Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Why is it that when I want to accomplish THE MOST, I take the longest possible path?? Well, at least I KNOW that I'm not alone!

Let me give you some background... with friends coming for a visit this weekend, I've been trying to do a little early Spring Housekeeping. J has been good and joining in on the 'fun'!
(**Not to worry Mrs M. - I definitely have not been doing anything that didn't 'NEED' to be done even if you weren't coming!!! Not a lot of the 'need' has gotten done either... Oh, and please only pack dark colored socks so that I don't feel so guilty as to the color of the bottom of your feet when you leave... THANK YOU!)

What do I find J doing the other night?
...replacing the top stair tread to our basement stairs! Because...??? OH! It came loose when he was taking stuff down cellar... so the whole thing needed to be replaced, painted, new trim cut, installed, painted, new tread found, bought, installed... It is pretty though! Now the others look REALLY BAD! NO, we ARE NOT GOING TO REPLACE THEM ALL NOW!!
(**and NO Mrs. M. you are NOT allowed to bring this up OR go see it - this is your only siting!!)

But hey, that's okay, like I said - just proves that I'm not the only one who gets side-tracked!

table with VERA 'washable' placemats awaiting the weekend!!

Wondering what's up with these other photos? Well recently I had a question as to how I used all of my VERA findings/vintage scarves. I think she probably wanted me to show more of how I wore them, and while I DO wear Lots of them, I'm not much of a model!! I'd much rather show how I use them around in vignettes and in everyday life as VERA intended 'Art for living'. Plus, since I've got NOTHING along the lines of new thrifted goodness to show, these are good filler!!

Okay 5C here's a vintage scarf shot just for you! I must confess this is an ECHO and not a VERA... I know, the shame... the shame... - but I do love me a good ECHO or PAOLI too!! I will try to show more 'fashion' shots, because WEARING scarves is a lot of FUN!

FEBRUARY REPORT: YEH! I'm still keeping my New Year's Resolution of purging 211 items per month!! It really helps when you have your own personal cheerleaders at your favorite thrift who know of your Resolution, and that part of the resolution is that you can't visit the thrifts without taking a bag for donation. I stopped by last week, bag in hand, and the lady at the desk said "Good Job S! You made it TWO MONTHS!! That's better than most people do on their resolutions!". I guess (depending on how you look at it) even better is that I left with nothing.

VERA as Wall Art in the laundry is always FUN!
O.K. speaking of laundry... fresh linen for the guest room is a calling 8-)
Back to my mission at hand! HAPPY FIRST DAY OF MARCH!

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Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Now, young lady; how did you tie that pretty scarf? Perhaps a post on how to tie??