Wednesday, March 16, 2011

...are we there yet?

As a 'TRUE' born-n-raised NorthEasterner, I KNOW that March is NOT a month to even try to second guess around here! One thing I do know... I can coax some EARLY, Beautiful Bright yellow flowers out of these 'sticks' (ie: Forsythia) , if I grab the branches the minute they begin to swell ( and the snow has melted enough to let me get near the limbs!!) and take them inside!! Right about now any signs of life and color are dearly coveted in these parts!! (Don't believe me about the 'sticks' producing flowers? We'll check back in a couple of days!!)
One of the best parts about cutting the 'sticks', was that I got to try out a Xmas gift from J - a BRAND NEW pair a hand clippers - WONDERFUL!
Almost time to plant seeds!!!!!!
Resin Owl instigated another 'PURGE', and now 'Owl' and all of our other 69ers are in the ETSY shop!!

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