmother had one; it was one of our full-time fascinations with visiting her. I've never seen one since. It brought tears to my eyes.