Saturday, March 19, 2011


So... just when I'm beginning to think that I'm getting a 'wee' bit of wisdom with my 'old-age', you know learning from some of my past mistakes... ie:

  • in the photo of the 'sticks' that I'm trying to force into blossom - the plate underneath isn't just a 'cute' accent of red. I've learned the hard way that when using vintage pottery vases, it is always best to have protection under them, as OFTEN they leak (and leave N.A.S.T.Y. water stains on the wood surfaces they are sitting on!!). Such was the case with this new found Royal Haeger vase... no harm... chalk one up for S... 8-)

  • The 'stick' buds are just about ready to burst open - not photo worthy yet, but almost - YEH! ... chalk another up for S... 8-)

There were T.H.R.E.E. Sale Ads in the paper for this morning. I was Really excited, after two 60° days in a row I walked out the door this morning without a jacket... there was snow on my blazer! WOULDN'T you think that I would learn?!! Oh well. I DID go to the sales. They were all 'MOVING' sales, so they were all inside. What a bizarre mix! No. 'Bizarre' doesn't even begin to cover it.

The first place was a Lady who was apparently addicted to Holiday decorations - NEW Holiday decorations. I guess if you were into that, you could have gotten a lot of good deals. All I bought were the Lobster crackers for J's annual Clam/Lobster bake and a boxful of peanuts (25¢ ea.).

The next stop was on a 'less than desirable' street... I told J before I left "If I don't return, I'm going INSIDE of a house on WWWW St. - look for me there." It actually ended up being the most interesting sale of the morning - an old warehouse, rehabbed into lofts. Yeh, the stuff this 'Lady-With-The-Way-Too-Much-Perfume' had was Incredible w/ antique store prices, but just getting the chance to see the interior of this place was worth it! I looked around, but left empty handed.

The last on the list... an apt... no signs... no prices... not much of anything... if you see it and you want it make an offer... couldn't quite get out of there fast enough. Oh well, it was just around the corner from the Salv. Army - so I HAD to stop! When I saw the 2 Lobster plates, I knew they HAD to join the crackers!

WOO HOO! My BIG quarter purchase for ME!!!

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